CURRICULUM	  VITAE	                           ...
                                                                             CURRICULUM	  VITAE	  Program Coordinator, Tar...
                                                                             CURRICULUM	  VITAE	  Rackham Travel Conferenc...
                                                                               CURRICULUM	  VITAE	  -Apocalypse!!!, Perfor...
                                                                            CURRICULUM	  VITAE	  -Contemporary Art Institu...
                                                                            CURRICULUM	  VITAE	  Weather It: multimedia pe...
                                                                             CURRICULUM	  VITAE	        200-hour certified...
                                                                  CURRICULUM	  VITAE	  Recognition in article on the Jatiw...
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Curriculum Vitae

  1. 1.   CURRICULUM  VITAE   Emilia White (‘Emilia Javanica’) www.emiliajavanica.comEducationSchool of Art and Design, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MIMaster of Fine Arts in Studio Art May 2012Specialization in performance, video, animation and puppetry.Research Interests: Indonesian Language & Southeast Asian Studies, Dance, Theater andCreative Writing.Cornish College of the Arts Seattle, WABachelor of Fine Arts in Theater & Original Works May, 2003Magna Cum LaudeSpecialization in Physical Theater, Playwriting and Directing.Professional ExperienceLecturer, Stamps School of Art & Design, University of Michigan (Winter-Summer 2013) Arts & Culture in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, winter preparation course followed by 3-week summer trip with a group of 15 undergraduate students to Yogyakarta, Indonesia.Programming Coordinator, University of Michigan North Quad. (March 2012-present) Programming Coordinator of the internationally focused and technologically innovative residential and academic complex. Primary role includes programming and creating interdisciplinary events in Space 2435, along with other common spaces in the building.Co-Curator, The Performance Laboratory, Contemporary Art Institute Detroit, (2010-present) Co-curator of the ongoing experimental performance series that invites 5-8 Detroit-area artists per episode to present new work in a diverse and supportive environment.Graduate Student Instructor, University of Michigan School of Art & Design. (2009-2012) Art & Design Perspectives, with Professor Nick Tobier, Winter 2012 Detroit Connections, with Lecturer Melanie Manos, Fall 2011 Technology & Environment, with Professor Joseph Trumpey, Fall 2010 Integrative Project, with Professors Jan-Henrik Anderson and Sherri SmithYoga Instructor, UMove and MHealthy at the University of Michigan, and the Health andFitness Center at Washtenaw Community College. (2009-2012) Instruct hour-long classes that focus on breathing, meditation and asana techniques to students, faculty and staff at the University of Michigan and Washtenaw Community College.Gallery Production Assistant, PLAY Gallery, University of Michigan School of Art & Design.(2010-2011) Created short video documentaries for the School of Art & Design online gallery that profiled graduate students and their creative practices.Workshop Coordinator, The Drama Interest Group (DIG), University of Michigan. (2010-2011) Coordinated the Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop for the 2010-2011 academic year.   1  
  2. 2.   CURRICULUM  VITAE  Program Coordinator, Taring Padi Children’s Library, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. (2007-2009) Facilitated arts and educational programs for children and their families within the community. Organized the library borrowing system, and coordinated book and money donations from Holy Names Academy in Seattle, WA.English Instructor, Sanggar Milas, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. (2005-2008) Taught weekly English classes to at-risk street children.Translator, O-House Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia. (2008-2009) Translated art catalogues and related material for O-House Gallery’s international art exhibitions.Theater and Puppetry Instructor, Dream Community, Shijr City, Taiwan. (2005-2006) Taught theater and puppetry workshops in schools and at the Dream Community during two separate three-month long residencies in May-August 2005, and September- November, 2006.Community Involvement and ProjectsVideo Workshop Mentor: Many Voices, project initiated by the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA). 