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Gps mobile-searches


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Gps mobile-searches

  1. 1. "Driving  Traffic"  -­‐  Make  money  by  teaching  businesses  how to  tap  into  GPS  marke>ngYou  may  have  already  guessed  it  because  you  might  already  be  using  one;  a  GPS,  or  global  posi;oning  device!  So  how  to  get  your  business  listed  in  the  search  results  of  the  most  commonly  used  GPS  devices?If  you  want  people  to  be  able  to  find  your  business  when  they  search  on  their  GPS,  just  follow  these  simple  steps. • Go  to  the  three  links  below. o InfoUSA: o NAVTEQ: o Tele Atlas: • Enter  the  address  of  your  business   • Add  a  point  of  interest.   • For  NAVTEQ,  you  will  want  to  select  the  ‘POI  is  missing’  item  under  the   ‘Point  of  Interest’  sec;on.   • For  Tele  Atlas  you  will  select  ‘Point  of  Interest’  and  then  ‘Add  Point  of   Interest’.These Companies will forward your business information to the major GPSmanufacturing companies and POOF, now your business pops up in the points ofinterest sections when people search for your type of business.As more and more people buy smart phones and start searching on the internet,these GPS devices will probably become less popular, but for now, a lot of peoplestill use these devices!Talk  soon!Adam  &  Tim Local  Mobile  Monopoly  Bonuses