The Facebook Conference - Bas Blom - Facebook


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The Facebook Conference - Bas Blom - Facebook

  1. 1. Performance Marketing on Facebook Bas Blom
  2. 2. Where do people spend most time on desktop and on mobile? Source: Calculated based on December 2012 comScore data FacebookMicrosoftTM YahooTM GoogleTM Hours per month per user on desktop FacebookMicrosoftTM YahooTM TwitterTM GoogleTM Hours per month per user on mobile 6:06   4:24   3:11   2:25   4:47   2:20   1:39   0:58   11:28  
  3. 3. Where do they spend time on Facebook?
  4. 4. So….how do I reach all the people that matter to me and drive business goals? Netherlands: 6M+ daily users
  5. 5. 4 levers to drive performance on Facebook
  6. 6. Placement: ads perform best in News Feed Desktop News Feed Mobile News Feed
  7. 7. Ad format: photo and link ads Photo Page Post with Link Page Post
  8. 8. App installed on smartphone App available through app store App ad for installs served in News Feed Ad format: mobile app ads App installed on smartphone App available through app store Now what?
  9. 9. Ad format: mobile app re-engagement New calls to action allow for increased engagementNow what? and conversion
  10. 10. Native Targeting Prospecting Remarketing Targeting: from prospecting to remarketing
  11. 11. Targeting: leverage social identity Broad Category Targeting •  Education •  Workplace •  Relationship status •  Device and operating system •  Likes and interests •  Friend connections Standard Demographics •  Age •  Gender •  City/state/zip •  Direct market area •  Birthday Vertical Audiences •  Life stages •  Auto intenders •  Tech early adopters •  And many others...
  12. 12. Targeting: reach your customers on Facebook 1.  Identify segments of customers or prospects 2.  Find these people on Facebook using email, phone, or user ID 3.  Reach the exact people you want to talk to with Facebook ads Custom Audiences
  13. 13. Targeting: Facebook Exchange (FBX) Remarket to people that have indicated purchase interest elsewhere
  14. 14. Optimization: bidding and creatives Bidding Optimization •  Cost per click •  Cost per impression •  Optimized for conversion Creative Optimization
  15. 15. Optimization: bidding Cost per Clicks (Bidded CPC) Cost per Impression (Bidded CPM) Optimized for Conversion (oCPM) You value Clicks only Views and clicks Actions You pay for Clicks Impressions Impressions We optimize for Clicks Reach Conversion Best practice A basic strategy Best for micro-targeting even if only value clicks Use with conversion pixel tracking to drive offsite
  16. 16. Launched today: advertising objectives We ensure you have the proper tracking requirements and tell you what you’ll see in the new “Results” column in Ads Manager We recommend the best optimization and pricing model based on objective
  17. 17. Optimization: creative
  18. 18. Measurement: tracking and attribution Click tags View tags Conversion tags How? A cookie dropped in user’s browser; fires when ad is clicked on Facebook A pixel embedded in ad creative; fires when ad is shown on Facebook A pixel embedded in offsite conversion page; fires whenever that page loads Where? Standard ads, link Page post ads, shortened links in ad text of photo Page post ads All paid ads Facebook can piggyback off third-party conversion pixels What? Reports clicks Reports impressions Reports conversion events Why? Industry standard but limited usefulness Captures clicks and impressions; recommended approach Best for tracking conversions; recommended approach
  19. 19. OK, how should I start?
  20. 20. Reach Prepare & Diagnose •  Identify KPI s and attribution •  Set up click and view tagging •  Secure performance agency •  Set up creative delivery Test •  Conduct a low cost test •  Leverage Facebook levers until you achieve target CPA or ROAS Scale •  Incrementally increase spend while meeting target CPA or ROAS As needed (1 to 4 weeks) Typically 3 to 6 weeks Ongoing Iterate Time Getting started: prepare, test and scale
  21. 21. Appendix Case Studies
  22. 22. JackThreads: Driving sign-ups and sales through Facebook   6xreturn on advertising spend using Custom Audiences The men’s private-sale site uses Facebook Ads and targeting to acquire more than 1/5 of its members. To drive sales, JackThreads leverages Page post ads in news feed and custom audiences to target people who are already members. PLACEMENT
  23. 23. ASOS: Driving sales by leveraging the power of ads with social context The UK’s largest fashion retailer used Page post ads to drive traffic to its online stores. The company is always acquiring fans with sponsored stories, as fans are 3.6X more likely to visit its website. 130%increase in purchases in four weeks after seeing Facebook Ads AD FORMAT
  24. 24. Fab: Driving new growth by building a social business and getting friends to invite friends The design e-tailer spends 50% of its ad budget on Facebook targeting people who like design blogs and certain flash-sale sites. It finds that new members from Facebook typically invite three friends to join. 33%of new visits come from Facebook TARGETING
  25. 25. Zappos: Driving ROI by reaching people with an ad for the right product at the right time The e-tailer works with a third party ad vendor to optimize the ideal ad with the right product at the right time and on the right device. The brand’s ads drive to with KPI's tied to direct- response metrics.  8digit annual ad spend with significant net positive ROI OPTIMIZATION