MCA 2013 - Paul Skeldon


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MCA 2013 - Paul Skeldon

  1. 1. Paul Skeldon, Editor,
  2. 2. Paul Skeldon,Author, M-Commerce
  3. 3. Mama, we’re allmobile now...
  4. 4. ...well we’re allmultichannel, but...• ... we all live in a mobile world• ... consumer habits are changing• ... retailer habits are changing• ... the future is going to look really different
  5. 5. We’re all mobile now
  6. 6. We’re all mobile now(the boring stats bits)• two thirds of devices are smartphones indeveloped European countries• 50% droid, 30% iOS – though iOS usersspend more• 25% of internet users are mobile only• tablet ownership now stands at 19%
  7. 7. We’re all mobile now(the boring stats bits)• 81% are browsing the web• 77% are searching• 68% are using an app• 48% are watching a video
  8. 8. We’re all mobile now(the boring stats bits)• 93% use their smartphone at home• 33% while watching TV and 22% while readinga newspaper (38% on the toilet!)• 71% of smartphone users who see somethingin print or on TV will immediately do amobile search• 90% of people move between devices(including TV!) according to Google
  9. 9. We’re all mobile now(the interesting retail bits)• 79% of smartphone users use thephone while shopping ([x]cube labs)• 74% to make a purchase• 70% in store• 54% to find a store• 49% to compare prices• 48% to get coupons and 44% to find product
  10. 10. We’re all mobile now(the interesting retail bits)• In the UK £7.5 billion was spent on mobile in2012 (IMRG)• eBay looking for at least £20 billion in salesthrough mobile in 2013 (eBay)• Half of all UK smartphone owners shop viamobile at least once a week (EpiSERVER)• Men more likely to do m-shopping thanwomen (EpiSERVER)
  11. 11. In the real world...• Meet the Wrights...• Mr & Mrs Wright and their 3 kids
  12. 12. Meet the Wrights• 4 iPods• 3 iPhones• 5 iPads• 1 iPad mini• ... and a Kindle Fire (one of their kids is arebel)
  13. 13. What they spend per monthvia mobile devices• Olly (2) – iPad spent £2.76 in a month• Ellie (5) – iPad and iPhone spent £51:64• Molly (7) – iPad and iPhone spent £41:53• Josh (9) – iPad, iPhone and Kindle Firespent £254:24!• Mum and Dad – won’t say! But it’s 7% oftheir household outgoings goes via mobile
  14. 14. What do they buy?• Food• Clothes• Insurance• holidays• Gadgets• stuff they see advertised on TV
  15. 15. How does this change retail?•IT DOESN’T
  16. 16. What does it mean?• Mobile doesn’t really change how retailersoperate, but it needs to be looked at whenassessing how customer shop• It also needs to be looked at as to how itcan be used to engage consumers
  17. 17. What does it mean?• Most retailers are now multichannel –mobile is just part of that• The real challenge mobile brings toretailers is understanding why they use thechannels they use and when...
  18. 18. What does it mean?• Mobile also offers the chance to reach outto consumers and drive them to thechannel of choice• It also offers a unique chance to turn‘Patronage’ into Loyalty
  19. 19. What future?• As an online sales channel it’s really just adifferent set of devices doing e-commerce...• ... but for the high street store its a gamechanger
  20. 20. What future?• Mobile will revolutionise the bricks andmortar retail environment• bring the web to the store• bring the customers to the store• bring promiscuous customers to loyalty
  21. 21. Payments• Will the mobile future of retail also includepayments?• Only if it offers something that cash andcards don’t...
  22. 22. ThankYou• Paul Skeldon•