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Behold: The Embrace Digital Deck for 2010

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Embrace Digital Deck 2010

  2. 2. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce our firm: • Key Individuals In this deck you fill find the • Company Overview following content: • Methodology • Experience 2  
  3. 3. PHIL CAMINO VP OF STRATEGY AND PARTNERSHIPS Philip brings a wealth of experience to this team. After a successful stint as the Director of Finance at his alma mater, Bishop's University, where he gained experience booking talent and concerts for the student population, Philip was immediately hired at SL Feldman (slfa.com) in Toronto. He quickly rose to the position of agent, booking top talent such as Kardinal Offishall, Obie Trice, Sum 41 and Sloan, while maintaining a small, boutique roster of his own. He was intrigued by the marriage between brands and art, and left to pursue his passion for marketing, partnering into a small marketing agency, where he worked very closely for the next few years with major record labels, working on such projects as The Killers, Snow Patrol, Billy Talent, Buck 65, Hard-Fi and Paul Anka. Philip was then approached to manage a North American music program for the Jack Daniel's brand at the Hive Strategic Marketing (thehiveinc.com), where top talent such as Spoon, Blue October, The New Pornographers, G-Love and Metric played exclusive private shows for contest winners, in a Jack Daniel's branded environ- ment. Philip was then approached by Rogers Communications, the largest telecom brand in Canada, to run the wireless marketing in Toronto. He excelled and was quickly promoted to Director of Marketing, Ontario Region for Rogers Wireless. Philip developed numerous properties and campaigns while at Rogers, most notably working to build a branded music festival in downtown Toronto, the Rogers Picnic (rogerspicnic.com). He also worked very closely with all handset manufacturers, including Blackberry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Apple. He was instrumental during Rogers' 2008 iPhone 3G launch in Canada, and also helped successfully launch the Blackberry Pearl, Curve and Bold into the Canadian marketplace. Philip is currently a partner in both The Hudson in West Hollywood (thehudsonla.com), and also a growing entertainment company, Embrace (embracepresents.com)
  4. 4. AARON TURKEL MANAGER OF STRATEGY AND PARTNERSHIPS Aaron is one of those people who has the right mixture of energy and intellect, who earns his right to be on the cutting edge through his commitment to learning, innovation and partnerships. Aaron’s role of providing holistic digital consultation to firms looking to embrace the New Media Revolution, with emphasis on interaction and engagement is a fantastic fit for his skill base. Aaron often defines his holistic approach as a Media Mix Consultation as keeping Traditional Media campaigns that work intact while enhancing the effectiveness of the marketing mix by creating complementing, consistent branding messages via New Media Vehicles. With a foundation in Digital Marketing and Experiential Marketing Campaign Coordination, Aaron understands that engagement   is the primary method for getting your target audience to embrace Specialties: brand messages. Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Event Promotion and Coordination, Custom Facebook App Consultation, Live Video Streaming Consultation, Digital Content Creation, SMS and Custom App Mobile Marketing Consultation, On-site to Digital Data Capture Consultation.
  5. 5. Daniel Ewing DIRECTOR OF STRATEGY AND PARTNERSHIPS Daniel is a senior marketing professional with a 10+ year track record of success in strategy and planning, business development, entertainment marketing and partnership management. Recognized as a particularly effective team leader who focuses on achieving results. Before his time at Embrace, Daniel built his foundation on developing and executing branded music strategies and alliances for the marketing arm of Rogers Wireless. This included managing all of their strategic music alliances including Live Nation, MTV, MuchMusic, the major record labels and several music Specialties: properties including NXNE, CMW, and the Polaris Music Prize. Sponsorships, experiential marketing, digital marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, strategic alliances and negotiation, event production, brand building. And his favorite thing - innovation.
