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  • Message(s):Growth is what we all expectforour business. E-commerce is stillgrowingworldwide. WORLD De globale "e-commerce"-markt groeit met een gemiddelde van 19% per jaar. Het aantal mensen dat online aankopen doet, blijft stijgen. 38 % van hen doet dit minstens één keer per maand. (En het aantal mensen dat niet shopt op internet, daalde van 20% in 2007 naar 12% in 2010). (http://www.emerce.nl/nieuws/mondiale-e-commerce-groeit-19-procent) [Bron: JP Morgan’s Global eCommerceRevenueforecast](http://techcrunch.com/2011/01/03/j-p-morgan-global-e-commerce-revenue-to-grow-by-19-percent-in-2011-to-680b/)EUROPE De Europese "e-commerce"-markt groeit met een gemiddelde van 13,4% per jaar.[Bron: JP Morgan’s Global eCommerceRevenueforecast](2010: 195 miljard dollar  2011: 211 miljard dollar  2012: 247 miljard dollar  2013: 283 miljard dollar)
  • Message(s):But the biggestsmarkets (UK, FR) are slowly showing signs of maturity. Even in the Netherlands.According the IMRG knowledgebase, the B2C e-commerce in the Netherlands grew with less than 10% (9,76%) in 2011.Further more, the recent IMRG & Capgemini’s latest e-Retail Sales Indexrecorded the lowest ever growth for the Fashion sector in April. Growth in sales of clothing are just at 10% year-on-year, compared with 28% growth recorded in the same last year.The slowdown in sales of clothing may be an indication that this sector is showing signs of reaching maturity. 2012 may be the start of the end for a double-digits growth in the biggest markets? http://www.retailgazette.co.uk/articles/12430-april-sees-lowest-ever-growth-in-online-fashion-sales
  • Sohow togrow?
  • Message(s):A clearstrategy is a must foran international expansion.
  • Message(s):Now and more than ever, new sources of growth are abroad, in emerging ecommerce markets. The good news is that the EU commission is supporting cross-border online shopping and aims to double cross-border transactions by 2015.According to a recent study of the EU commission, boosting consumers' confidence in e-commerce has been identified as a priority action under the Digital Single Market Act. The EU commission aims to double e-commerce sales in Europe by 2015. They hope to lift the share of e-commerce in retail sales from 3.4% (2011) to 6.8% by 2015. They also target to double the value of the Internet sector’s share of Europe’s GDP from 3% to 6%.Still, going international is challenging for e-tailers.
  • Messages:However, almost 60% of online stores in the EU actually had no cross-border strategy in 2010, according to an IMRG report. The potential for cross-border e-commerce has clearly not yet been fully realised. There are significant obstacles hampering cross-border sales.
  • Messages: Cross-border e-commerce obstacles There are significant obstacles hampering cross-border e-commerce:(1) Language barrier(2) Different payment method preferences(3) Different currencies and VAT regimes(4) Different tax regimes and laws(5) Competition from local and international businesses [Source: COMMISSION STAFF WORKING DOCUMENT - Consumer Conditions Scoreboard – Consumers at home in the single market - Monitoring the integration of the retail single market and consumer conditions in the Member States - EUROPEAN COMMISSION - Brussels, 04.03.2011]
  • Une stratégie d’approche pour développer ses activités à l’international est de progresser « étape par étape », marché par marché. Un pas décisif avant le succès international : le marché test!2 facteurs principaux à tenir en compte lorsque l’on sélectionne un marché test approprié en vue de s'étendre sur le plan international 
  • Homogeneity between the new market and the home market. The degree of homogeneity in the customer and supplier market should have significant impact on selecting the test market. The closer the resemblance between customers in the new market and the home market, the easier the market entry will be.
  • Competitive environment. Intense competition makes market entry more challenging. Thus, choosing the right non-competitive markets for testing internationalisation may allow quicker growth.Il importe toutefois que l’environnement soit favorable à des activités d'e-commerce.
  • WhyBelgium is anideal test market?Wewilltake a look at the DNA of the Belgiume-Commercemarket, the profile of the e-shopper and hisdemands/preferencesregardingpayment, delivery, etc.