14 individuals from the community were invited to participate in a three-month workshop aimed at creating individual 2-3 minute videos in response to works of art in the museum collection, to be made available to the public in Spring 2013 in the museum galleries and on the DialogTable, UMMA’s award-winning interactive storytelling and social learning tool. (November 2012 – February 2013)Theater Workshop Director: Red District Project, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. (May-August 2009) Taught a three-month theater workshop to a group of sex workers, resulting in a live performance at Sosro Unite, a community festival aimed at bridging the gaps between sex workers and the neighborhood residents where they live and work.Artist in Residence: Jatiwangi Art Factory, Jatisura, Indonesia (2007 & 2008) Resided with local families over the duration of ten days per residency and created a collaborative art project with and for the community.Earthquake Volunteer: Yogyakarta, Indonesia. (May-August 2006) Worked with the arts organization Taring Padi to bring aid and trauma relief to those affected by the devastating earthquake that hit Yogyakarta on May 27, 2006. Fundraised money, distributed goods, established a scholarship program to keep children in school, and facilitated several eight-week arts workshops for children.Artist and Workshop Facilitator: Fremont Arts Council, Seattle, WA. (2002-2007) Assisted in a variety of tasks from workshop teacher to ensemble performer for local community art projects.Awards and GrantsSmuckers-Wagstaff Creative Research Grant: School of Art & Design, University ofMichigan, 2011 Grant to support the development of graduate thesis project Red Blob Massacre, a silent horror film first presented in April 2012.International Institute Individual Fellowship: University of Michigan, 2011 Fellowship supported research in the Netherlands and Indonesia on cross-cultural arts exchange over the three-month summer break period.   2  
  3. 3.   CURRICULUM  VITAE  Rackham Travel Conference Grant: University of Michigan, 2011 Grant to participate in the international student workshop Scenofest at the Prague Quadrennial on Performance Design and Space in Prague, Czech Republic.All Student Exhibition Award: School of Art & Design, University of Michigan, 2010 Selected by a 5-member jury for interactive performance Buoj iz Jeb, Professional Figure Model.Rackham Creative Research Grant: University of Michigan, 2010 Grant supported the development and performance of Beneath the Concrete, an interdisciplinary theater project at the Contemporary Art Institute Detroit (CAID).Smuckers-Wagstaff Creative Research Grant: School of Art & Design, University ofMichigan, 2010 Grant supported participation in a three-week workshop: Bouffon and the Ecstasy of Mocking, taught by Giovanni Fussetti at the Boulder Circus Center.Rackham Travel Conference Grant: University of Michigan, 2010 Grant to present Taring Padi: Creating Change Through Local Action in the Global Perspectives Panel at the Open Engagement Conference at Portland State University.Darmasiswa Scholarship: Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2005-2006 & 2008-2009 Year-long scholarship awarded twice by the Indonesian government to study traditional dance and music at the Indonesia Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta.McKay Grant: Fremont Arts Council, Seattle, WA, 2007 Creative grant to teach puppetry and performance workshops to the community for the Fremont Solstice Parade, an annual citywide parade and event.ConferencesPrague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space: Prague, Czech Republic. June 2011 Participant in several student workshops at Scenofest.Open Engagement Conference: Portland, Oregon. May 2010 Presented in the Global Perspectives panel, Taring Padi: Creating Change Through Local Action. Presentation focused on the Indonesian art collective Taring Padi and their transformation following the devastating 2006 earthquake in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.PublicationsThe Taring Padi Library and Other Educational Activities: Article in the book Taring Padi:Art Smashing Tyranny, published by Lumbung Press in July 2011 with support from the FordFoundation Jakarta.Selected Performances, Screenings & Exhibitions2013The Well of Horniness: directing Holly Hughes’ Performance students at the Stamps School ofArt & Design in her renowned play and theater spectacle.Begin the Beguine: creating a 2-3 minute video piece exploring Max Beckmann’s painting“Begin the Beguine”.2012Hot Ripe Burning Sex Parts: multimedia theater performance; writer & director   3  
  4. 4.   CURRICULUM  VITAE  -Apocalypse!!!, Performance Laboratory, Detroit Contemporary, MI.Emilia Javanica & Carrie Morris, curators.Red Blob Massacre: a silent short horror film and live performance-screening + performance: Chelsea River Gallery, AIR Residency, Chelsea, MI The Cavern Club, Premiere, Ann Arbor, MI-screening: B Movie Horror Celebration, Ontario, Canada B Movie Horror Celebration, Franklin, INBuoj iz Jeb, Professional Figure Model: interactive performance-REwork exhibition, Art Attack!, Northrup King Gallery, Minneapolis MN. Molly BalcomRaleigh & Kirstin Wiegmann, curators.-Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn, NY-Lockdown, HatchArt Collective, Hamtramck, MI. James Cornish, curator.Boss Battle: interactive performance with Spontaneous Art-Art of Video Games exhibition, Smithsonian, Washington D.C.Buoj iz Jeb, Summer Swimsuit Edition 2012: interactive performance-Chicago Women’s Comedy Festival, Stage 773, Chicago, IL2011Face Off: video installation-School of Art & Design All Student Show, Work: Ann Arbor Gallery, MI.Cucian Kami: short video documentary-While in the Meantime exhibition, Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Rosalie Monodde Froideville, curator.-International exhibition, Slusser Gallery, School of Art & Design, Ann Arbor, MI.Die, Tomato, Die!!!: interactive performance-The Death Show, Performance Laboratory, Detroit Contemporary, MI. Emilia Javanica & CarrieMorris, curators.Buoj iz Jeb, Summer Swimsuit Edition 2011: interactive performance-August Show, Performance Laboratory, Detroit Contemporary, MI. Emilia Javanica & CarrieMorris, curators.Golden Opera: interactive opera performance-The Gold Art Show, Dreamland Theater, Ypsilanti, MI. The Dirty Bros, curators.The Nervous Dental Patient: interactive performance with Spontaneous Art-Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL.2010Beneath the Concrete: interdisciplinary theater project; writer, director, actor & puppeteer.   4  
