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LNG Dispensing Made Simple Using Micro Motion


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Cryogenic Vessel Alternatives' Kegan Kavander and Emerson's Nicole Rundlett won the best of conference presentation in the Instrumentation Flow track at the 2011 Emerson Exchange conference in Nashville, TN USA.

Their abstract: The LNG market has increased dramatically over the past several years, and developing systems to handle custody transfer transactions in remote areas is a key to the market's success. Cryogenic Vessel Alternatives has developed an LNG dispensing trailer which allows for the transport and eventual sale of LNG to remote areas.

Accurate metering of the LNG is facilitated through the use of a Micro Motion CMF100 which has been designed specifically for cryogenic applications. Using the sensor's diagnostics, customers are ensured of being billed for LNG in an all liquid state.

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LNG Dispensing Made Simple Using Micro Motion

  1. 1. LNG Dispensing Made Simple Using Micro Motion
  2. 2. Presenters  Kegan Kavander Company Logo  Nicole Rundlett
  3. 3. Introduction  LNG Market Considerations: – Drivers/Need for LNG Mobile Delivery Systems – U.S. Terminal locations – Advantages of LNG over CNG  Mobile Delivery Systems by INOXCVA: – Description / Highlights – Control Summary and Safety – Micro Motion and Custody Transfer  Why Micro Motion for Cryogenic Service Meters: – Flow Measurement Challenges – Micro Motion Experience in LNG Applications – The Elite Solution for LNG! – Advantages of Coriolis over Turbine Meters – Smart Meter Verification- Superior Diagnostics – Additional Diagnostics- Density and Drive Gain – Focused on Cryogenic Liquids  Business Results Achieved  Summary / Resources
  4. 4. Cryogenic Vessel Alternatives Founded in 1999, we are a global cryogenic equipment leader offering storage, transportation, and distribution solutions to the industrial gas, oil field services, and LNG industries. USA Corporate Headquarters Mont Belvieu, Texas
  5. 5. CVA – Other FacilitiesRed Deer, Alberta, Canada JAT-CVA Hebel Province, China Baytown, TX India (4 Plants)
  6. 6. CVA – Product OverviewISO/IMO Containers Skid Mounted Tanks Horizontal Bulk Storage TanksPorta-Cryo Mini Bulk Tanks Dewar Containers Vaporizers
  7. 7. CVA – Product OverviewMini Bulk Delivery Units Hydraulic Fracture UnitsMobile Transport Trailers Truck Mounted Nitrogen Pumpers Cryogenic Railcars Skid Mounted Nitrogen Pumpers
  8. 8. CVA – LNG Special Products LNG Mobile Delivery TrailersTrailer Mounted Mobile Vaporizers Truck Mounted ISO/IMO Containers
  9. 9. LNG Market Considerations:  LNG takes up 1/600 of the volume of gaseous state making it ideal for transport  LNG is transported to regasification terminals for introduction into existing pipeline infrastructure  LNG sources: – predominantly imported from Trinidad, Tobago, and Algeria – Indonesia, Malaysia, and Qatar are also the leading exporters of LNG  U.S. is developing supply chain, but it takes time to set up infrastructure (limited LNG import terminals)  LNG powered vehicles are growing in number but need secure and dependable supply (trucking industry is primary user)
  10. 10. Location of U.S. LNG Import Terminals
  11. 11. Advantages – LNG Vs. CNG LNG allows 1.5 times more range (in hours) than an equivalent CNG vehicle. – Example for a 25 M3 side loader: – Lower Fuel Cost LNG Vehicle Vs. CNG Vehicle – Lower Charging Station CostResource – ROS ROCA Group
  12. 12. LNG Mobile Fueling Station 6000 gallon water capacity 2200 hour hold time (.5% in 24hrs evap. rate) -260 Deg. F 175 PSIG MAWP 22 HP cryogenic submersible pump 30 HP external on-load pump (optional) 30kW self contained natural gas generator (460VAC 3 phase) for remote operations Transformer (460VAC -110VAC) Programmable ladder logic controller (PLC) VFD for submersible pump
  13. 13. Other Features Pneumatic actuated valves (on deck A/C) Rear panel view instructional screens for easy operation Pressure build unit (TSCP) Saturation vaporizer for product pressure control Methane and flame detectors 10 minute rule impoundment area
  14. 14. More Features Liquid level and pressure transducers Working/Warning lights Emergency Horn Emergency stops (all for corners) Card Reader Air Link Modem w/ GPS (optional) Micro Motion Coriolis flow meter
  15. 15. Operation
  16. 16. Operation
  17. 17. Operation
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Operation
  20. 20. Certified Fuel Delivery
