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Next 2019 - Igor Tkach - How to grow your business effectively with a distributed IT team


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Igor Tkach - Daxx @ Next 2019

Published in: Marketing
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Next 2019 - Igor Tkach - How to grow your business effectively with a distributed IT team

  1. 1. How to Grow Your Business Effectively With a Distributed Software Development Team?
  2. 2. Speaker • CTO at Daxx • 7+ years in the tech industry • Delivered 15+ tech projects • Consulted 30+ companies • Certified PMP, Scrum Master, SAFe Agilist, Internal ISO Auditor • Happy husband, father of Sofia MANAGING DIRECTOR, DAXX Igor Tkach
  3. 3. Accelerating Growth in Technology Source:
  4. 4. Growth Rate of Software Development Industry in the Netherlands Software development industry has grown by: • 3.7% in 2016 • 3.9% in 2017 • 5.1% in 2018
  5. 5. Tech Talent Shortage in the Netherlands The Growth Rate of Talent Shortage in the Netherlands4 in 10 employers consider talent shortage as the main barrier preventing the development and expansion of IT businesses in the Netherlands.
  6. 6. Companies with 100+ staff are rarely capable to attract an experienced software engineer and spend up to 2 years hiring a team of 5 Dutch software engineers prefer large companies like, TomTom, Shell,, etc. Why Is It Hard to Hire in the Netherlands?
  7. 7. There are many tech companies but not enough software engineers. It doesn’t depend on the city, there’s a nationwide shortage. Managing Partner at Xuntos Jan Willem Bergsma
  8. 8. Availability Why Go for Remote Cooperation? Flexibility Cost efficiency
  9. 9. Talent and Businesses Have Become Global as Never Before Business globalization shapes the world of talent – there's no bond to a physical workplace anymore, you can work wherever you like with no collaboration inconveniences.
  10. 10. A lot of startups want to start in the Netherlands, but in fact they have two options – stay small or go to other countries. Head of Products at Carerix Arco Westbroek
  11. 11. With the technologies, tools, and methods available, you can establish a team anywhere in the world and directly control the entire development lifecycle Direct access to new locations and diverse tech expertise enable companies to bring cutting-edge products while reducing overhead costs. Why Does Remote Cooperation Hold Big Promises?
  12. 12. Maybe it sounds strange, but for me it doesn't matter whether my team is in Rotterdam, in Paris, or in Kyiv. I mean, you should treat them as colleagues and inspire your teams on a product level. Head of Products at Carerix Arco Westbroek
  13. 13. Where Do Dutch Employers Hire? After conducting a survey among 100 Dutch business executives, Daxx has found that India and Ukraine are the most popular destinations. Netherlands: top countries to outsource software development
  14. 14. Freelancers Ways to build a distributed team Establish your own R&D center Tech vendor – outsourcing/outstaffing
  15. 15. Companies Go Global
  16. 16. Germany +49 30 255 555 726 UK +44 20 8080 6557 Netherlands +31 0 75 302 0011 Israel +972 23 760 374 USA +1 678 783 7681​ +1 646 769 9099 +1 646 500 8698 Thank you!