Q 200


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Q 200

  1. 1. DIYdo ityourselfAUTOMATIC DIGITAL BLOOD PRESSUREMONITOR WRIST TYPEget to know how you are with no help neededQS200Clear easy toread digitaldisplayComfortableautomatic inflationand deflationUltracompactdesignBLOOD PRESSURE MONITORS Do it yourself
  2. 2. QS 200 Automatic Digital BloodPressure Monitor Wrist TypeMore products of this line:QS 150 Automatic Digital BloodPressure Monitor Upper Arm TypeQS 100 Automatic Digital BloodPressure Monitor Upper Arm Typew w w . q s - h e a l t h . c o mFeatures and advantages of this product:• Completely automatic, operates with the push of a button• Automatic shut off in 1 minute, power saving• 6-color light signs for normal, mild, moderate andsevere hypertension• One-person memory feature with 1-99 data memorycomplete with date & time• Clear easy to read digital display with year, month, day & time• Ultra compact design, an advantage to bring it anywhere• Clear/Delete memory function• With warning heart blinker shows that the monitor istaking measurement• Selectable Kpa and mmHg• With self-deflation and comfortable automatic self-inflation