  21. 21. LNG Dispensing Presents Measurement Challenges! Challenges of LNG flow measurement  Cryogenic --163C  Temperature cycling on equipment  2 Phases - vaporizing  Temperature & Density control is critical Traditional flow technologies requirements  Insulation jacket needed  On line densitometer  On line temperature  Pressure  PTZ compensation must be considered
  22. 22. Micro Motion has experience in LNG! Gas Plant A D Truck Loading Dispenser Filling Vapour Return C Gas Terminal B Truck Offloading Meter Application Meter Type Meter Flow RateCoriolis LNG Measurement Solution• Over 15 Years Experience of LNG Measurement & A Truck Loading CMF 200 CMF 300 87,100 kg/h 272,000 kg/hDispensing• MVD Diagnostics enable Liquid / Vapour Phase Control B Truck Offloading CMF 200 87,100 kg/h• MVD Multivariable Measurement improves Monitoring & CMF 300 272,000 kg/h C Vapour Return CMF 025 2,180 kg/hControl• MID Certification assists OEM and Operators with Regulatory CMF 050 6,800 kg/h D Dispenser Filling CMF 100 27,200 kg/hCompliance
  23. 23. Micro Motion’s Solution for LNG MeasurementElite Family•Highest Mass Accuracy: +/-0.10% of rate (optional+/0.05%)•Temperature Ratings: -240C to +240C (rated for Cryogenic)•Approved for Custody Transfer of Cryogenic Liquids•Three process measurements from one meter: •Mass Flow •Density •Temperature•Accurate in Empty-Full-Empty Service•Smart Meter Verification: Safety and Accuracy•Phase (liquid vs. vapor) of LNG known instantly•OEM ready: Direct Modbus communications
  24. 24. Advantages of Coriolis Vs. Turbine Meters • Direct Mass and Density Rotor (6-24 inch) Measurement = Inlet Diffuser and Support Fins • Multi-Variable Flow conditioner Orifice plate or Turbine • No Flow Conditioning Rotor (3-4 inch) Body• Turbine Limitations A B Blade Replacement represents • • Over registering due to coating Bi-Directional Capability almost 1/2 the price of a new • Accuracy is density dependent meter • Mechanical wear (maintenance) Micro Motion meters vibrate well • Limited turndown under the yield point so there is 0.6 no deformation or wear!! • • Uni-directional measurement 0.4 0.2 Wider Turndown Accuracy, Percent • Different calibration factor for each 0.0 -0.2 fluid -0.4 • Requires vapor eliminator and -0.6 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% % of Nominal Flow 70% 80% 90% 100% • straightening vanes • Volume based measurement No moving parts • Poor cleanability
  25. 25. Micro Motion’s Smart Meter Verification = Confidence Operation at Meter Verification Process Local DisplayK Okay Input Tone M Not Okay Sensor Response Tones 0.06 Structural Integrity Measure Damage P 0.04 Factory Begins Erosion Calibration 0.02 P 0 Cracking -0.02 P Customer advised “Not Pitting -0.04 Okay” due to measurement change -0.06 0 20 40 60 80 100 Measurement Number
  26. 26. Diagnostics Ensure Accuracy in LNG Dispensing• MODBUS Direct connection • Drive gain • Slug Flow Pump Start • Density • Temperature Fluid Status • Mass Flow • Volume flow Measurement• Traditional technology or otherCoriolis manufacturers •Analog (4-20mA) or Frequency only •No fluid phase status available •No Smart Meter Verification
  27. 27. Micro Motion- Focused on Cryogenic Applications!  Has developed more robust sensor internals to address rapid temperature cycling  Cryogenic Service- Now standard offering on Elite sensors (“C” under Measurement Application Code)  Cryogenic Best Practices presentations, white papers, and application notes written by Micro Motion  Elite sensors tested by NIST in cryogenic service and found factory calibration to be transferable
  28. 28. Business Results Achieved Environmentally cleaner, cheaper fuel costs, and safer operations provide good selling points for liquid natural gas INOXCVA’s automated fuel delivery system saves time at the fuel station Micro Motion’s safe, accurate metering features saves time for customers Micro Motion’s capability of being approved for custody transfer from state to state and country to country catches the attention of industry suppliers 13 mobile fuel stations for 2011 with new customer interest frequently
  29. 29. Summary Because of new drilling technology the LNG market is rapidly growing in the US and worldwide More infrastructure is needed to transition from less abundant fossil fuels to the cleaner energy of natural gas The combination of Micro Motion’s accurate and reliable cryogenic flow meters and INOXCVA’s innovative mobile fuel stations will provide a solution to a transition that will change the energy crisis drastically
  30. 30. Where To Get More Information LNG Import/Export Terminal Information (FERC) INOXCVA Website: Micro Motion Website: