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EMMC: Student selection


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Presentation by Władysław Wieczorek from Poland. Presentation was held at the EMAP training seminar in Larnaca, Cyprus for future Erasmus Mundus Master Courses consortia ( (18-21 February 2010).

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EMMC: Student selection

  1. 1. As a result of the launching of the ALISTOREEuropean Network of ExcellenceCreation in 2004 of a European Mastergathering 7 Universities !!
  2. 2. • Represents and acts on behalf of all ALISTORE European Research Institute CNRS the ALISTORE members Scientific audit Committee • Vote the budget • Approve scientific orientations Member Executive Assembly • audits the ERI every two years • Vote for the Management + President • verifies proposed scientific orientations members? + President • delivers on opinion on research results… • Prepare decisions • Is elected for 4 years, renewable once • Implements the research policy Scientific director • Manages means allocated to the ERI…• Implements budget policy Patent • Implements patent policy• Handles the ressources Financial and Assistant Engineer • Coordinates and centralizes the contracts • Approves IP clauses in contracts in close Ad Director Manager collaborative negotiation with the members Institution Institution Institution Institution Institution Representative Representative Representative Representative Representative Industrial Club Scientific Scientific Scientific Scientific Scientific leader leader leader leader Various members Fees leader for various access rights Platinum Scientific Gold silver Council • Advises in R&D directions• is composed of the scientific leaders • Discusses IP position• Defines and propose scientific policy • Make recommendations • Brings contracts…• Establishes a generic research programme• Defines the different thematic groups Very important role• Approves annual budget…
  3. 3. M.E.S.C. Consortium decided to run forERASMUS MUNDUS Grants, a very ambitiousEuropean programme. 31 May 2004  NO 31 October 2004  NO 31 May 2005  YES !!1st MESC ERASMUS MUNDUS Class : 2006-2008Erasmus mundus Students receive 21000 * 2years = 42000 Euros of scholarship
  4. 4. Amiens Marseille Cordoba Toulouse MESCWarsaw Partners
  5. 5. • 5 Partners forthe M.E.S.C.Consortium Warsaw S2 Amiens S3• Possibility of« visiting » 4 Toulouse S1different european Marseille S1countries within 2 S3 Cordobayears !!
  6. 6. How and when to apply...Students from all over the world can apply to MESC. They will attend the sameclasses and will all be delivered the same diploma at the end of the 2 yearscourse. Please not that you can apply to a maximum of 3 Erasmus Mundus mastercourses.You are a graduate student from a "third country" ? Apply here.You are a european student ? Apply here.You are a professor / lecturer ? Apply here.Please make sure to attach to your application form : your cv, 2 letters ofrecommandation, your transcripts of records, a proof of your level in english, anenergy related essay.N.B : To avoid any problem we ask you to send a copy of all the documents byregistered mail toUPJV - DAIFrédéric BoutonChemin du Thil80025 AMIENS CEDEX 1FRANCE
  7. 7.
  8. 8. MESC Master Course : Student Selection Grid for Class #7 Referees name : XXX Country of Origin recommendation Essay on energy TOTA Motivation letter Language skills Coherence of University of related topic background Excellence Academic Letters of L OriginReg. # Family name Surname Sex Country Comments (max = 150) Coeff = 6 4 6 2 2 4 4 2 #ADR! 183 example YYY M Venezuela 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 150 184 example ZZZ F ARGENTINA 3 4 5 2 3 4 2 4 106185 example ddd F Brasil 2 5 1 3 4 5 2 4 88 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
  9. 9. MAIN List for MESC Class #7 (2010-2012) Stay Ge Year of in# Family name Surname nde Country E-mail address University S1 Final Mark Birth Europ r e93 HSIEH Hsin-Chih M Taiwan 1987 National Taiwan University No Toulouse 1392 LIANG Lei M China 1987 China University of Geosciences, Beijing no Marseille 13597 ZHOU Han F China 1987 Nanjing University, China No Toulouse 134120 KIM Jun Seob M South Korea 1988 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore No Toulouse 13384 LIN Yuh-Chen F Taiwan 1988 National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan no Marseille 132.5144 MANALASTAS William Jr M Philippines 1987 De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines No Toulouse 123.530 FERNANDEZ Erwin M Philippines 1985 University of the Philippines, Diliman, Philippines yes Marseille 12379 ASADOLLAHI Siavash M Iran 1987 Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran No Marseille 122.588 MOZHZHUKHINA Nataliia F Ukraine 1989 National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" Marseille 1224 ASFAW Habtom Desta M Ethiopia 1986 Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia no Toulouse 120150 DEMET Atif Emre M Turkey 1987 Bilkent university Yes Marseille 11462 IRTEM Ibrahim Erdem M Turkey 1985 Foreign trade, Anadolu University, Eskeisehir yes Toulouse 111
