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State-of-the-Art Automation at Asphalt Loading/Blending Terminal


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AOS' Joe Shotwell and Novaspect's Hasit Patel, Greg Juchniewicz, and MC Chow present at 2011 Emerson Exchange in Nashville, TN USA.

Their abstract:

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State-of-the-Art Automation at Asphalt Loading/Blending Terminal

  1. 1. State-of-the-ArtAutomation at Asphalt Loading/Blending Terminal AOS Chicago Terminal Workshop# 4-2973
  2. 2. Presenters  Joe Shotwell  Hasit Patel  Greg Juchniewicz  MC Chow
  3. 3. Introduction  Design & Implementation of state-of-the-art Automation for Asphalt Storage, Blending & Loading terminal  Selection process of equipment & integration  Business Results  Path Forward
  4. 4. AOS Chicago  Asphalt Operating Services of Chicago, AOSC, LLC, is a liquids terminal service company that provides safe and efficient storage, handling and shipment of bulk liquid products for customers in the petroleum industry. AOSC Mission:  To provide storage, production and terminal services to the petroleum industry in an efficient and effective manner that provides the greatest value to the customer, utilizing internal and external knowledge, skills, and resources
  5. 5. ECF, Inc  ECF, Inc. provides the liquid terminal and industrial manufacturing industries with a source of qualified and experienced construction professionals. ECF is committed to building long term customer relationships based on quality products installed in a safe working environment with customer service second to none  ECF provided Project Management, Design and Construction Management services for this project.
  6. 6. AOS Chicago Terminal Project  Brown field terminal built to provide Asphalt Storage, Blending & Loading  2nd terminal owned & operated by AOS  Construction started in Nov-2010, 1st barge received Jun-2011
  7. 7. AOS Chicago Terminal 5 product storage tanks Barge unloading Jetty 6 Rail Car loading spots Hot Oil Heater 4 Truck loading spots with Weigh scales 6 Ratio blenders with Coriolis flow meters and VFD’s 18 MOV’s for product lineups Odor Control system for loading spots
  8. 8. Instrumentation & Automation Goals  Integrated system which provides – Flexibility in operations & expansions – Compliance to regulatory needs – Meet business needs of AOS – Single point of responsibility – Easy to operate & maintain – Integrate with AOS & its client’s business transaction systems  Meet Aggressive Delivery and Commercial needs  System provider to be: – Local – Posses Domain expertise in Terminals  #1 requirement – KEEP the System simple
  9. 9. Automation Supplier Selection process  Novaspect had experience working with ECF on their previous projects with BP Whiting  Early engagement in the project  Novaspect scope extended to Main Automation Contractor  Leverage learnings from Automation challenges from AOS’s Bartlett, IL terminal
  10. 10. Process Automation System Selection  300+ I/O system with distributed I/O at – Tank farm/Blenders (DeltaV Controller and I/O), – Rail Terminal (CHARMS Cabinet) & – Truck Terminal (CHARMS Cabinet)  DeltaV Operator stations at Rail, Truck Terminal & Control Room/Admin Office  DeltaV Reporter for Transaction reports  ICONICS BridgeWorx transaction server for data transfer and reporting
  11. 11. DeltaV System Architecture AOSC-OPR01 Rail Kiosk AOSC-OPR02 Truck Kiosk Admin Office RCU1 RCU2 RCU3 RCU4 To AOSC-Office LANDeltaV Operator DeltaV Operator Station @ Truck AOSC-OPR03 Station @ Rail Weigh Weigh Weigh Weigh Scale Scale Scale Scale CP-701 (DeltaV Cabinet) Controllers Controllers Controllers Controllers Fiber media CP-601 (DeltaV Cabinet) convertor AOSCCIOC01 Profibus DeltaV Operator AOSCCIOC01 Fiber CIOC for Truck Station @ Admin CIOC for Rail Extender DeltaV Area Control Network (Redundant) MCC-301 Building Server/UPS Cabinet TMS cabinet Terminal Manager …. AOSC-OPR04 AOSCBRIDGE Patch Fiber Cord AOSCPRP00 AOSCAPP01 DeltaV Operator Transaction AOSC-TMS DeltaV PROPLUS DeltaV App Station Station @ Terminal Engine Server TMS Server(s) AMS Server Plus Continuous Historian Manager Office Qty=2 CP-301 (DeltaV Cabinet) AOSCWIOC01 AOSCCTR01 Profibus WIOC for Modbus Serial to TMS Server DV Controller Fiber Chicago Terminal For Chicago Extender Terminal DeltaV Architecture @ AOS TerminalWireless Antenna EEP cabinets 2835 E 106th St, Wireless Antenna Model 781 VFD’s VFD’s Chicago, IL 60617 Model 781 On Roof of RIE On Roof of RIE
  12. 12. DeltaV Cabinet in RIE & CHARMS cabinet Field Mounted CHARMS Cabinet with Fiber DeltaV Cabinet with Mass-Termination
  13. 13. Instrumentation Selection  Blending skids comprising of – Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters for Mass, Volume, Density & Temperature measurements – Control Technique Variable Frequency Drives for Flow Control. – MOV’s for valve line-ups and Odor Control System  Tank Level & Temperature measurement with Saab- Rosemount Radar gauges with multi-spot temperature  Tank Hi-Hi Level measurement with Wireless TT’s  Mettler-Toledo Weigh scales with Profibus Interface
