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eRetail 2013 - Marco van der Hulst - Hunkemoller


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eRetail 2013 - Marco van der Hulst - Hunkemoller

  1. 1. De impact van channel integratie voor een Retailer Everything, Everywhere, EverywayMarco van der Hulst – Emerce 2013
  2. 2. What is Omni-Channel?Omni-channel means providing the best and most appropriateexperience for the CUSTOMER across all the channels she engages with
  3. 3. A Single Brand Experience Across ChannelsResearch Purchase Delivery
  4. 4. Stock points, Shops, Customer
  5. 5. Where we are coming from We worked with a full service partner, who was responsible for • Web shop application • Logistics • Debtors Management • Customer service We focused on • Managing the partner • Online Marketing • Merchandising • Content Management5
  6. 6. Time for a change Given the strategy we • Decided to move away from a full service set-up  No conflict of interest with a full service provider for e-commerce • We take full control over the platform: • To ensure we can realize integration with the off-line channel better • Can implement changes faster • Centralized Customer Service for all channels • Want to have 1 single stock point for all Sales Channels, but given the limited space we have this is not (yet) possible6
  7. 7. Tooling We have the following set-up for data integration SAP  PIM: Master Data CRM PIM: further enrichment PIM  WEB: enriched data (images, commercial APP HWL WEB description, labels, x-sell, Loyal up-sell, categories) WEB  PIM: Product feed HWL  PIM: Stock feed Buyers Check if all is online CMS PIM CON Broker SAP  Broker: DC Stock POS  Broker  Web: Store stock (real time) HWL  WEB: available stock POS SAP7
  8. 8. Result of Tooling We have 1 integrated portal for customers for loyalty and shop We have 1 central Master Data tool for all our sales channels We have the web shop stock available in the web shop We have the Store POS stock real time available in the web shop We have the DC stock available in the web shop8
  9. 9. Our Plans Make reservation possible on store stock (not pre-paid) - We start with 7 days and plan is to shorten this when click and collect is available - Make return to store possible Make click and collect possible (pre-paid) - Customer places order online to pick up in store, delivered from DC Create a shop App which might lead to assistant sales tool in store Order online in store for home delivery or store pick up - Business Case is difficult, but part of world class service and customer expectation We will use a multi variant tool to test the best user interface in the check out of the web shop9
  10. 10. Impact Stores • Stores have to act upon online requests on the POS system • Reserved articles should be confirmed and put away from shop floor • If requested product is not available we have a mismatch between POS stock and physical stock  customer gets sorry email.  need to make stock adjustment possible • Stores are most worried about reliability of stock10
  11. 11. Impact Stores • Stores are happy with expected additional traffic to stores • Reluctant because what if the customer does not show up, do we have a missed opportunity to sell the product to somebody else • Return to Store is opportunity to sell. Online return has no impact on store sales. Additional sales is profit for store • Eager to get order online in store, as long as they profit!  we currently do not have wifi in most of our stores, only a small band..11
  12. 12. Learnings • The Broker/PIM tool was the best thing we could start, to give us speed and flexibility • We are confident that with the current set-up we have the flexibility to develop our omni channel strategy. In the previous set-up we would never have reached the level where we are right now. • Stores are eager on the one hand, but reluctant as well. • Pilot in smaller countries is useful to test integration of systems, but does not give enough data to predict the success in other countries12
  13. 13. Questions Feel free13