Heel Protector Triple Action Soft Gel


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QS HEALTH SOFT GEL HEEL PROTECTOR is designed for those who are very active or require spend a lot of time on their feet at work. Indicated for heel spurs and plantar fasciitis as well as to help ease heel discomfort during everyday activity.
The Protector Soft Gel Heel Triple Action,works in the whole region extending from the Achilles tendon by providing incredible comfort and immediate relief of pain.
Recommended for:
Calcaneal spurs,massaging,avoiding pathologies,tendonitis,incredible comfort, tighter fit for loose footwear,eliminating heel friction, chafing and pain.The Triple Action Soft-Gel Heel Protector is effective for the entire heel area up to the Achilles tendon and proportions incredible comfort and immediate relief.Its high quality and effectiveness are summed up by its triple action: 1 – Protects the Achilles tendon against rubbing and chafing, 2 – Eliminates heel impact and pain, 3 – Provides a tighter fit for loose footwear, promoting better grip and healthier walking..
1 Pair
The Tiple Action Soft-Gel Heel Protector provides a perfect,anatomic fit for your heel.It also sports grooves underneath to avoid slippage.


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