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  2. 2. EMIL MØLLER PEDERSEN cand.arch in product design Vestre Ringgade 114 3. 8000 Aarhus C Denmark +45 22 34 16 89 14.12.1978 INFO As a product designer I have primarily worked with designing products. But has also worked with concept development and graphic design. My background as a cabinetmaker has given me a good understanding of construction and shaping. This understanding also applies to other areas of the design profession than furniture. My main hobbies are cycling, NBA, music, TV series, bad movies and building stuff. ABOUT
  4. 4. I Milkhouses and portable workstation ARLA II Oak coffee table Was made by me Secret client III Multiple sensors DEVELCO PRODUCTS Other clients: LEGO GRUNDFOS DALI B&O Medicom I I II II III MADE BY MAKERS April 2013 - December 2015
  5. 5. SAYS WHO January 2012 - May 2012 I Mojo SKAGERAK II Why Wood shelving COREONE III Tree Tree coffee table COREONE Other clients: BOLIA DANSK SUPERMARKED I II II III III
  6. 6. I Multiple projects for DALI II Multiple projects for B&O MEDICOM III Dish drainer ZONE Denmark Other clients: HED MADE BY MAKERS February 2010 - July 2010 (Internship) I I II III
  7. 7. III DESIGN PARTNERS August 2009 - January 2010 (Internship) I Multiple wood burning stoves MORSØ II Excavator DANTOY III D-box DANILIFT I I II III II
  9. 9. FUTURE (E) BIKE August 2010 - January 2011, Final project My goal was to make an electric bicycle that gets people to ditch their car in favour of an electric bicycle. I have been focussing on a younger group of users than the electric bicycles have today. The concept aims to bring together all technologies in a single unit on the bike. This will give the electric bicycle a visual simplicity, ensuring that it is different from a conventional bike.
  10. 10. KITCHEN PIG R KITCHEN PIG Fall 2009 Kitchen Pig is an indoor compost-making bin, which turns kitchen waste such as vegetables, fruit, and coffee grounds into nourishing compost for the garden. The bin is made easy to take apart when out of use. Each of the materials used can be recycled, inspired by the Cradle to Cradle movement. Second round of the BraunPrize competition in 2009. Second prize in the Copenhagen Design Week Talent Show in 2009.
  11. 11. MIXED SCHOOL PROJECTS I Find the Moose, explorative element for the Natural History Museum. II X-Crutch, crutches inspired by action sport. III Clean Room, hygiene system for Århus Slagtehus. IV Wirebox, bookcase assembled with one wire. V Code Tray, meat tray with a built in barcode for easy recycling. I III IV V II
  13. 13. OTHER PROJECTS Products I Kitchen Tools, spoon, spatula and packaging made for FSC Award 2008. Now sold as Santa Maria, Crafted by Trip Trap. II MW03 chair made for the 2013 ILVA Design Award. III DVD/CD storage boxes from 2008 IV Glass cabinet, with handmade joints, made in 1997. I I III III IV II
  14. 14. I Aarhus Dirtjump Park, poster and logo. II 2D sketch of a CUBE downhill mountainbike frame. Hand sketching and Photoshop. III Logo for myself. I I III III II OTHER PROJECTS Graphics and drawings
  15. 15. EMIL MØLLER PEDERSEN cand.arch in product design Vestre Ringgade 114 3. 8000 Aarhus C Denmark +45 22 34 16 89 14.12.1978 INFO