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School achievment


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School achievment

  1. 1. Feeding the brainsupporting school achievement
  2. 2. Definition of Health“…a condition in which all functions of the body and mind are normally active”• “The state of complete physical, mental, or social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”
  3. 3. We Are What We Eat
  4. 4. What’s important to you?• Skin• Weight?• Ability to perform in sports?• Ability to perform in school work?• Lack of disease
  5. 5. Knowledge about food?
  6. 6. Hidden sugars One can of cokecontains 30 grams of sugar!
  7. 7. Top tips to feel great• Eat Breakfast!
  8. 8. Top Tips Choose Brown not White X
  9. 9. Top Tips Cut the Caffeine
  10. 10. We are overfed and undernourished
  11. 11. Eat for the skin• Eat fruits and vegetables daily• Drink 2 litres of water• Eat foods rich in good fats:• Oily fish, nuts and seeds,• Avocado, olives
  12. 12. Why Exercise?• Prolongs life• Improves mood• Achieves metabolic balance• Promotes sustainable weight loss• Strengthens heart and blood vessels• Increases bone density• Boosts energy levels• Reduces stress and tension• Improves balance and flexibility• Improves sleep• Decreases risk for chronic conditions
  13. 13. Physical Activity Reduces StressStress symptoms such as anxiety and depression can improve with regular exercise, and beneficial effects appear to equal meditation or relaxation.People who participate in sports clubs and organised recreational activity enjoy better mental health, are more alert, and more resilient against the stresses of modern living. References; (1) Physical activity and mental health: current concepts. Sports Med. 2000 Mar;29(3):167-80. (2) The relationship between organised physical recreation and mental health. Health Promot J Austr. 2007 Dec;18(3):236-9.
  14. 14. Ensure Adequate Rest• Your body needs to get enough sleep (about 8 hours) for optimal health• Sleep deprivation leads to accelerated aging and increased risk for chronic disease• Lack of sleep can make you feel tired and hungry reducing your ability to live a healthy lifestyle
  15. 15. Jo Gamble BA (hons) Dip CNM mBANT