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  • ----- Meeting Notes (06/08/2013 14:13) ---------- Meeting Notes (06/08/2013 14:15) -----First New Bank in over 100 years Govenment relaxing criteria for entry
  • ----- Meeting Notes (06/08/2013 13:55) -----Lack (read no) intrusion prevention on mobile devices
  • ----- Meeting Notes (06/08/2013 13:55) -----Google adwords on websitesAlso - Beneficial example Customer is on hoilday using card - bank sends over message to phone offering currency exchange rate deal / holiday insurance- booking
  • Customers today expect a flawless online experience. They want to do business with companies they trust And those they feel secure enough with to provide personal and financial information. And they want to get to your site, find what they need and execute a transaction – quickly ..You have to balance these with the reality of doing business online with issues like rapidly changing technologies, bandwidth dependencies, seasonal and event driven traffic impacts and As well prepared as you are to deliver on your customers expectations, there are forces out there working against you… hacker groups, jealous competitors, extortionists, disgruntled employees and dissatisfied customers can potentially launch a malicious attack that will disrupt your public facing infrastructure, causing downtime & potentially millions in lost revenue.
  • As prepared as you think you are….Even the best laid plans will go astray when a Ddos attack hits – and it’s a matter of When, not if...The reality of attacks today is sobering: How familiar are you with DDoS attacks and how they work? (DDOS SLIDE? )Industry statistics show there are as many as 7,000 attacks happening - every day! And it’s easier to launch an attack than ever before with free tools available on the internet and DDoS for hire sites – you don’t even need to be technically savvy and it costs just $67 dollars to initiative an attackAttacks are increasingly more complex, require deeper expertise to mitigate & massive amounts of bandwidthThere are a plethera of reasons WHY someone might attack -. Financial gain is no longer the only driver behind attacks – a mad customer, employee, political … and Social media has turned a DDoS attack into the modern version of a protest
  • The pressure to create a stellar online experience for your customers also has to be balanced with your internal priorities and budgets. Hopefully, they align:But in general, we’ve found that customers like you need to :Avoid damage to your brand and maintain the trust you’ve worked so hard to createMake sure your customers have a great experience and contiinue to come back. Guard your online business revenues And you have to balance it all, making sure you’re covered with limited resources and budgetIs there an area here that’s most important to you? (talk to that or review all measured impacts/stats)
  • eFinancials 2013 - Wilfried Dudink - Level 3 Communications

    1. 1. Deliver a Great Online Customer Experience Wilfried Dudink, Product Marketing Manager – Cloud Services EMEA
    2. 2. How The Market Is Changing  Where are they now?  Building Society Entrants:  By 2008, every building society that floated on the stock market had either been sold to a conventional bank, or been nationalized…  Market Transformation  Online Banking  Cloud Computing > Componentization of Mainframes 1
    3. 3. How The Market Is Changing  New Direct Competition  Fragmentation - New ‘Lite’ Competition  PayPal – Card Payments  EVI – Online investment  Western Union – Global Money Transfer 2
    4. 4. How The Market Is Changing Banks are changing their business model  Local branch conversion to virtual branches  Mobile push as smartphones reach exceeds 50% of the population  (Private) Cloud expansion  Analytics • Financial background – Risk assessment and buying behaviors • Customer behavior & wishes (Loyalty programs & tailored services/products) 3
    5. 5. How The Analysts Predict The 2013 Market Place IDC Financial Insights • Security and Data Loss Prevention will rise in the CIO heat map to rank in the top 3 priorities as first mobile malware scandals hit EMEA • Banks will begin to make greater use of new [private] cloud-based opportunities to reduce operational costs and increase efficiencies • An increasing number of service-affecting IT systems failures will occur, with institutions battling to keep existing legacy platforms functioning in a continued climate of budgetary constraint. 4
    6. 6. What are the Drivers Retail Banks Face Today?  Customer Experience  In Branch / Online Technology  Online Competition 5
    7. 7. What are the DriversRetail Banks Face Today? Customer Experience The generation ‘Facebook’ expect to be able to do ‘everything’ from their mobile device FAST And they like to share their good /bad experiences even faster….  Successful customer experience results in customer loyalty, and also in customer acquisition as they will refer friends and family.  Customers know banks hold vast amounts of information on them, and would like that data to be transposed into tailored, personal products and experiences. 6