  6. 6. Embrace Digital provides progressive solutions that translate your marketing goals into fresh and powerful digital strategies and tools. Proprietary digital campaigns are originally constructed and managed to accomplish specific digital goals. 2  
  7. 7. Embrace Digital maximizes consumer engagement by leveraging digital marketing solutions that specifically deliver brand objectives. We can operate as a stand-alone digital agency working directly with brands, we also act as strategic consultants & service providers for agencies. brands and agencies that we and our strategic partners have worked with... 7  
  8. 8. Our Methodology is simple, Client Centered Social Solutions. First we understand the client and their need to further take advantage of the Digital Marketing and the Social Media Landscape. Then we recommend proven Digital Marketing Strategies that highlight YOUR branded competitive advantages. Marketing by using Audience Engagement is centered around the idea that TODAY PEOPLE ARE MORE POWERFUL INFLUENCERS THAN ADS. Consumer Activation is the goal, so how do the tools used in our digital strategy drive Consumer Activation? We develop a strategic campaign, with your direction, that will engage your customers with elements from the following Digital Cycle: 8   8  
  9. 9. 9  
  11. 11. TARGET AUDIENCE ACQUISITION • Receptive audience members are acquired through engaging digital outreach. SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILE & CONTENT OPTIMIZATION • Users view Social Media channels as an increasingly dependable source for information and content, increasing the importance of our optimization solutions so users can find your page. DIGITAL PROMOTION MANAGEMENT • Social Media Campaigns that have well organized contests and promotions have an average of 50% more active fans. INCENTIVE BASED DIGITAL WORD OF MOUTH CAMPAIGNS • We know how to find the right people that use products and then spread the word about them, leveraging their own personal networks to benefit the brand. 7  
  12. 12. INTERACTIVE FACEBOOK FAN PAGE MANAGEMENT • Creating and managing elements within Facebook to propel your brand’s message and encourage interaction, engagement, sharing and brand recognition. TRADITIONAL CAMPAIGNS DIGITALLY TRANSLATED • Don’t reinvent the wheel. We help translate your proven existing promotional efforts into the digital space. • Run targeted digital ad campaigns on Facebook, Google & Relevant Sites. LIVE EVENT WEB CAST & REAL-TIME VIEWER ENGAGEMENT • Get the most out of your fashion events by broadcasting them LIVE globally! • Engage your viewers in real-time chat and brand persona building as they watch. BRAND-BACKED CONTENT ENDORSEMENT • We help your brand find and endorse new and exciting content, helping the brand become a more trusted source for relevant information. 8  
  13. 13. CONTENT PROMOTION AND SYNDICATION • Keeping your audience invested in the information you provide is about trust. Your audience will trust you because we use “PULL” strategies that attract attention, not “PUSH” messages that saturate the landscape. SOCIAL MEDIA SURVEY AND POLLING PROGRAMS • Want to retain and grow your audience? Why not ask what keeps them coming back? We build integrated tools that engage your audience and lets them know your listening. DIGITAL ASSET OPTIMIZATION • Do you have an audience that trusts you? Great! Now keep them invested and engaged by optimizing your content so that it’s easily accessible by your audience. 9  
  14. 14. ADVANCED DIGITAL AUDIENCE QUANTIFICATION TOOLS •  e know the best quantification tools available to ensure our W campaigns are attracting and activating the right audience. •  ur Digital Strategies always include powerful analytic tools O that help determine the who/what/when/where/how users interact with your page. We use this data to adjust our campaigns ensuring that your content continues to provide optimal value to your audience. DIGITAL BRAND MONITORING AND SOCIAL LISTENING •  s user generated reviews and online Word Of Mouth become A increasingly valued by prospective consumers; monitoring, acknowledging and engaging these interactions has become a critical factor of brand perception. •  e look for those mentioning your brand in the W digital space and engage these users on your behalf. 10  
  15. 15. OVERVIEW:  The  Mazda  Canada  Social  Media  Community  was   constructed  to  give  Mazda  enthusiasts  a  place  to  engage  in  all  things   Mazda.  The  Canadian  Market  is  criQcal  for  Mazda,  with  special   consideraQon  given  to  the  new  2011  MAZDA2  which  is  one  of  the  only   vehicles  that  sells  equal  quanQQes  in  the  US  and  Canada.   TACTICS:  Our  Social  Media  Outreach  Program  follows  our  Social  media   Cycle.  A  Bi-­‐Lingual  community  was  Created,  qualified,  acQve  and   targeted  users  were  Acquired,  Engaging  content  was  created  or   sourced,  a  vibrant  community  flourished  and  detailed  metrics  were   recorded  for  the  cycle  to  revolve  more  effecQvely.   EMBRACE’S  ROLE:,  Working  closely  with  Donor,  Mazda’s  AOR,   Embrace’s  role    consisted  of:  Bi-­‐Lingual  Transla<on  and  Engagement,   digital  strategy  consulta<on,  content  crea<on  and  sourcing,  Social   Media  Listening,  Social  Media  Community  Manager,  and  Analy<cs   Consultant.   15  