  14. 14. Blender Skids with Micro Motion flowmeters • Pulse Input (for Multiple Custody Transfer) interfaces • HART/ Analog • Density Multi- • Volume/Mass flow variables • Totalizer • Casing (HART) Temperature
  15. 15. Level Measurement • Radar gauge for Level measurement • Multi-spot RTD for Multiple temperature averaging RDUInstruments • Wireless TT for High- High level detection • Tank Level • Volume with tank Multi- strapping variables • Average Tank Temperature (HART) • Temperature rate of change for High-High
  16. 16. High High Level Measurement
  17. 17. Controls Implementation  Use of Class based Control Modules  Use of Human Centered Design (HCD) graphics and objects  Use of Equipment Modules (EM’s) and Sequential Function Charts (SFC’s) for loading sequences  SQL server for transaction management
  18. 18. Business Transaction Interface BDS BP Rail Car SAP Orders & Financial & Invoicing R Invoicing ai lC ar Tr an sa Rail Car ct io Strapping ns Tables Inventory & Transaction Rail Trx Invoicing Manager middleware s ent Ev Process TMS – Truck Automation Loaded Weights, Tank Levels Loading System System
  19. 19. Flexible Loading Sequencesimplemented in DeltaV Control System
  20. 20. Easy of use – Operator Interface Graphics
  21. 21. Easy of use – Operator Interface Graphics
  22. 22. Easy of use – Operator Interface Graphics
  23. 23. 3rd Party Interfaces to Business Systems Real time tank levels and truck loading status information to Terminal Accounting System using Serial Modbus interface Rail car strapping and Rail Transactions interfaced to BDS Railtrack @ YardMaster system for accounting and load tracking Truck/Rail transactions interfaced to Client’s Accounting system (SAP)
  24. 24. Business Transaction System Interface
  25. 25. Business Results Achieved  Quick Startup  Compliance  Safety  System Performance  Ease in Operations & Maintenance
  26. 26. Business Results Achieved – Quick Startup Terminal Operations started on schedule 1) Intelligent devices enabled quick checkout and commissioning 2) Flexible Architecture allowed for changes during course of construction and startup 3) Ease of use allowed for operations acquaintance 4) Distributed I/O with use of CHARMS allowed for reduced wiring and troubleshooting
  27. 27. Smart Devices & Digital Communications  HART interface to Micro Motion meters for: – Mass/Volume flow rate & totals – Temperature – Density  Profibus interface to VFD’s – Motor Electrical parameters – Diagnostics & Reset  Profibus interface to Weigh Scales – Scale diagnostic parameters & Zero values  wiHART interface to Tank HIGH level interface
  28. 28. Business Results Achieved - Compliance  Micro Motion meters for Blend Certification – Pulses used for primary measurement & Control (Mass for Trucks, Volume for Rail Cars) – HART Totalizers used for verification of batch totals  Wireless HART Temperature transmitters – Provides separate technology (then Radar for Level) and separate communication path for HI-HI Level on tanks – Field verification and testing setup provided to perform periodic verification of High level detection
  29. 29. Verification & Test setup for High Level
  30. 30. Business Results Achieved - Safety  Interlocks configured to prevent inadvertent operations with simple operator communications through Graphics  Checks and balances for Rail & Truck compartment capacities and product compatibilities  Tank Overfill Alarm verification  Tank Low Level for minimizing hot oil coils exposure to atmosphere
  31. 31. Business Results Achieved - Performance  Terminal Throughput – 32 Rail cars/day – 125 trucks/day  Blend and Shipment accuracy – Rail cars loaded at +/- 6 gallons for 23,000 gals rail car – Trucks loaded at +/-20 lbs for 50,000 lbs truck capacity
  32. 32. Business Results Achieved –Ease in Maintenance  Configuration & Troubleshooting of all Instrument & Controls managed by single tool (AMS) – Micro Motion Coriolis meters (HART) – Saab-Rosemount Radar Level/Temperature (HART) – Control Technique Variable Frequency Drives (Profibus DP) – Temperature Transmitters (wiHART)  AMS Alert Monitor for all “smart” instrumentation  AMS audit trail for revision management
  33. 33. VFD configuration & troubleshooting w/ AMS • Perform initial set-up for new drives • Change parameters on existing devices • Track runtime data • Configuration changes are automatically documented in the Audit Trail
  34. 34. VFD configuration & troubleshooting w/ AMS
  35. 35. VFD fault history & runtime with AMS
  36. 36. VFD status view through AMS
  37. 37. Automation System accessibility –55” LCD Monitor in Admin Office
  38. 38. Automation System accessibility oniPAD through cellular network
  39. 39. Path Forward  Expand the system to: – Monitoring process variables wirelessly for • Hot oil system • Unloading pressure at barges • …. – Mobile Worker for • Wireless Video Cameras for Surveillance • Operations and Maintenance stations • …. – Transaction reports for • Material Balance reconciliation • … – …
  40. 40. Summary State-of-the-art Automation system allows – Integrated operations & maintenance – Compliance – Flexibility – Room for expansion – Reduced cost of ownership – Simplicity in use and support
  41. 41. Where To Get More Information     Contact – Joe Shotwell - – Al Meitl – – Hasit Patel – – Greg Juchniewicz – – MC Chow –