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Building careers in embedded


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Embedded systems domain offers great career opportunity for fresh engineers. Team Emertxe had a seminar session at MVJ college of engineering, Bangalore by sharing details about the same topic.

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Building careers in embedded

  1. 1. Building Career in Embedded Team Emertxe @ MVJ College of Engineering
  2. 2. Agenda  Introduction  What is Embedded system?  Embedded Industry in India  Career path in the industry  Demo
  3. 3. Introduction About us:  Emertxe is India’s one of the top IT finishing schools & self learning kits provider. Our primary focus is on Embedded with diversification focus on Java, Oracle and Android areas.  Our product organization works on E2E solutions based on Internet-Of-Things (IOT) in the areas of agriculture automation, machine monitoring and workflow productivity solutions. Emertxe Information Technologies, No-1, 9th Cross, 5th Main, Jayamahal Extension, Bangalore, Karnataka 560046 T: +91 80 6562 9666
  4. 4. Our journey – So far 2003 – Started our Journey with Training in Open Systems and Embedded Software Services 2004 - Corporate Trainings 2006 – Well Established in Embedded Systems Domain - 20 Corporate Customers 2007 – Weekend Workshops for Corporate Professionals Launched 2008 – Training Products based on Embedded Systems Released to Market 2009 – Strategic Partnerships with Foreign Universities 2011 – Centers at Madurai and Chennai 2012 – Exclusive Partner of Oracle for University Trainings in Karnataka State 2013 – Trainings for Java (Core and Advanced) and Android added 2014 – Positioned as IT finishing school + self learning kits provider
  5. 5. What is Embedded System?
  6. 6. Let us ponder… • What do you understand as Embedded System? • Name few examples of Embedded System from our daily usage • How different they are from a general purpose system (GPS)? • What difference can be there between multiple Embedded Systems? “Any Hardware System which is intended to do a specific task can be called as an Embedded System”
  7. 7. ES - Examples Examples – Automotive, Satellite communication, Consumer electronics, Medical, Imaging, Robotics etc..
  8. 8. ES - Classifications  Embedded systems can be classified into four different categories: • Stand alone Embedded System – Performs a single and specific functionality • Real time Embedded System – Provides real time guarantee in terms of response • Network appliances – High focus on packet processing • Mobile devices – Hand held devices  Embedded systems – “Choice-points” • Embedded Systems type and expectations drastically vary • In order to meet customer needs specific “Choice-points” to be decided • These are popularly known as “Design parameters”
  9. 9. ES – Choice points  Let us take an example of Mobile Vs. Automotive Embedded device  Try to compare various choice points  For each choice made corresponding compromise factor to be considered  Optimizing every other parameter is not a possible option
  10. 10. ES – Design metrics  Time to Prototype  Power  Performance & Correctness  Size  NRE  Maintainability & Flexibility  Safety  Unit Cost  Time to Market
  11. 11. ES - Challenges  Efficient Inputs/Outputs  Embedding an OS  Code optimization  Testing and debugging
  12. 12. Three stories
  13. 13. ES - Components
  14. 14. Embedded Industry in India
  15. 15. Embedded industry in India Phase- I • Outsourced product development from India • Purely cost advantage • Project or contract based work execution Phase - II • Offshore development centers of major MNCs (ex: Intel, TI, HP etc…) • Task level ownership • Augmenting teams in the head-quarters Phase – III • Complete product development from India • Domestic market needs • Higher value added activities – product ownership, product launch, innovation, IP creation
  16. 16. Why Embedded?  Indian Tech industry’s paradigm shift  Embedded Systems is heart of product development  Rewarding career experience : Embedding Intelligence Inside a Box’  Skill shortage in India and the need for ‘Quality’ engineers  One among the top paid jobs in the industry today
  17. 17. Market size  About 6,80,000 embedded professionals requirement*  Mainly for embedded software (firmware)  Global R & D opportunity is $89 billion*  India can contribute $15 billion in terms of R & D*  Apart from R & D, opportunity exists in manufacturing, local market consumption and India specific solutions  Myth of “only for ECE / EEE people”  Both local & global opportunities * Reference from NASSCOM report, quoted in popular articles & websites. Projection provided till the year 2015.
  18. 18. Career path
  19. 19. Roles Platform engineer Device driver expert Low level firmware engineer Protocol developer Kernel tester Embedded application developer
  20. 20. Skill-map Core(C&DS) Micro controllers Embedded middleware, and applications OS skill Bootloader, BSP, OS porting, Platform development Embedded applications Linux systems (ex: storage) building, Telecom/Networking protocols
  21. 21. Skill expectations  Strong C/C++ skills  Optimization techniques  Basic HW understanding  Patience the “Midas-touch”  Tools & environment  Team player  Ability to commit and deliver on-time, every time
  22. 22. Industry relevance Automation and control Automotive Consumer electronics Mobile & Wireless Storage & Networks Development activities:  Embedded middleware  Applications  Automation  Bootloader  OS/Kernel porting  Platform development  Linux systems  Telecom/networking  Self learning kits  SDKs  Debugging  Diagnostics
  23. 23. Stay connected About us: Emertxe is India’s one of the top IT finishing schools & self learning kits provider. Our primary focus is on Embedded with diversification focus on Java, Oracle and Android areas. Emertxe Information Technologies, No-1, 9th Cross, 5th Main, Jayamahal Extension, Bangalore, Karnataka 560046 T: +91 80 6562 9666 E:
  24. 24. Demo: Internet-of-Things (IOT)
  25. 25. Internet of Things Any TIME, Any THING, Any PLACE connection
  26. 26. Emx–PIC platform  Microchip PIC micro- controller  Multiple peripheral support  Explore all possible I/O ports  Beginner’s view for Embedded  Students, Enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs  Project ecosystem
  27. 27. Use case - Industry  This application to demonstrate automating industrial workflows in the area of machine management especially in growing demography like India.  The application is interfaced with a stepper motor and IR sensor. It show how a stepper motor can be driven and control conveyor system, which is a typical use in beverage industry.  The user can count the objects moving on the conveyor belt using the IR sensor and keep track of total production, thereby automating industry workflows
  28. 28. Use case - Home  In our daily life we do certain regular thing like switching on the water heater early morning to take a bath or say switching on the gate lights every day at dusk and switch off at dawn.  Our application will a simple demo on how we can achieve this with Emx PIC platform by interfacing with a lamp and PC fan.  This will demonstrate simple and effective home automation.
  29. 29. THANK YOU