MCA 2013 - Qustodian - John Roberts


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MCA 2013 - Qustodian - John Roberts

  1. 1. © Qustodian UK LtdDelivering 50%+ Response Rates withGenuine Mobile Engagement MarketingJohn RobertsCo-Founder, QustodianMobile ConventionAmsterdamMay 2013
  2. 2. © Qustodian UK LtdWhat’s going on?Engagement MarketingCase studiesInsights and Actions
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. 464% smartphone ownershipMobile Ad Spend £526m 148% (10% digital / 3% total)Search £365m 164%Display £150m 121%Other £11mClassifieds, SMS etc)Ad formats: 0.9%
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. 6All problems ofinternet bannerson an evensmaller screen!
  7. 7. 7Interrupts mewhencommunicatingwith friends
  8. 8. 8Interrupts myinteraction, if Ieven notice it…
  9. 9. 9Interrupts mygame… topromote …er…another game
  10. 10. 10Using a personalcommunicationchannel, “becausethey can” …
  11. 11. 11“you [can nolonger] buyattention, youhave to earnit"David Jones, Havas CEO
  12. 12. 12“We should bebuilding greatthings that don’texist. Beingnegative is nothow we makeprogress.”Larry Page
  13. 13. “Technology only succeeds when it meetsfundamental human needs” Life enabling Life simplifying NavigationalAlan Moore, SMLXL
  14. 14. 15
  15. 15. “Engagement Marketing is a very broad term, and purposefully so. At its heart, is the insightthat human beings are highly social animals, and have an innate need to communicate andinteract. Therefore, any engagement marketing initiative must allow for two-way flows ofinformation and communication. We believe, people embrace what they create. And why isthis important? Because in advanced economies the values of society and the individual change.At the heart of this is the key issue around identity and belonging. We have always hadcommunity. Pre- industrialization, we were tied to our communities by geography, tradition, thestate and birthright. External forces shaped our identity. However, in a post-modern world wecan have many selves, as we undertake a quest for self identity. This is described asPsychological Self-Determination the ability to exert control over the most important aspects ofones life, especially personal identity, which has become the source of meaning and purpose ina life no longer dictated by geography or tradition.[14] The Community Generation, shuntraditional organizations in favour of unmediated relationship to the things they care about. TheCommunity Generation, seek and expect direct participation and influence. They possess theskills to lead, confer and discuss. These people are not watching television and have grown upin a world of search and two-way flows of communication. Going further EngagementMarketing is premised upon: transparency - interactivity - immediacy - facilitation -engagement - co-creation - collaboration - experience and trust, these words define themigration from mass media to social media. The explosion of: Myspace, YouTube, Second Lifeand other MMORPGs, Citizen Journalism, Wickis and Swickis, TV formats like Pop Idol, orJamies School Dinners, Blogs, social search, The Guinness Visitor Centre in Dublin or the Edenproject in Cornwall UK, mobile games like Superstable or Twins, or, new business platformslike all demonstrate a new socio-economic model, where engagement sits atthe epicentre” Alan Moore
  16. 16. EngagementMarketing is theprocess ofinvolvingconsumers in theco-creation ofbrandexperiences
  17. 17. E = M2C(Engagement =Mobile Marketing *Communities)
  18. 18. 19Conversation – Conferring - ‘Opinionating’Community -Belonging -FestivalsCommerce -TradingCreating -CraftsmanshipFUN
  19. 19. How apply to advertising?1. Want to look?2.Want to interact?Value exchangeDataPermissionAttentionEntertainmentCommerceReward
  20. 20. 21M2C + 127mins =
  21. 21. Yoad /‘jэυd/ 1. n. a file in database storing a person’s profile informationand consumer lifestyle preferences for use by marketers andadvertisers to determine whether to send a highly targeted commercialcommunication to that person (normally to their mobile telephone); 2. send an advert to a person’s mobile phone [orig. unkn.]
  22. 22. © Qustodian UK LtdQustodian Engagement MarketingEntertaining‘advertorial’ content…that makes &saves you money.…personalised andcontrolled by you…
  23. 23. © Qustodian UK LtdUser ControlledSelect Preferences Select Favourite / Least Favourite Brands Direct Responses+ Social Intelligence Analytics
  24. 24. © Qustodian UK Ltd250,000 users50% invitedby friends27% dailyactive usage(DAU)Clients AgenciesUsersQustodian Case Studies
  25. 25. © Qustodian UK LtdQustodian CampaignUniversal Pictures - Savages
  26. 26. © Qustodian UK Ltd56% engagement rate19.5% CTR to official sites88% to official sitesRest to Facebook and Twitter12% CTR to exhibitor sitesUniversal Pictures Results
  27. 27. © Qustodian UK LtdQustodian CampaignL’ORÉAL
  28. 28. © Qustodian UK LtdL’Oreal Results46% readership rate46% volunteered names & addresses for samplePost Campaign Research:97% want to hear more from L’Oreal97% want to try other skincare brands82% of non-respondents want to try other skincare brands
  29. 29. © Qustodian UK LtdQustodian CampaignKLM - Message 1, Destination & voting
  30. 30. © Qustodian UK LtdQustodian CampaignKLM - Message 2, semi-personalised v. generic
  31. 31. © Qustodian UK LtdMessage 1 (segmented by category)61% Read rate + 60.4% votedMessage 2a (Generic, segmented by category)61% read rate + 4% click thru to KLMMessage 2b (Micro-segmented based on vote)82% read rate + 89% click thru to KLMKLM Results
  32. 32. Do you feel lucky?
  33. 33. 1. DO SOMETHING…To Do List2. Think about…3. Read stuff…“Engagement Marketing Primer” from Jan 13by Tomi Ahonen at : http://communities-dominate.blogs.com4. Build TRUST not Control
  34. 34. "Mobile telecom is inventing solutions that seem like magic" - Tomi AhonenQuestions?John @