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Gel Cushioned Forefoot Cap
Gel Cushioned Forefoot Cap
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Gel Cushioned Forefoot Cap


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QS HEALTH Gel Cushioned Forefoot Cap,Protects the entire region of the fingers extending to the metatarsal heads, amazingly relieves pressure and friction and its has a layer of gel combined with a foot cover to help protect metatarsals and toes from friction and pressure,designed to be worn comfortably with everyday footwear and Ideal for activities that place stress on toes and metatarsals,is reusable washable .
◾Recommended for:
Comfort, claw toes, calluses on the toes, protecting the upper and lower parts of the toes up to the metatarsal heads with an incredible reduction in the pressure and friction caused by footwear. Suitable for use with all kinds of footwear and especially recommended for ballerinas.
Contains: 1 Pair
Wash with water and dry with a towel. Do not scrub during washing.To ensure the product lasts longer,use it with talcum powder and keep it free of any traces of sand or other impurities.
◾Composition: Fabric (9% Lycra and 91% Nylon), Polymer Gel and USP Mineral Oil.

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