    8. 8. In Summary, Retail Banks Need To: “Provide a secure, tailored, FAST online experience to its customers in order to retain them, which will cultivate customer advocacy, and so aid the migration of in branch customersto online. At the same time they need to provide a fast, holistic interactive virtual branch experience to the customers who don’t migrate online, in order to compete against new competitors.“ They will do this by:  Breaking up their legacy systems into agile components to help serve up data faster, and create composite solutions. For example the development of new wealth management features for affluent customers  Using the data they currently have, and gather via transactions, to personalise the online experience and products they provide to customers.  Providing fast loading online User Interfaces that don’t suffer load speeds during peak periods.  Providing a DDoS security strategy that allows for continued fast access even during an attack. 7
    9. 9. Expectations and Realities Customer Expectations Online Realities 8
    10. 10. Providing fast loading online User Interfaces How does this translate to mobile?  Mobile Load versus User Expectations  74% of users say they’ll bounce after waiting 5 seconds for a mobile site to load  How is mobile different?  Reduce as many ROUNDTRIPS as possible  Reduce PAYLOAD as much as possible  DEFER as much as possible  PARSE as little as possible © 2013 Level 3 Communications, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Proprietary and Confidential. 9
    11. 11. When, Not If, You’re Attacked  Distributed Denial of service (DDoS)  A malicious attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users. Attackers try to prevent an internet site or service from functioning efficiently or at all, temporarily or indefinitely  The Reality of Attacks  7,000 attacks happen every day  Free and DDoS for hire sites  $67 a day to rent a botnet - an ad hoc computer network used to amplify attacks  Attacks are increasingly more complex  Social Media gives attackers a communication platform *Forrester® Consulting, The Trends and Changing Landscape of DDoS Threats and Protection **Forrester® Consulting, DDoS: A Threat You Can’t Afford to Ignore, January 2009. 10
    12. 12. Challenge: Weighing Risks Damage to Our Brand If our site is down, customers question if we can be trusted and are a safe place to shop – ruining years of work to build our brand. Brand For every 1% variance in brand equity, there’s a corresponding 1% variance in stock return Sales Customer Service impact from an attack can last 4-6x longer than the attack. Infrastructure/ Resources Loss of Revenue We do the majority of our business online. If our website is down, we lose revenue. The Financial Impact of a DDoS Attack runs $100K/Hour Bad Customer Experience Call centers get overwhelmed and customer frustration skyrockets when our site is down. Customer Service Expense of Mitigation Solutions I want to be covered but we have limited staff and budget. Online Presence It takes only ¼ of a second to lose a customer. 11
    13. 13. Delivering A Great Customer Experience Web Acceleration  Web acceleration is best described as a content ‘turbo charger box’ that sits on the server side and pushes out content that is consumed in a web browser at significantly increased speed.  It can be used in conjunction with CDN to provided even faster content delivery, or as a stand alone product. 12
    14. 14. Bringing The Data Next Door Content Delivery Network  Content Delivery Networks (CDN) replicates a banks data and/or content across multiple Level 3 data centers over the pre-defined region (GB, EMEA, APAC, Global..etc).  This means that when an end user makes a web browser request for information, it is drawn from the server set closet to the customer, so reducing data travel and so time lag.  An additional benefit, is during times of peak demand for content, it is able to balance the demand across multiple server sites so ensuring data delivery scalability and availability. 13
    15. 15. Keeps The Pipes Clear DDoS Security  The Level 3 DDoS (Dedicated Denial of Service) security solution is designed to help combat the effects of a hacker trying to flood a server with data requests in order to bring it either down, or hide their hacking activities in the background.  The Level 3 solution is designed to work during an attack, by essentially transposing data requests through VPN’s targeting the bad requests from genuine, and thereby helping to enable the server to stay online and in use.. 14
    16. 16. Conclusion Key Feature Process Benefits Customer Understanding Operational Benefit Ensures continued up time and access during a DDoS attack Keeps connectivity speeds up at accepted levels Customers feel secure and stay loyal Protects against loss of brand value Data Speeds approx. twice as fast Encourages more online use, and less in branch need Happy online customers are more loyal and recommend customers. Significant reduced customer service cost Reduces the distance between the content and the customer Use as your delivery network – removing burden on legacy environments Gives the customer a seamless experience Reduces TCO of internal systems, and adds flexibility 15
    17. 17. Questions: wilfried.dudink@level3.com © 2013 Level 3 Communications, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Proprietary and Confidential. 16