  • Belgium is a small country with a population of 11 million. 60% of population (the north of the country) speaksflemish, which is nearly the same as Dutch. Unlikebiggestmarket, E-commerce is stillbooming in Belgium with 25% e-commerceannualgrowth,representing €8,9millions in 2010. There is a relatively low domesticcompetition as Belgianbusinesses are onlyslowlyembracing the ecommerceopportunity.
  • 46% of populationpurchased online in the 12 last months. The tmost active online buyers is 25-40 years old, with a higher education(22%) .
  • And moreover, itresults in 44% online shoppers buyings crossborder.38% of the crossborder buyingswere made on NL webshops.
  • Theyspenton average 163 euros per month in 2011!
  • Whatdidtheybuy?38% of Belgiane-consumersboughtclothesorshoes online last year.Apparel is the fastestgrowinge-commercecategoryin Belgium with24% growth in 2011– source: BCG. Fashion is the 2nd most popularonline sector in Belgium,justbehind travel and beforeelectronicgoods.
  • 65% of Belgians online shoppers pays online directly.Credit cards like Visa and MasterCard are the bestonline payment method. 95% of the online shops provide this payment method. Still, debit cards (Bancontact/Mister Cash) as payment method can also be used online. And more and more Webshops now also allow customers to pay with. The use of check is marginal in Belgium.Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express ...) + Paypal represent 50% of the preferred payment methodsOnline - Debit (Bancontact / Mister Cash) counts for 15%- IDEAL is known in Belgium, butnotreallyintegrated/known…BeCommerce Figures & Trends 2012
  • Source: IPC and VILIn order togain trust and increaserepeatedsales, makesureyou have a clear and transparentdelivery (what does itcost, T&T, what to do in case of wrong seize, how to sendit back, etc.)
  • Ze willen ook dat hun bestelling binnen een redelijke termijn wordt geleverd: 50 % verwacht een levering binnen 1 of 2 dagen en de rest binnen 3 of 4 dagen.
  • Uit een studie van het Vlaams Instituut voor Logistiek (VIL) uit 2011 bleek dat de Belgische e-shoppers verschillende leveringsmethodes vragen. 70 % van hen verkiest een levering thuis, maar ook het aanbieden van andere leveringsmethodes wordt gevraagd: levering op het werk, op het dichtstbijzijnde afhaalpunt of in een beveiligde pakkettenautomaat. VIL study – 1.153 respondents – Average # of methods 2,8 – Dec. 2011
  • Home deliveryWaar de klant het wenstDagelijks levering aanhuis (of op het werk) in gansBelgië)Delivery pointWaar en wanneer de klant het wenst1.100 afhaalpunten (postkantoren, dagbladhandelaars, warenhuizen…)Dichtbijhuis of werk, langereopeningsurenLockerWaar en wanneer de klant het wenst75 automaten in 2012 (150 in 2013)Focus op belangrijkstesteden
  • Post office orcollection point is byfarthe most demanded return channel!
  • Onefact of the ecommerceindustry is thatyoudont meet yourcustomer and yourcustomerdon’t meet youneither.Yourreputationdependsonyourlogisitics partner!
  • Logistics is key to the success of your business! You have to look for a one-stop-shop logistics partner with an extensive coverage and innovative solutions which cover all thedifferent delivery needs of your customers, such as home delivery with multiple attempts or a large network of pick-up points, secured lockets, etc.
  • These are the keys to keep them happy. And today, the Belgian consumer is getting more and more confident in shopping online. 89% of online consumersweresatisfied and will shop online againthisyear.
  • And also, Belgium has several characterics to help you to approach other markets. In a small country,it is possible to test your concepts with smaller budgets. A multilingual countryThere are three national languages in Belgium (French, Dutch and German). You can prepare your strategy in different regions in Belgium before moving to France, Germany and even UK as english is becoming more and more common in the biggest cities of BelgiumThe multicultural capital of EuropeAt the crossroads of the main European cultures that constitute its roots, Belgium can be regarded as a miniature Europe in many respects. Its population is representative of its geographical location, between the Netherlands, Germany and France. Indeed, most general economic and consumption tendencies that apply across Europe from north to south, also apply in Belgium.
