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Conversion12-David Zuanelli-EMEA

  1. 1. The Need for Speed:Optimising your users’ eCommerceexperience with performanceDavid Zuanelli, EMEA Director of APM
  2. 2. Macro Trends Driving Business Success on the Web Explosion of End User Choice Applications are the Business Today I want Business competitive advantage! I want I want change! stability! Development Operations User Expectations Have Risen Ability to Do More With Less
  3. 3. What’s Shaping the Online Experience Capabilities Consumers
  4. 4. How People Access the Web is Changing HighCapability Low Low Mobility High
  5. 5. Return of the Tablet
  6. 6. Browser Diversity
  7. 7. Push Toward Greater Customization
  8. 8. Content is Increasingly Aggregated 3rd Party Services Used by Retailers
  9. 9. Who Uses Tablets & What Kind?
  10. 10. Tablet Users Expectations are High
  11. 11. Tablet Users Expectations are High Organizations commonly deliver poor web experiences to their customers using tablets.
  12. 12. Web & Mobile Site Performance Impacts Business Results• 49% of users who experience performance issues when completing a transaction will either abandon the site or switch to a competitor • 77% of these will share negative experiences with others• 52% of users are unlikely to return to a site they trouble accessing on their phone • 40% said they would likely visit a competitor site instead Social media allows uses to voice & record their frustration in real-time, negatively impacting revenue and brand equity
  13. 13. Customer Experience Drives Profits
  14. 14. The Business Impact of Poor Website PerformanceAverage impact of 1 second delay in response time for Web users Customer 0% Page Views Conversions Satisfaction -2% -4% -6% -8% -7% -10% -12% -11% -14% • Lost revenues* -16% • Brand damage -16% -18% • More support calls • Increase costs • LOB dissatisfaction with IT *Online business doing $100K/day = $2.5M/year in lost revenue
  15. 15. Conversation Rate Increases When Page Load Time Drops*Source: Gomez real user monitoring data, 33 major retailers, 3 million page views, search transaction
  16. 16. Its Difficult to Deliver Quality Web & Mobile Experiences Traditional Approach The Application Delivery Chain …user is happy DB Network Server Cloud Customers Private Public Browsers Local Data Center ISP 3rd Party/ Virtual/Physical Environment Cloud Services DB App Web LoadMainframe Servers Servers Servers Balancers Major Storage ISP Network Content Delivery Networks Web Mobile WAN Services Components Optimisation Mobile Carrier Devices Employees Employees (via WAN)
  17. 17. Its Difficult to Deliver Quality Web & Mobile Experiences Traditional Approach The Application Delivery Chain …user is NOT happy • Resource DB Network Server contention • Capacity issues Cloud • Slow bursting Customers Private Public Browsers • Inconsistent Local Data Center geo ISP performance 3rd Party/ Virtual/Physical Environment Cloud Services • Poorly • Bad performance performing DB App Web Load under load • Network JavaScriptMainframe Servers Servers Servers Balancers • Blocking peering • Browser/ • Poorly performing content problems device Java or .NET • Network incompatibility methods problems delivery • Bandwidth throttling • Pages too big • Slow SQL or Web • Bandwidth Major contention • Network • Inconsistent • Low cache services Storage peering ISP connectivity hit rate transactions • Improper load Network problems Content • Server performance balancing Delivery • Outages Networks Web Mobile WAN Services Components Optimisation Mobile • Configuration issues • Oversubscribed POP Carrier • Poor routing optimisation Devices Employees • Network resource Employees • Low cache hit rate shortage (via WAN) • Faulty content transcoding • SMS routing / latency issues
  18. 18. Gap: Not Considering End User Experience from the Last Mile Top Retailer Response Time • Last Mile: 8 sec • Internet Backbone: 2 secTop Retailer - BackboneTop Retailer – Last MileBackbone Last Mile• Clean room • End user desktops environment • Measured using local• Measured using global ISP and end user Internet Backbone location
  19. 19. Application Content is Increasingly Distributed
  20. 20. eCommerce has no boarders
  21. 21. Measure Your Customer Experience By Region Helsinki 4.1 Seconds London 8.2 Seconds Frankfurt 4.3 Seconds Prague 2.7 Seconds Paris 4.3 Seconds Milan 3.4 Seconds Madrid 6.8 Seconds How is your conversion rate impacted by Website response time?
