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Getting The Most From Google - A Guide For Small Business Owners


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This "how-to" guide for small business owners provides a clear and easy to read outline for how to use Google for boosting your small business marketing. We cover the What, Why and How of Google for Business - including case studies and ROI insights.

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Getting The Most From Google - A Guide For Small Business Owners

  1. 1. GETTING THE MOST FROM GOOGLE A Guide For Small Business Owners
  2. 2. Contents 02 03 05 06 07 07 07 09 09 10 11 11 13 14 17 Google My Business/Google Search/Google Maps Google Plus (Google+) Google Analytics Google AdSense Australian Case Studies 1. The Furniture Trader 2. Bay Fish N Trips 3. LJ Hooker 4. Shoes of Prey 5. Flexicar Getting The Most From Google AdWords Estimated Costs and Benefits for Small Businesses Picture Gallery References EMERGENT CONSULTING AUSTRALASIA PAGE 01 - 19
  3. 3. EMERGENT CONSULTING AUSTRALASIA PAGE 02 - 19 Google My Business/Google Search/Google Maps Google My Business is a free and easy to use platform that lets businesses integrate their business information and manage their presence across Google Search, Google Maps and Google+. An updated Google My Business page results in the business information being showed in google searches and on google maps, if a person searches for that particular business in that location. The difference to Google AdWords is that here the business details will only be showed in the organic rankings on google search, not in the very top or the right side where the AdWords business information is showed (“About Google My Business,” 2016; Vaughan, 2015; Volpe, 2015). Businesses that verify their information with Google My Business are twice as likely to be considered reputable by consumers. A business can read and respond to reviews from customers, and post photos that show what the business does. Businesses that add photos to their listings receive 42% more requests for driving directions on Google Maps and 35% more clicks through to their websites than businesses that don’t (“About Google My Business,” 2016). Setting up a Google My Business profile is free of charge. To get the free listing with the Google My Business, a business needs to set up an account and provide Google with following: + A brief description of the business + A phone number, address, website, hours of operation and other contact details + A logo or picture that represents the business The more optional information the business provides the better search results for the customer. Google My Business comes with options to connect the business profile with the social media Google+ as well as YouTube and other online platforms operated by Google (Vaughan, 2015; Volpe, 2015). whatwhyoptions indicative costs
  4. 4. Google Plus (Google+) Google+ is a social network media just like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn where a business can connect with customers, followers, fans and friends (Copp, 2016). It is managed through the Google My Business account, and as such those two tools assist each other. By strategically organising connections on Google+, the business can segment key audience and share relevant content with them (Copp, 2016). The Google+ account is automatically connected to the Google My Business account, which means having an up to date Google+ account will benefit the activity on Google My Business and vice versa. When a business is listed in a google search because it has a Google My Business profile, it will automatically include a link to the business’ Google+ Page – hence, it is important to spend time on the Google+ account to make customers intrigued (Vaughan, 2015). Setting up a Google My Business profile is free of charge. Google+ comes with the four optional choices to improve the business profile (Copp, 2016): + Circles: lets the business organise people into different Circles such as customers or influencers. This help the business target its messages to the right people. A restaurant could create a circle of food lovers and then share updates on food with them. + Communities: are forums where people are organised around a topic or a cause and thus provides the perfect opportunity to engage with likeminded people. + Google Hangouts on Air: a tool that lets the business host and broadcast videos through YouTube or Google+. Can be used for events like webinars, performance tests, debates or other business events that the business would like its customers/followers to see. + Collections: lets the business group posts by topics. The business can create new collections or follow connections that it is interested in. People can then easily click into the collection and view similar content. EMERGENT CONSULTING AUSTRALASIA PAGE 03 - 19 whatwhyoptions indicative costs
  5. 5. “A business can connect with customers, followers, fans and friends.”
