eRetail 2011 - Hybris - Berend Bouwmeester


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eRetail 2011 - Hybris - Berend Bouwmeester

  1. 1. Winning the multi-channel gameThe Adidas CaseBerend Bouwmeester; Regional Manager Benelux
  2. 2. Quick Facts and Numbers enabling companies to communicate and sell across all channelsFounded 1997; 170+ employees; 60+ implementation partners with over 1,000professionals on a daily business engaged with hybris280+ customers (67 new customers in 2009 / 80+ new customers in 2010)Average annual growth rate last four years> 60%Fastest-growing Multichannel-Commerce software company; largest in Europe
  3. 3. Structure: hybris group & customer distribution hybris AG Swiss hybris Corp. hybris BV hybris Sweden AB hybris SA hybris Sales Office USA Netherlands Sweden Poland Italy hybris UK Ltd. hybris GmbH hybris Austria GmbH hybris AG UK Germany Austria/CEE France
  4. 4. Selection of B2C Customers
  5. 5. Analyst Perception: Forrester 2009 vs. 2010 eCommerce eCommerce (ATG acquired by Oracle in 11.2010)
  6. 6. Hybris View of the Market
  7. 7. The world around us is changing...
  8. 8. We have fundamentally changed the way we communicate
  9. 9. Family Friends Online Product Reviews Product Web Site News Sources Global Search Engines NA TVDiscussion ForumsInfluential Bloggers Unknown Peers 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80
  10. 10. -channel shopper -channel shopper, 86%regularly use more than one Leo Burnett, 2010 Multichannel customer research
  11. 11. People change the way they shop continously
  12. 12. The purchase journey is no longer lineair Presales Product Trans- Delivery After Sales Assistance Payment Delivery Returns Information Availability action Status ServicesChannelsPrintTV/RadioStoreInternetLetterE-MailTelephoneFaxSMS/MMS Usage of channel Channel combination example of multichannel customers Source: Accenture Multichannel Consulting
  13. 13. The retail game has changed and multi-channel is winning but (multi-­channel shoppers) buy more at the store! Number of times additional products were purchased in the store after researching online2 -­channel spend are the heavy spenders shoppers 86% more spend almost twice -­channel of non-­ shoppers 27% shopperonline online when and in stores. Studies byor in channel, such as ofcan research in-­ online, catalogs they people who buy -­channel stores, online AMR spendmany others all support as much orderingstore purchases 40% 57% more from catalogue spend 20% more in-­store Research, DoubleClick and thetheywhen they makingmore to storebefirst the 103% purchases catalogues, before research online will have and influenced store cross-­channel shoppers consistently spend retail transactions a food an extra as in store spends 4 times$90much as ifthe fact thatdirectlyopportunity by and 60% more online spend 82% use catalogssingle their they whenperproducts in more when online channel" research a transaction spend 50 percent or more than a for channel also researchstudythey that stores, first, those thattheir shop in cross-­channel the 28% whenbe multi-­channel singlethey pickshoppers will channel up than Another only shopper. showed physicalcatalog using aspend 70 percent more than those that shoppers store rely on just a single channel
  14. 14. What are the challenges? Customer conversion is no longer a single channel concept How do we make sure the consumer converts across channel... ...and ensure the channel they do convert in is ours! Retailers are losing the ability to influence the purchase journey Lack of visibility is reduced (what are our customers doing?) Retailers are struggling to cope with the speed of change Traditional means of integration are not sufficient anymore Organisations are not geared up for it... Struggling to efficiently manage a multi-channel organisation This is the future shape of retail Current generation does not know or expect anything else!
  15. 15. Customer at the heart of every move in the multi-channel game
  16. 16. In order to survive in retail, you must think multi-channel Deploy the channels your customers want to use Think about the role of each of the channels Deliver a seamless, dynamic and rewarding shopping experience And more than just offering multi-channel, THINK multi-channel Multichannel Operations Multichannel Multichannel Multichannel Multichannel IT Processes Organisation Culture
  17. 17. Information needs to be consistent every step of the way Inconsistency Consistency Inconsistency Consistency Inconsistency Consistency Consistency Inconsistency Consistency Inconsistency
  18. 18. In a sea of information, information needs to be relevant
  19. 19. Gather data and influence efficiently from a single place
  20. 20. Be flexible the rules of the games change all the time...
  21. 21. Adidas Case presentation by:Aroen Sharma, Solution Engineer
  22. 22. Managing different markets and brands online All brands based on hybris platform (Brand sites & shop sites). Most recent one is adidas golf
  23. 23. Summary of Adidas brands Sport Performance Originals Sport Style
  24. 24. Global e-Commerce presence based on hybris PCM & hybris Commerce B2C Site Top international brand Global e-Commerce presence ERP SAP R3 Print Catalog hybris PCM for sophisticated Product Content Management Dealer-Portal Integration and synchronization with Print solution
  25. 25. hybris multi-brand Commerce solution for Adidas adidas Shop CA (shop + brand website) adidas Shop/xx TEAMSITE (brand website)
  26. 26. hybris enables management of multiple countries Different Pricing VAT Languages Lead-time Shipment fees Identical Product content Campaigns Product Images Sales periods Product description
  27. 27. Content VS. Content & Commerce
  28. 28. Presentation & Ease of use
  29. 29. Quality and Presentation of detailed Product Data
  30. 30. Search & Navigation for best-in-class merchandizing
  31. 31. Store Locator Transfer customers between channels Shop news Show stores Shop details by products Interior photos
  32. 32. Store Locator Transfer customers between channels
  33. 33. Integrate warehouses to track product availability Product availability Store locations Shop details Warehouse integration Nearby stores on a map
  34. 34. Provide customers with location-based services Stores with a product in stock Product in stock identified by mobile barcode Location-based SMS Send order confirmation per SMS Send order tracking details per SMS
  35. 35. Mobile streamlined website at adidas
  36. 36. Are you ready to play the multi-channel game?
  37. 37. Are you ready to play the multi-channel game? Your customer should be at the heart of your proposition Understand them, service them as best possible Be consistent and relevant at every interaction, regardless of channel Provide the customer what they want, when they want, how they want Think, live, breathe multi-channel Organisational change as well as IT change Consolidate content, commerce and channel in order to be effective Learn from experienced people that have done it before
  38. 38. Thank you for your time... Questions? /
  39. 39. Hybris Benelux BV Herengracht 574 1017 CJ Amsterdam 020-5219480