  16. 16. OVERVIEW:    Mazda  implemented  a  branded  Social   Media  Game  called  DriverVille  for  the  launch  of   their  new  Mazda2  sub-­‐compact.  Users  can  play  to   win  a  new  Mazda2  or  weekly  drawings  for  iPods.   TACTICS:  Users  play  this  in-­‐depth  game  to  achieve   their  own  customized  version  of  an  in-­‐game   Mazda2.  Users  are  constantly  endangered  while   racing  their  friends  and  customizing  their  car,  all   while  further  embracing  the  Community  of  Zoom-­‐ Zoom  culture.  The  community  of  in-­‐game  racers   included  both  tradiQonal,  race  inspired  Mazda   drivers  and  casual  gamers  who  might  not  be  as   familiar  with  the  Mazda  brand.       EMBRACE’S  ROLE:,  Working  as  a  liaison  between   developers  and  users  to  make  sure  that  game  bugs   were  properly  addressed  across  two  languages.   Embrace  also  worked  to  promote  the  game  and  it’s   connecQon  with  the  newly  launched  Mazda2.   16  
  17. 17. DIGITAL  CONTEST  OVERVIEW:     HIGHLIGHTED  FACEBOOK  +  WEB  APP  FUNCTIONALITY:   Hollister  California’s  The  Perfect  Ride     • Available  to  consumers  in  6  countries     (Best  Bu`)  Contest   • Hollister  and  Abercrombie  &  Fitch  brands     • Call  to  acQon  in  tradiQonal  and  digital  channels     • ApplicaQons  built  for  Facebook  and  web       17  
  18. 18. MOBILE  APP  OVERVIEW:     HIGHLIGHTED  APP  FUNCTIONALITY:   Napolean  Quality  Fireplaces  iPhone  App   • Configure  a  fireplace,  stove  or  insert  with  every  designer  accessory  and     opQon  available  –  Mantles  or  surrounds?  Louvers?  Logs  or  stones?  The   possibiliQes  are  endless!   • Free  download  –  play  around  and  have  some  fun!     • Use  the  default  room  set  or  take  a  picture  of  your  room  and  build  a     fireplace  for  it   • Direct  uploads  to  Facebook  allow  you  to  share  your  genius  designs     • Integrated  with  “Napoleon’s  Dealer  Locator”  so  you  can  find  the  nearest     “fireplace  expert”     • MSRP  provided  for  each  component  selected     18  
  19. 19. MOBILE  APP  OVERVIEW:     CTV  ’s  2010  Vancouver  Olympics  iPhone  App   HIGHLIGHTED  APP  FUNCTIONALITY:   CTV  ‘s  Vancouver  Winter  Games  App   allowed  users  to  watch  Olympic   highlights,  review  when  their  favorite   events  were  being  broadcasted  and   share  their  favorite  moments  with   friends.     19  
  20. 20. MOBILE  APP  OVERVIEW:     Much  Music  VJ  2.0  contest  with  partner  Doritos   HIGHLIGHTED  MICROSITE   FUNCTIONALITY:   Much  Music  created  a   branded  micro-­‐site  for   their  VJ  2.0  Contest   backed  by  Doritos.  Users   could  get  to  know  the  VJs   and  make  their  selecQon   for  who  gets  the  job!   20  
  21. 21. MOBILE  APP  OVERVIEW:     MTV  –  10  Spot  iPhone  App   HIGHLIGHTED  APP  FUNCTIONALITY:   The  latest  high  quality  photos  from  your  favorite  MTV  celebriQes   and  personaliQes.  Direct  links  to  full  10  Spot  episodes  for  purchase   on  iTunes.  Customizable  Twi`er  stream  that  let's  you  keep  track  of   your  favorite  10  Spot  celebs  in  real  Qme!   21  
  22. 22. OVERVIEW:  The  Fenway  Alliance  hosts  an  impressive  roster  of  member   organizaQons  commi`ed  to  excellence  in  planning  and  development,  and  to   creaQng  a  contemporary  vision  which  will  unlock  the  huge  potenQal  of  the   Fenway  Cultural  District  in  Boston,  Massachuse`s.     TACTICS:  A  few  words  from  our  client:  ‘As  director  of  the  Fenway  Alliance,   consor<um  of  22  of  the  major  cultural  and  academic  ins<tu<ons  in  Boston,  I   hired  Aaron  to  create  the  en<re  social  media  campaign  for  our  signature   event,  Opening  Our  Doors-­‐-­‐the  largest  free  day  of  cultural  ac<vi<es  in   Boston.  Aaron's  knowledge  and  effec<ve  implementa<on  of  social  media   strategies  brought  the  marke<ng  and  brand  recogni<on  of  our  event  into  the   21st  C.  Aaron  is  a  knowledgeable  and  charisma<c  speaker  on  the  concepts,   strategies  and  overall  power  of  social  media  to  grow  a  much  wider  audience   and  to  more  effec<vely  promote  an  event  or  an  en<re  organiza<on.  He   consistently  and  crea<vely  develops  new  methods  for  engagement,  and   demonstrates  an  increasingly  rare  client-­‐centered  focus.’  –  Kelly  Brilliant,   Director  of  the  Fenway  Alliance   EMBRACE’S  ROLE:  Embrace  was  responsible  for  running  the  Social  Media   Outreach  and  Content  Capturing  program  for  'Opening  Our  Doors',  an  event   which  welcomed  over  13k  people  on  Columbus  Day  Annually  to  enjoy  all  the   Fenway  has  to  offer.  For  Embrace  provided  addiQonal  support  by  assisQng  with   the  construcQon  of  a  LocaQon  Based  Social  Networking  tool  box  for  both  Locals   and  Visitors  to  uQlize  while  in  the  Fenway  District.     22  
  23. 23. Philip  Camino   Los  Angeles  Office   VP,  Strategy  and  Partnerships   6098  Hollywood  Blvd,  3rd  Floor   Office:  323.318.4369     Los  Angeles,  CA   E-­‐Mail:    pc@embracepresents.com   90028   Aaron  Turkel   Los  Angeles  Office   Manager,  Strategy  and  Partnerships   6098  Hollywood  Blvd     Office:  424.835.0020     Los  Angeles,  CA   E-­‐Mail:    aaron@embracepresents.com   90028   Daniel  Ewing   Toronto  Office   Director,  Strategy  and  Partnerships   10  Alcorn  Ave.  Suite  304     Office:  416.646.4043   Toronto,  ON     E-­‐Mail:    daniel@embracepresents.com   M4V  3A9   23