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Bunion Spacer polymer Gel
Bunion Spacer polymer Gel
Bunion Spacer polymer Gel
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Bunion Spacer polymer Gel


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Bunion Spacer helps relieve pressure on bunion joint, separate
& cushion toes that rub and absorb friction. It is also recommended for crooked
or overlapping toes and treatment of hallux valgus.
◾Recommended for:
The prevention and treatment of hallux valgus (bunions), eliminating friction and pressure between toes, promoting proper joint alignment.
Contains: 1 Pair
Wash with cold water and leave to dry in the shade or by pressing gently with a towel. To ensure the product lasts longer, keep it free of any traces of sand or other impurities. Use with talcum powder.
Polymer Gel and USP Mineral Oil.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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