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eday 2007: Biz Stone Social Alchemy


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Worldwide, people are moving their daily conversations out of private email and instant messages and into public social networks, blogs, and beyond. The result is billions of seemingly mundane messages colliding to create social alchemy -- simple conversations among small groups that have emergent value for individuals, corporations, and marketing professionals.

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eday 2007: Biz Stone Social Alchemy

  1. Social Alchemy <ul><li>The Changing Nature of Electronic Communication </li></ul>Biz Stone Co-founder, Twitter Inc.
  2. “ Biz” is not short for “Elizabeth.”
  3. Co-created Original concept: product reviews A bit later, Xanga was transformed into “the weblog community.” Essentially, a social journalling network.
  4. Wrote some books Joined Google Continued blogging
  5. People, Not Pundits All over the world, people are broadcasting their thoughts and expressing themselves. Ideas and emotions are being transmitted via all sorts of media—everything mixing together!
  6. Social Alchemy “ When seemingly pointless thoughts end up creating something valuable.”
  10. What is Twitter? A simple service that asks one question: “ What are you doing?” A device agnostic message routing system that blends existing ubiquitous technology.
  11. Device Agnostic Users can send and receive updates via Mobile Texting, Instant Messaging, or the Web. The Twitter API Third party developers have created hundreds of different ways of interacting with Twitter. Examples at
  12. Solving Information Overload Twitter changes the expectations traditionally associated with online communication. Answers are rhetorical and updates are ambient. Stay hyper-connected or take a break.
  13. Example Use Cases Social Drinking in Austin Emergency Feeling earthquakes Television Watching Drive News Getting the story fast Applications Calling mom & Twittervision Commerce Saving money on travel Enterprise Connecting distributed teams Public Relations Twittering from JetBlue Marketing Gossiping about MacRumors
  14. Crunching Data API traffic is 20x Web traffic Half of Web traffic is outside US 40% of SMS messages sent outside US Each user follows average 12 others Users update average 3 times per day Data visualizations are just beginning...
  18. Business Model and Opportunities We’re exploring different revenue models Marketing and commercial experiments ongoing (Feel free to contact me if you have questions.) Focused on user experience and growth
  19. Resources Xanga Biz’s Blog Blogger Twitter API Explore Fan Wiki Happy Twittering! Biz Stone [email_address] +1 510 220 2368