  5. 5.   CURRICULUM  VITAE  -Contemporary Art Institute Detroit, MI.Buoj iz Jeb, Professional Figure Model: interactive performance-School of Art & Design All Student Show, Work: Ann Arbor Gallery, MI.Variations on Bouffons: bouffon performance/interactive-Boulder Circus Center, Boulder, CO.Isabel Jukes’ Karaoke Extravaganza Stage: interactive performance/installation-Totally Awesome Fest, Dreamland Theater, Ypsilanti, MI.-Yes, No, Maybe exhibition, Warren Robbins Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI.2009Transmogrification: video/stop motion-Arts & Bodies, Work: Detroit Gallery, MI. Kristin Kurzawa, curator.Ode to the Boob: video art/performance-School of Art & Design Open Studios, Ann Arbor, MI.Self Portrait of Fall: stop motion animation-School of Art & Design All Student Exhibition, Slusser Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI.Batu: performance collaboration with S. Tedy Darmawan & Fitri Setyaningsih-Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.God Save My Child: performance/choreography/mask-Europe Day, Lembaga Indonesia Perancis (French Cultural Center), Yogyakarta, Indonesia.Potret Manehna: experimental opera/collaboration-Syang Gallery, Magelang, Indonesia.Mari(e)-Mari(e): fashion dance collaboration between French and Indonesian artists-Lembaga Indonesia Perancis (French Cultural Center), Yogyakarta, IndonesiaSabana Grande: choreography collaboration with Fitri Setyaningsih-Gallery Salihara, Jakarta, Indonesia-Lembaga Indonesia Perancis (French Cultural Center), Yogyakarta, Indonesia2008Hands: community video art project-Jatiwangi Art Factory, Jatisura, IndonesiaKemana pun: multidisciplinary collaboration between seven international female artists.-Lembaga Indonesia Perancis (French Cultural Center), Yogyakarta, Indonesia-Eloprogo Art House, Borobudur, Magelang, Indonesia   5  
  6. 6.   CURRICULUM  VITAE  Weather It: multimedia performance collaboration with Djuadi Awal& Annie Sloman-Perfurbance #4, Merapi, IndonesiaSharp Aura: performance art collaboration with Iwan Wijono-Undisclosed Territory, Solo, Indonesia2006Pink: interactive performance-Indonesia International Performance Art Event, Galeri Nasional, Jakarta, IndonesiaFundamental: multimedia performance collaboration with Setu Legi-Kinoki Film Forum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia2005The Monkey King: puppetry collaboration with Adam Ende-Dream Community, Shijr City, TaiwanThe Abduction of Blue Bethany-Ann: full length play; playwright.-Workshop production at Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA. Kathleen Collins, director.2004Eat. : shadow puppetry performance-Drunk Puppet Nite- the Portland Edition, Portland, OR-Blue Heron Arts Center, Vashon Island, WA-Drunk Puppet Nite, Re-Bar, Seattle, WA.2003Cirnique de Bonheur: acrobatic clown ensemble-International Children’s Festival, Seattle, WAZanni Tutti: commedia dell’arte ensemble, directed by Sam Sibley.-Collaborator Studios, Seattle, WAThe Secret Life of Isabel Jukes: one-woman cabaret show/puppetry/performance; writer, actor,puppeteer, directed by Gabriel Baron-Collaborator Studios, Seattle, WAAdditional TrainingBouffon and the Ecstasy of Mocking (June-July 2010) Three-week intensive workshop in the art of Bouffon with master teacher Giovanni Fusetti in Boulder, Colorado.Indonesian Language Studies Advanced Indonesian Course at the University of Michigan (Fall 2009), 60-hr. Intermediate level course at Puri Bahasa in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. (June-August 2006)Yoga Teacher Training (August-November 2007)   6  
  7. 7.   CURRICULUM  VITAE   200-hour certified yoga teacher training at Ananda Seva Mission, Inc. in Santa Rosa, California.Cirebonese Mask Dance (January-May 2007 and January 2008-July 2009) Intensive training with master dancer Didik Nini Thowok at the Natya Lakshita Institute in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.Press and Recognition2013 Mention in Current Magazine’s Artbeat Review in Viewfinder: REwork: Participatory Art Projects at Art Attack projects-at-art-attack/ Mention in Hatch Lockdown and Re-Opening North End Studios. Review in The Performance Laboratory, grassfed art. Article in Current magazine’s ArtBeat about Red Blob Massacre. Interview about silent horror film project Red Blob Massacre on its-like-to-shoot-ones-first-independent-film/2011 Review in Detroit’s Performance Laboratory: Journey to the Interdisciplinary Fringe, Midwest Theatre Review. performance-laboratory-journey-to-the-interdisciplinary-fringe-a-review-by-edmund- lingan/ Recognition in Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art: Nervous Dental Patient, ambit studio. dental-patient/2010 Interview about interdisciplinary theater project Beneath the Concrete on Featured in PLAY Gallery Blog, Be there, Losers!: Emilia Javanica performs the male nude. &utm_campaign=losers2007   7  
  8. 8.   CURRICULUM  VITAE  Recognition in article on the Jatiwangi InternationalPerformance Artist in Residence Program, Indonesia: Seni Memahami Ala Jatiwangi.   8