  6. 6. Google Analytics Google Analytics is a free website analytics product that gives businesses a better and easier insight into its website traffic and can help the business understand how people are finding and navigating its website (“About Google Analytics 360,” 2016). It delivers a deep insight into a business’ consumers and their behaviour, so that the business can create more engaging and fulfilling experiences for its customers. Google Analytics helps the business analyse the visitor traffic and it paints a complete picture of the audience and their needs. With Analytic a business can see the complete customer journey, share those insights with everyone in the business, and get useful knowledge that can assist in tailoring the right marketing material and site content for the maximum impact (“Google Analytics - overview,” 2016). Google Analytics has two pricing tiers: Free and Premium. Google Analytics Premium provides higher data limits, more custom variables, a Service Level Agreement, and a dedicated support team. Pricing starts at $150,000 / year. Google Analytics comes with six product options (“Analytics 360 Suite,” 2016): + Audience Center 360, a data management platform that gives the business a panoramic view of the audiences that matter most to the brand. + Optimize 360, a website testing and personalisation tool where a business can show its customers different variations of its site in order to pick the best-performing site to increase customer engagement. + Data Studio 360, a data visualization tool that crunches the numbers and turns them into informative reports which are easy to read, easy to share, and fully customisable. + Tag Manager 360, offers simplified data collection and powerful APIs for better data accuracy and streamlined workflows. + Analytics 360, consolidates data about customer behaviour into a single product and makes it easy to perform robust analysis + Attribution 360, helps advertisers see the value of their media investments and allocate budgets with confidence. EMERGENT CONSULTING AUSTRALASIA PAGE 05 - 19 whatwhyoptions indicative costs
  7. 7. Google Adsense Google AdSense is a free tool for businesses of all sizes to earn money by letting targeted Google ads being displayed on their websites. AdSense is an easy and free way for business to earn money from advertising places on their websites. AdSense is different from other providers in that it states that: it only runs ads that will be of interest to the business’ users; it leverage on google search technology; it runs ads that are targeted to the audience; it filters unwanted ads; and it is easy and fast to get started (“How AdSense works,” 2016). Participation in AdSense is free and will actually earn the business money. Google will pay the business for clicks, impressions, and other interactions with the Google ads displayed on the business’ website. Google pays the business between 51% to 68% of the revenue recognised by google from the AdSense activity. How much a business can earn depends on different factors, for example what type of ads appears on the site, the pricing of those ads, and how many AdSense products are used (“How AdSense works,” 2016). AdSense gives the business the option to choose what types and formats of ads it wants displayed on its website as well as where it wants the ads places on its website (“How AdSense works,” 2016). EMERGENT CONSULTING AUSTRALASIA PAGE 06 - 19 whatwhyoptions indicative costs
  8. 8. Australian Case Studies 1. The Furniture Trader 2. Bay Fish N Trips When The Furniture Trader, a family-owned Melbourne business first went online they were not appearing on Google for the relevant search terms. After developing a digital strategy and a search strategy using Google AdWords, the company finally started to see some results. “If you compare organic search costs to conventional catalogue advertising, we would spend about $100,000 on doing two months’ worth of the catalogues each year, whereas organic search cost us just a fraction of that.” The owners of Bay Fish N Trips; Sandra and Stuart from Victoria, use Google AdWords, Google Analytics as well as various social media to compete, and thrive in a mature market, against competitors who were established decades ago. Sandra and Stuart established Bay Fish N Trips in 2010. Sandra’s concern when she started the business was how to find an edge against the competitors, some of whom had been in business since the 1970s. Sandra adopted various social media tools such as Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and aligned them to more traditional channels like newsletters and blog. The revenue began to grow substantially following the release of a new website and through the use of Google AdWords. Sandra estimates that the approximate annual spend on Google AdWords is between $3,600 and $8,400. She finds that this amount is insignificant when compared to the number of customers that have booked fishing and cruising tours by finding Bay Fish N Trips on Google. “Through Google Analytics I know that the majority of our customers find us via Google AdWords, which links them to our website” EMERGENT CONSULTING AUSTRALASIA PAGE 07 - 19
  9. 9. “the majority of our customers find us via Google AdWords”
  10. 10. 3. LJ Hooker 4. Shoes of Prey LJ Hooker Nerang wanted to drive more leads online but found it challenging. Real estate in Nerang is fiercely competitive. In a city where home buyers and sellers have a menu of real estate offices to choose from, LJ Hooker knew it was critical to position the LJ Hooker Nerang brand as a trusted leader in the market. After getting the Nerang office consistently ranked on the bottom of the first page of Google search results for keywords like “real estate nerang,” the office needed help getting LJ Hooker’s trusted brand in the top of search results including relevant keywords. The office made use of Google AdWords to gain the position they wanted. “Our natural position was on page 1, and we wanted to be on top. That’s important to me, that we’re top of mind, and not in the bottom half of page 1, and certainly not on page 2.” With over 269,917 impressions (ad views) generated to date, LJ Hooker Nerang is now positioned as a leader and trusted brand in the local Nerang market. According to the office, these ads provide one more “touch point” to reassure leads. “With regards to online, Google AdWords is the biggest lead generation tool we have. Now I can see it was worth giving a go, and we haven’t looked back.” The online custom shoe design company Shoes of Prey has had massive success with the use of Google AdWords. As the company expanded internationally, it created new AdWords campaigns targeted at English-speaking countries with currencies they could process. They used AdWords location-targeting to show ads in new locations: Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the U.K. and the U.S. “Despite being based in Australia, it took only a matter of days for our first orders to start coming in from the other side of the world. It was exciting to see!” Currently, about 10 percent of Shoes of Prey’s shoe sales come from AdWords customers—and about 40 percent of those sales are from international buyers. “We time specific AdWords campaigns to target each of these events. Mother’s Day is on a different day in different countries, so AdWords lets us run ads at different times of the year for the various countries, and edit the ads so they speak to users in those countries. For example, we’ll mention the price of our shoes in euro in Ireland and in dollars in the U.S.” With AdWords the team behind Shoes of Prey have been able to share their passion for custom shoes with international customers who share their love for customization.  EMERGENT CONSULTING AUSTRALASIA PAGE 09 - 19
