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Performance 2013 - Christopher Steiner - Aisle50


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Performance 2013 - Christopher Steiner - Aisle50

  1. 1. That’ll be $23.7 million, thank you
  2. 2. Are you tired? You look tired. there are 90,000 Starbucks baristas in the world who can help you out but wait... the bots have an answer: the algorithmic barista
  3. 3. Their bot wants to take over your coffeehouse
  4. 4. 1952 Vonnegut’s Player Piano America in the Coming Age of Electronics
  5. 5. Player Piano The spreading shadow of automation creates conflict between the wealthy upper class -- the engineers and managers who keep society running -- and the lower class, whose skills and purpose in society have been replaced by machines. shorter version: embrace algorithms, or lose...
  6. 6. The long reach of Stubbornlyalgorithms high U.S. unemployment of 7.3% - and yet Corporate Profits = 12.5% of U.S. economy, highest in 60 years Fewer people, More work getting done
  7. 7. algorithms + data are taking over the world
  8. 8. X O X O X X O X O
  9. 9. Steven Colbert: “I know a chicken in Chinatown that can do that.”
  10. 10. Like Wall Street, marketing is an arms race Automated Audience?
  11. 11. You: “Let’s change the station; this song blows.” Your friend: “It doesn’t blow. The algorithm said so.”
  12. 12. and you thought hackers were new Gottfried Leibniz: 300 years ago
  13. 13. What do our words really mean? The bots know
  14. 14. you: “hey, Chris, you’re talk was interesting. really interesting.” (me: Noooooo!) The BOTS: “sorry, Chris, we know how you feel.”
  15. 15. Dank u zeer