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Digital Marketing Live 2018 - Hoe bouw je persoonlijke klantenrelaties uit? Een visie die verder kijkt dan GDPR. - Jonathan Wuurman


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Of course, there’s a lot more to marketing automation than just data. But what would you do without it? This session provides tips and best practices on how to collect and manage data the GDPR way – and how to use it to build profitable, lifelong customer relationships.

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Digital Marketing Live 2018 - Hoe bouw je persoonlijke klantenrelaties uit? Een visie die verder kijkt dan GDPR. - Jonathan Wuurman

  1. 1. Jonathan Wuurman A Guide to Developing Personal Relationships with clients. Our vision beyond GDPR By Jonathan Wuurman
  2. 2. 👋 My name is Jonathan Wuurman I’ve been 🙏 marketing automation for 9 years My Job? Helping marketers build customer journeys by showing that technology empowers them to provide outstanding experiences to their clients @Jonwuu /jonathanwuurman/
  3. 3. Did you spend time with Wilson?
  4. 4. The dirty games are over…GDPR is here
  5. 5. Fines: over 4% Turnover Brand image can be destructed Customers expect privacy Brands can not afford to ignore privacy (anymore)
  6. 6. How did this happen?
  7. 7. America first and (l)on(e)ly
  8. 8. Privacy By design The main principles of GDPR Data mapping Data Portability Right to be forgotten Explicit consent Privacy By design
  9. 9. All brands try to be ready and protect themselves…
  10. 10. Data mapping: know what, where and when Documenting data tables with a clear explanation about the usage of the data is required and must be aligned with GDPR.
  11. 11. Consent “…Any freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous indication of the data subject’s wishes by which he or she, by a statement or by a clear affirmative action, signifies agreement to the processing of personal data relating to him or her” Definition Article 4(11)
  12. 12. Data Personal Data • Name • ID Number(s) • Home Address • Phone Number • Payment information Online identifiers • Username, password, email address • Website session ID, Geo Location, IP address, Cookies, RFI tags Sensitive Data • Behavioral Characteristics (profiling) • Cultural background • Health Data, • Facial Images • Philosophical Beliefs • Religious beliefs • Physical data • Sex life/sexual orientation • Mental data • Social identify
  13. 13. Opt-in is not a bad word “Choose to participate in something” Google
  14. 14. Get people on your list = Explain why you need data
  15. 15. Go for target content = Explain how you use it
  16. 16. What do I do with my existing database? No, you should not ditch your existing DB
  17. 17. Data portability
  18. 18. Right to be forgotten
  19. 19. We do agree that as of May 25 Good email is dead
  20. 20. Good email is dead, great email is more alive than ever Hiten Shah
  22. 22. BRAND-DRIVEN CONSUMER-DRIVEN MASS 1 TO 1 Brands vs or with the Consumers
  23. 23. Think in terms of journeys
  25. 25. Provide value in exchange of that e-mail
  26. 26. Only one chance to make the right impression
  27. 27. The utter minimum • Thank You • Double opt-in • Value Proposition
  28. 28. “Welcome” is for B2B and B2C • Whitelisting • Thank You • Double opt-in • Value Proposition • Social media • Whitelisting • Testimonial • Best piece of content
  29. 29. Think in terms of customer journeys
  30. 30. Try to keep those in mind • GDPR will erase the ”Foefelaars” • It’s all about customer expectations • Don’t just be a good technician • Start with the basics • Embrace the journey
  31. 31. Thank You and we have a little something for you @Jonwuu /jonathanwuurman/ Grab yours at our stand