  11. 11. 5. Flexicar The green car-share company Flexicar allows 24-hour, inner city car access, when required, without all the costs, hassles and carbon footprints associated with car ownership. The company has relied heavily on Google AdWords as its most effective form of advertising since it was founded in 2005, helping it increase business by 400 percent in just one year. Flexicar has never used traditional advertising methods like television or radio. Soon after the company’s inception, the sales and marketing manager insisted on only using Google AdWords. “AdWords produces far more results for Flexicar than any other form of advertising. On top of that, these results can be easily tracked.” “Flexicar started out with a small budget and a few general keywords. We have since created a more targeted AdWords campaign and have increased our budget significantly as we’ve seen that it works,”   “It’s definitely something worth including in your company’s marketing plans, you actually see results.” EMERGENT CONSULTING AUSTRALASIA PAGE 10 - 19
  12. 12. Google AdWords AdWords is a search driven marketing platform that allows businesses to be found on google whenever people search for keywords that are included in the business’ advertising. The business only pays for the advertising once people click on the advertising link, or call the business directly (“Google AdWords,” 2016). This form of advertising will appear above or on the right side of Google’s organic search result, when people search for the keywords. It is easy to measure results/activity on advertising material. It provides insight around the clock by letting the business log on to its account. It lets the business stop, start, pause, change, and test material whenever it likes (“Google AdWords,” 2016). It is a tool well suited to generate instant leads, visits, conversations or sales for almost any product, service and organisation. It captures the attention of the web user exactly when they are actually in the process of looking for a product/ service, and if the business offers what the person is looking for in that instant, there is a good chance it could result in a lead or even a sale (Sequeira, 2012). Google AdWords has a comparatively longer lifecycle than other social media advertisements since they appear to people when they search for related keywords, meaning that the campaign can run effectively for a long time without having to be updated constantly (Sequeira, 2012). The most normal way to pay is via cost-per-click (CPC) bidding. With the payment method the business only gets charged when someone is interested enough to click on the ad. The business tells AdWords how much it wants to pay for a click on its ad (maximum cost-per-click-bid) and AdWords runs an auctions on popular keywords, and depending on the cost the business is willing to spend (and the range of keywords it has) it might be chosen to be on the top search page that day. On days when a business’s ad is more popular, AdWords allows up to 20% more of the average daily budget as to not miss out on valuable clicks. On days when the keywords are not so popular, the budget will be lowered again. This ensures that spending is averaged out to the limit the business set. Most businesses get off to a good start with a budget of at least $5 a day (“AdWords Help,” 2016; “Google AdWords,” 2016). The business has the option to target its customer according to country, region or city. Another option is to target by website type or audience type (“Google AdWords,” 2016). However, targeting only concerns the people who actually search on the keywords in Google’s search engine, and people who do not search for the keywords will not see the ad. EMERGENT CONSULTING AUSTRALASIA PAGE 11- 18 whatwhyoptions indicative costs Get The Most From
  13. 13. EMERGENT CONSULTING AUSTRALASIA PAGE 12 - 18 Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Google Trends are tools that can be used to optimise and plan the Google AdWords marketing campaign. extra tools “Google AdWords is the biggest lead generation tool”
  14. 14. Google AdWords $5 per day (minimun recommended) Tangible: - Possible sales increase - 100% controlled budget (cost spend) - Increased leads Intangible: - Increased brand awareness - Increased click through rates Google My Business Free Tangible: - Free tool to get into organic search results on Google - Tool that increase integration and efficiency of various Google products - Increased leads via Google search Intangible: - Increased brand awareness being in the top of Google’s organic search - Increased click through ratest Google Plus Free Tangible: - Possible sales increase Intangible: - Increased brand awareness - Increased social ROI + impressions + reach + post likes + page likes + shares + comments + frequency + click through rates Google Plus $150,00/year Tangible: - 100% controlled budget (cost spend) - Saved costs on market analysis (target market behaviour) Intangible: -Increased consumer knowledge Google AdSense free/earn between 51-68% of the revenue estimated my Google Tangible: - Increased income Intangible: -Increased brand awareness Costs and benefits for Small-Medium Sized Businesses Indicative Costs Benefits/ROI EMERGENT CONSULTING AUSTRALASIA PAGE 13 - 18
  15. 15. Gallery Google Adwords: placed in the top of Google search page,above the organic search, and marked with a green “Ad” symbol. Google My Business: placed under the Google AdWords ads in the organic search. EMERGENT CONSULTING AUSTRALASIA PAGE 14 - 18 Google Search: “car rentals cairns” screenshots
  16. 16. Google Plus: a social network business page just like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where businesses can engage with communities, fans and customers. Google Analytics: an analytical tool from Google providing business with easy to understand data on website usage and consumer behaviour. EMERGENT CONSULTING AUSTRALASIA PAGE 15 - 19
  17. 17. Google AdSense: a way for businesses to make money by allowing ads to appear on their websites. EMERGENT CONSULTING AUSTRALASIA PAGE 16 - 19
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  19. 19. Want to go to the next level? Talk to us about how we can help your business, social enterprise or non-for-profit organisation develop digital marketing strategies that deliver outstanding results over the long term. Call or email to arrange a free 1-hour consultation session! + (61) 439 221 430