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Product variety and its cost to your company


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Emcien’s 3-part webinar series featured executives from NCR Corporation and explored the effects of product variety on companies. The discussion began by defining the current state of the industry and how product variety is impacting organizations. We then discussed how companies can diagnose and repair the underlying causes and maintain a highly profitable product portfolio. Lastly, we wrapped up with the critical concepts around empowering sales for dramatic improvements in sales efficiency and revenue.

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Product variety and its cost to your company

  1. 1. What is Product Variety Costing your Company?Webinar 1: Product Variety and its Cost to your Company
  2. 2. •  Director of Sales Operations for NCR Corporations’ Global Sales team •  Responsible for improving sales productivity •  30-year career with NCR •  Dedicated to finding transformational improvements Kate Laneve Director of SalesOperations at NCR Corp. Slide  2  
  3. 3. About NCR•  Assisted and self-service solutions, offered for: –  Financial, retail, travel, hospitality, gaming, entertainment, government, telecom and technology services•  100+ countries Slide  3  
  4. 4. Customer Diversity in Global Markets Slide  4  
  5. 5. Key Challenges Caused By Product Variety•  Erodes the speed of business•  Increases time-to-market•  Reduces sales and channel efficiency•  Increases the cost of doing business•  Reduces competitiveness Slide  5  
  6. 6. Key Challenges for Sales Slide  6  
  7. 7. What Does Product Variety Cost Your Sales Organization?•  Slows the sales cycle•  Lost sales due to long lead times•  Lost sales to competitors•  Reduced win rate•  Reduced revenue Slide  7  
  8. 8. Key Challenges for Operations Supply  Chain   Slide  8  
  9. 9. What Does Product Variety Cost Your Supply Chain?•  Increases total overhead cost•  High inventory exposure•  High supplier risk•  High volatility•  Poor demand response Slide  9  
  10. 10. Key Challenges for Engineering & PM Slide  10  
  11. 11. What Does Product Variety Cost for Engineering and PM?•  Disconnect between demand and design•  Higher product cost•  Inability to quickly respond to demand/ market shifts Slide  11  
  12. 12. What Does Product Variety Cost Your Company? Revenue Impact is 18-25% Sales Operations and Supply Chain Lost Sales Inventory Exposure Slow Response Time Longer Lead Times Reduced Sales Efficiency Higher Volatility Slide  12  
  13. 13. Product variety is a cross-functional problemthat can’t be solved in a silo’d organization.The solution requires executive sponsorshipand support from all the functional areas. John Bruno Peter Dorsman Peter Leav CTO and EVP EVP EVP Corporate ISG and Global Global Sales, PS Development Operations and Consumables Bill Nuti Chairman,President and CEO Slide  13  
  14. 14. Our VisionWhat’s selling where; Defined Customerto whom; when and Go to Market Segments; where to Guided Selling how often? Strategy go & what to sell Demand   Shaping   Buying Pattern Analysis Optimized performance; margins/pricing, lead- times, inventory, customer satisfaction Slide  14  
  15. 15. Multi-lane Strategy Slide  15  
  16. 16. Hope is Not a Strategy: VarietyManagement for Visionary CompaniesVariety managementhelps you:•  Increase volume•  Improve velocity•  Focus your sales force•  Improve profits Slide  16  
  17. 17. Next Webinar Product variety and your supply chainHow companies can diagnose and repair the underlying causes of product proliferation and maintain a highly profitable product portfolio Slide  17