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Next 2019 - Tobin Nageotte & Alice Stewart - A.I. think before you ink


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Tobin Nageotte & Alice Stewart - 72andSunny Amsterdam @ Next 2019

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Next 2019 - Tobin Nageotte & Alice Stewart - A.I. think before you ink

  1. 1. AI: Think Before You Ink 72andSunny AMS Tech Residency Emerce Next 2019 72andSunny Amsterdam
  2. 2. Hello!
  3. 3. The house from the movie ‘UP’ covered in blood A snake wearing a coat of tiny dancers A small boxing dandelion What do these tattoos have in common?
  4. 4. 72andsunny © New YorkLos Angeles Sydney SingaporeAmsterdam 72andsunny © | 4
  5. 5. The world under one roof 200 people 30 nationalities 19 languages 5
  6. 6. We drive: Brand Transformation 18% increase in global sales +2.2% growth in sales (after decline) In growth globally for the first time in three years 3.4 mn downloads in the first 5 months 72andsunny © | 6
  7. 7. Best In Tech Best In Culture We’re in a unique position. 7
  8. 8. 1943 2019 TOUCHPOINTS WEB MOBILE & SOCIAL INNER CITY COLABS AR / VR GROWTH MARKETS Change is a constant. Our world and work is forever evolving. 8 1951 1954 1967 1981 1983-Present
  9. 9. IoT Machine Learning Natural Language Processing AI AR VR Mixed Reality Chatbots Voice Asst Connected Home / Car Point of Decision New Retail Zero UI Predictive UX Personalized Content Big Data Data Analysis Influence Circularity Purpose
  10. 10. Where does modern marketing come in? Everywhere. 10 Phone notifications Mark wakes up and checks his phone as he’s got loads of new notifications He spots one from Influencer post Browsing Instagram, Mark sees a sponsored post from an influencer OOH poster On his way to the bus, Mark walks past a busy shopping mall, where he encounters our OOH posters Gold Stories As he swipes through more content, he is targeted with a 6” Instagram Stories ad The next day His mum, Judy, is heading out to the shops and asks if he needs anything - He asks for some Axe Gold Body Spray OOH advertisement Outside the supermarket, Judy sees the Axe poster, reminding her to buy the body spray her son would like In store The product position grabs her attention and she grabs a can, Mark heads to the checkout and pays for all of her shopping
  11. 11. Innovation doesn’t exist without adoption. VISABILITY TIME Peak of inflated expectations Technology trigger Trough of Disillusionment Slope of Enlightenment Plateau of Productivity
  12. 12. The Challenge “Pat”The gender-neutral 72AMS-er who “gets” creativity and tech. Dynamic industry means more touch-points means more skills and experiences needed from outside “advertising.” 72andsunny © | 12
  13. 13. ➔Tech Residency THE IDEA ➔ Recruit a talented human who wouldn’t normally cross into “advertising.” THE GOAL ➔ Demystify innovations we’ve heard of...but don’t necessarily understand. ➔ Empower 72AMS to speak with authority when our work eventually involves these new technologies. Amsterdam Tattoo Convention 2019 72andsunny © | 13
  14. 14. Alice’s Proposal Tattoos and Machine Learning ➔ Where does technology and human behaviour overlap? ➔ Individuality, self-expression, tribalism, and collective wisdom in age of AI and Big Data. ➔ How ML can play a part in the creative process of a traditional human craft.
  15. 15. The Research We went to a tattoo convention…and heard A LOT ➔ A tattoo artist has many roles ➔ Around the globe, there’s more generic. ➔ “What do I want???” ➔ A strained relationship for the artist. Take-Away Positive response from tattoo artists. An AI-assisted idea generator might bring some fun, meaning, and art back in the idea generation process. Noelin Wheeler has a lot of opinions Straight Talker “Some people just shouldn’t get tattoos…” Artist “People come to me for my art. Not just tattoos.” Therapist “My clients come to me multiple times to talk through their life problems before I tattoo them.” Tool (Least favorite role) “People come to get something and don’t know what.”
  16. 16. The Insight Social media is influencing tattoo culture. A paralysing amount of visual information - Instagram, Pinterest, Google Search, etc. A shift in meaning - Is social media reducing tattoos to uniform, decorative elements? A simplified process - The leap from tattoo idea to execution is super easy.
  17. 17. The Hypothesis ML and AI can help us rethink the tattooing process. Motivation Search Exploration Selection “I want a tattoo.” “I know what I’m looking for.” / “I don’t know what I’m looking for.” “What are my options for style and artist?” “This is what I’m getting.” With AI/ML: A machine that can tell you if your tattoo idea is appropriate for you. With AI/ML: A generated idea suggestions based on a range of inputs. With AI/ML: Sourcing style and artist dependent on idea. With AI/ML: Validation / classification of idea based on original intentions.
  18. 18. The Prototype Could this work? Try me! Somewhere in Virginia
  19. 19. The Dataset Build a data set using the weirdness & creativity of humans QUIZSCRAPE COMBINE AutoML mechanical turk
  20. 20. Stores significance Stores location Category queried in AutoML keyword datasetSUBMIT Stores category Dataset of dream tattoo descriptions (M-Turk) Dataset of insta captioned tattoos Dataset of ML- generated tattoos AutoML model to tag categories AutoML model to predict idea significance Website landing page Choose significance Choose location Receives result Write keywords Queries location + category in existing tattoo database Queries AutoML significance predictor until match achieved Result compiled with idea and text The Tool
  21. 21. The Tool
  22. 22. The Outcome
  23. 23. Results! Design ➔ Playful utility ➔ Communicating ML and AI is difficult to do simply ➔ Differentiating from Wu-Tang Name Generator What is your tattoo about? Where do you want your tattoo? Inspire the algorithm 72andsunny © | 23 The Outcome
  24. 24. Takeaways ML is about finding patterns in big data There are insights in patterns We’ll use AI/ML-generated insights to expand our strategy and creative AI and ML are tools 72andsunny © | 24
  26. 26. GRAVEYARD
  28. 28. Innovation doesn’t exist without adoption. VISABILITY TIME Peak of inflated expectations Technology trigger Trough of Disillusionment Slope of Enlightenment Plateau of Productivity 28 SECOC-TECHBOOTCAMP
  29. 29. We went to the Amsterdam Tattoo convention to gather insights and feedback from the tattooing community. We learned that tattoos don’t always equal creativity, and noticed the impact that Instagram, Google and Pinterest has had on the autonomizing of creative decision-making: “People search ‘woman tattoo sleeve’ and bring us the third google image search result” “It would save me a lot of tedious back and forth emailing with my clients if we had a button we could press to come up with ideas for us...”
  30. 30. Types of client i want something symbolic to show that i’m a strong man i want something that represents my family, but i don’t know what yet i want something that is meaningless and represents this Cool Moment m/ i want this exact specific thing and nothing more or less so don’t even try i want something decorative that i can put on instagram i’m 15 i dunno what i’m doing xD