  • Once you are succesful in Belgium, you can easily move to other markets.From “doing business in Belgium” to “doing business throughBelgium”
  • Once you are succesful in Belgium, you can easily move to other markets.From “doing business in Belgium” to “doing business throughBelgium”Belgium is strategically located at the heart of Europe. Thanks to the extensive waterways and one of the densest motorway and railroad networks in the world, businesses can reach 65% of the European market within a few hours’ reach. That’s 400 million consumers!bpost has the largestpostalnetwork in Belgiumwithinnovativesolutionsoffering the mostconvenientdelivery and return service to yourcustomers.We have a worlwidenetwork , withdailyline-haulreaching the biggestEuropeanmarkets in lessthan 48 hoursoneconomicalways.
  • Innovative solutions and diversification to boost your business and to enable mutual sustainable growth.Addingvalue to youre-commerce business supportingyourgrowth, in Belgium and abroadDomestic Belgium  Cross-border  Cross-continental
  • Coolblue hebben een lokale partner nodig die enorm betrouwbaar is en zijn belofte kan waarmaken:“Bestel tot 22u30 en ontvang uw bestelling de volgende dag bij u thuis”.Ze moeten elke dag honderden pakketten tijdig afleveren. En alle leveringen in België gebeuren bovendien vanuit de winkel in Rotterdam.bpost heeft intens met Coolblue samengewerkt om de leveringstrajecten vast te leggen en de etiketten te ontwikkelen. Dit klinkt misschien banaal, maar voor Coolblue is het etiket heel belangrijk. Het is de garantie op een probleemloze zending, online tracking en een eventuele retour.Ze kunnen hun Belgische klanten vandaag sneller en beter bedienen. Ze zullen hen binnenkort trouwens ook andere diensten aanbieden, zoals bpack 24/7.
  • eFashion12 - Martine Moors - bpost

    1. 1. International expansion One step at a time Martine Moors Marketing Director – bpack Europe
    2. 2. GROWTH ! 19% 13,4%
    3. 3. xx %x% 3
    4. 4. GROWTH ?
    6. 6. Digital Single Market Act x2 6
    7. 7. 60%no cross-border strategy
    8. 8. Currencies and VATCompetition Languages barrier Payment methods Laws & taxesDelivery management Returns
    9. 9. Homogeneity 10
    10. 10. Limited competition 11
    11. 11. Belgiumas an ideal test market 12
    12. 12. What is in there for you?
    13. 13. 3 figures 11 60% 25%
    14. 14. 46% of population purchased online 22% is between 25 - 40
    15. 15. 38% from NL webshops44% buys cross-border 16
    16. 16. €163 per month11% above €500
    17. 17. 38%
    18. 18. 65% pays directly
    19. 19. Convenient delivery
    20. 20. How, when & where Limited or no delivery cost Trust & repeat purchasesVisibility ofdeliveryprocess Clear delivery and return policy & choice of delivery options 21
    21. 21. How, when & where Longer than 1 weekWithin 5 to 7 calendar daysWithin 3 to 4 calendar daysWithin 1 to 2 calendar days Within 24 hours Within 12 hours 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 22
    22. 22. How, when & whereOffer your customers a wide choice of delivery options DELIVERY PHYSICAL AT HOME LOCKER OTHER POINT STORE Home Pick-up Pick up Parcel Other delivery point in store automate 70% 33% 21% 10% 10% 23
    23. 23. How, when & whereOffer your customers a wide choice of delivery options DELIVERY PHYSICAL AT HOME LOCKER OTHER POINT STORE Home Pick-up Pick up Parcel Other delivery point in store automate 70% 33% 21% 10% 10% 24
    24. 24. free return to improve experience14 days withdrawal right after delivery
    25. 25. You are invisible
    26. 26. A partner of trust
    27. 27. Increasing confidence inonline shopping 89% rate of satisfaction
    28. 28. Multi- lingualMulti- cultural
    29. 29. If you can make it in Belgium… You can make it everywhere
    30. 30. 31
    31. 31. Enabling mutual sustainable growth
    32. 32. 33
    33. 33. Some references SLEEP 21
    34. 34. WHITE PAPER ! 35
    35. 35. Martine MoorsMarketing Director – bpack Europe Martine.moors@bpost.be 36