  22. 22. Major Difference In Mobile Vs PerformanceInternet Explorer 7.0 - 9.8 sec. iPad 3.2 - 18.7 sec. iPhone - 43.0 sec.Firefox 3.6.3 - 6.5 sec. “Full website” performance tested on mobile browsers using WiFi
  23. 23. Represent the “Voice” of the Customer Customers Browsers Local ISP Your Datacentre Mobile Carrier Devices Employees
  24. 24. Realise the Impact of Design on Performance 300 250 200 150 Old Application New Application 100 50 0 Size (MB)
  25. 25. When in Doubt: Benchmarking Provides Context Your homepage currently downloads in 5 seconds on average. How do you feel about that? Before some recent hardware upgrades, it downloaded in 7 seconds on average. Now how do you feel? Your competitors’ homepages all download in 3 seconds on average. Now how do you feel? 0 2 4 6 8 Context provides a basis for decision- making and prioritization. Homepage Response Time in Seconds
  26. 26. Website Performance Compared To The CompetitionIndustry Response Availability Time (sec)Retail 2.31 99.88%Banking 3.30 99.85%Media 4.98 99.88%Travel - 3.55 99.90%Airlines All industries aren’t the same How do you rank? How fast is fast enough-- in your industry, for your business & your customers?Source: Gomez November 2009 U.S. Benchmark Data
  27. 27. Adopt The “One Web” Application Performance ManagementPhilosophy• What constitutes mobile?• Web & mobile sites & applications often share infrastructure & web services• Important to leverage established and common best practices, metrics and technologies for both mobile and web channels – Garner operational efficiencies – Identify mobile specific problems, web specific problems or both across the entire web application delivery chain – from device to datacenter iPad & Safari iPhone & Safari iPhone App Windows 7 & Chrome
  28. 28. Tailor Web Experiences to the End User Preference
  29. 29. Establish Shared Goals, Metrics, and Actions Fully realized potential End-Users Business Technology Owners Owners
  30. 30. Aim for Continuous Improvement LEVEL 5 P E RVA S I V E LEVEL 4 • Active OPTIMIZED management LEVEL 3 of the application • Broad EUE visibility EFFECTIVE and deep dive delivery chain LEVEL 2 diagnostics across • Real-time • EUE & transaction AWARE app delivery chain visibility used to visibility across theLEVEL 1 • Automation of orchestrate • Basic awareness of app delivery chainREACTIVE problem analysis service delivery EUE app • Accelerated performance and diagnosis • Leverage problem resolution• Limited awareness of • Initiatives “collective • Can identify via deep-dive end-user experience prioritized based intelligence” problems, but diagnostics (EUE) app on business impact across the root-cause analysis • Problems performance with deep root internet takes too long prioritized by• Reactive problem cause insight • Performance business impact resolution and baselined and Business frequent war rooms trends tracked Agility and• Technology-centric, Optimise Competitive element-level Prioritise App & IT Edge visibility by Business Performance EUE Impact Visibility
  31. 31. TMore Things Change…the More they Stay the Same
  32. 32. Thank You!Compuware CustomersEnjoy Measurable Benefits Increased conversions 10% Reduced homepage load time from 11.3 seconds to 3.4 seconds Improved page load times 23% Saved 50%+ in staff and fees Reduced seven-step transaction time by 50% Reduced downtime 45% Achieved under 3 second response time and 99%+ availability Validated decision to consolidate three data centers For more information visit or contact us on 01628 611 167