  10. 10. A Master thesis “book” has been compiled, with 38 topics gathered from: Companies within ALISTORE Academic Labs within ALISTORE Academic Labs, non ALISTORE Companies, non ALISTORE Belgium 3 France 21 Germ any 1 Italy 1 Slovenia 1 Spain 3 Sw eden 5 Sw itzerland 1 England 21. Update on our Classes 2. Quality within MESC 3. Erasmus Mundus 2 4. Application of MESC to EM2
  11. 11. M.E.S.C. Class # 5, 2008-2010 : Master Thesis topics
  12. 12. MESC Erasmus Mundus Programme - 4th semester1. Preparation of diploma thesis M.Sc. diploma work (second stage) is realised in one of the scientific or industrial institutions that cooperate with the programme or with the ERI ALISTORE network. The Teaching Committee verifies all subjects before presenting them to the students; Students choose the subject of the M.Sc. thesis at the end of the 3rd semester according to their personal choice and marks received; The thesis should be ready by the end of August and then sent to a referee selected from a list indicated by the Teaching Committee of the programme; Each thesis is evaluated and obtains a written opinion following the agreed scheme. Additional opinion comes from a supervisor.
  13. 13. MESC Erasmus Mundus Programme - semester 4th2. Defence of diploma thesis All defences are organised during one day. Each student has 7 minutes for presentation of main goals and results of his work. Then he answers the questions asked by members of the jury for the next 8 minutes. The defences are open for students and invited guests. Members of the jury are delegated by the five Universities (2 persons from each university) plus the supervisor and the referee. The presentation and answers to the questions are assessed separately by all members of the jury. Every student prepares also a summary of his thesis in a form of a poster. All posters are assessed by selected members of the jury (two referees for one poster). All marks for each student (from a supervisor, referee, poster referees and members of the jury) are summed and averaged using agreed weights that gives the final mark. Next day a special ceremony is organised when students receive their M.Sc. diplomas.
  14. 14. « Quality » within MESC…. For each Class, MESC is requested to provide THREE reports to the European Agency in charge of the Erasmus Mundus Programme 1) The selection grid and a detailed report of the process used to select the students 2) An intermediate report after 6 months of implementation 3) A final report after graduation The E.A.C.E.A. then accepts (or not) the Final report….1. Update on our Classes 2. Quality within MESC 3. Erasmus Mundus 2
  15. 15. Internal Quality (managed by C. Perez Vicente, Cordoba)1. Update on our Classes 2. Quality within MESC 3. Erasmus Mundus 2
  16. 16. Internal Quality (managed by C. Perez Vicente, Cordoba) Overall, each student fills 6 survey forms (application & arrival, S1, S2, S3, Thesis, Overall) These forms are analyzed professionnally by the Quality unit of Univ. Cordoba1. Update on our Classes 2. Quality within MESC 3. Erasmus Mundus 2
  17. 17. Internal Quality (managed by C. Perez Vicente, Cordoba) RENEWAL of the M.E.S.C. QUALITY Committee Representative of each partner University of M.E.S.C. Amiens Philippe Poizot Toulouse Michel Gougeon Marseille Bogdan Kuchta Cordoba Carlos Perez Vicente Warsaw Gabriel Rokicki Representative of M.E.S.C. Consortium : Jamila Tamimy Representatives of ALISTORE-ERI Industrial Club 2 externals from industry, to be communicated following ALISTORE’s meeting Representatives of ALUMNI students 2 MESC Alumnis to be nominated after call for participation (1 in PhD, 1 in Company)1. Update on our Classes 2. Quality within MESC 3. Erasmus Mundus 2
  18. 18. MESC Partners :MESC Partner Universities / MESC Pedagogic Comitee Members LRCS (UMR CNRS #6007) Université de Picardie Jules Verne Christian MASQUELIER 33 rue Saint Leu Tel : +33 3 22 82 78 06 Coordinator of MESC 80039 AMIENS CEDEX Fax : +33 3 22 82 75 90 FRANCE CIRIMAT (UMR CNRS #5085) Université Paul Sabatier Patrice SIMON Bât 2R1, 118 route de Narbonne Tel : +33 5 61 55 68 02 Head of Pedagogic Comitte 31062 TOULOUSE Fax : + 33 5 61 55 61 63 FRANCE MADIREL (UMR CNRS #6121) Université de Provence - CNRS Philippe KNAUTH Centre Saint Jérôme Tel : +33 4 91 63 71 14 13397 MARSEILLE CEDEX 20 Fax : + 33 4 91 63 71 11 FRANCE Faculty of Chemistry Technology ul. Noakowskiego 3 Wladek WIECZOREK Tel : +48 226 607 507 00-664 WARSAW Fax : +48 226 282 741 POLAND Dep. Quimica Inorganica e Ingenieria Quimica Edificio Marie Curie José-Luis TIRADO Campus de Rabanales Tel : + 34 957 218 637 14071 CORDOBA Fax : + 34 957 218 621 SPAIN