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The work of holy spirit


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the work of the holy spirit, Holy spirit give us grace and makes us holy.

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The work of holy spirit

  1. 1. are available for us through the HOLY SPIRIT LESSON #1 THE HOLY SPIRIT The Graces, Jesus won back for us,
  2. 2. Jesus paid for our sins, but story is not over, yet!  By giving his life, Jesus won back for us the Grace that was lost by original sin.  Now the friendship between God and man is restored,  and It is possible to have God’s life in us.  CAUTION!: This is not the end of the story  There Is More!   There is something need it, and other person to come at the scene.  what is needed: is a way for the GRACES Christ has wan for us, to get to us.  And this is the Work of the 3rd person: “The Holy Spirit”.
  3. 3. Jesus promise to send us The Holy Spirit  While still on earth Jesus, promise to the apostles that after He ascended into Heaven, He will send the HOLY SPIRIT  At the Last Supper Jesus said to the Apostles: “It is better for you, that I go, for if I do not go the Holy Spirit will not come to you.”  By ascending to the Father ,and sending the Holy Spirit  Jesus will not be bound by the limitations of a physical body or human body  Through the Holy Spirit, there is no bound by space, place ,or time;  So, the Graces that Jesus wan for us can be made available to all people, on all times, and all places.
  4. 4. The Gospel to the end of the world  Jesus commanded his apostles to preach the Gospel to the very end of the earth.  Jesus made it possible for all the Graces, he wan for us, …to be available for all people, for all times, all over the world… through the Holy Spirit, through the Church on the Liturgy (mass), and the sacraments.
  5. 5. God prepared the world for the Holy Spirit.  God prepared the world for the works of the Holy Spirit  God spoke to the Prophets about a new Spirit: “And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh” (Ezekiel 36: 26)  The Prophets prefigured the coming of Jesus to save us, and the coming of the Holy Spirit into our hearts.  The Holy Spirit is the New Spirit foretold by the prophets, who will fill the hearths of God’s people. The Holy Spirit will give us Grace, that changes our hearts, and makes us Holy.
  6. 6. Holy Spirit active since the beginning  The Holy Spirit has been present and active in the world since the beginning, (although in a hidden way)  the book of Genesis, in the creation Story mentions that The Spirit hover over the water before the world was made  Adam became a living being, only when God breath his Spirit in him.  The cloud & pillar of fire that guided Moses and the Israelites out of Egypt represent a symbol of the Holy Spirit  Many prophets on Israel History were described as man filled by the Spirit of God
  7. 7. The Holy Spirit makes Jesus present in our life  But the role of the Holy Spirit became even more clear when He made Jesus present in Mary’s womb.  The Holy Spirit made Jesus present in Mary,  and He makes Jesus present in our souls too.  This is why the Holy Spirit is called the GIVER OF LIFE  He makes God’s own Divine Life present in our souls,  and He does this through the Church in the sacraments.
  8. 8. 1st time we receive Grace  When we were born, God gave us, our own life, but when we are baptize God gives us his own divine life.  WE receive God’s Divine Life within us!  First time we received God’s Life in us, is in the Sacrament of Baptism.  In it, we share in a spirit way, Christ own death and Resurrection. ◦ We are filled with God’s life ◦ Our sins are wipe away ◦ we are filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the virtues. ◦ We become children of God ◦ Members of the church
  9. 9. We continue receiving God’s Graces  The Graces in Baptism are made strong and mature in CONFIRMATION  And God’s Divine Life is nourish and grows within us when we receive Jesus in the HOLY COMMUNION.  God’s Life is given to us in all the Sacraments,  God wants to share his life with us; this was his plan from the beginning and is the reason, he created the world  Because God wants to share His life, he gives us many means to getting his GRACE through the Church
  10. 10. Choose Grace  We live now, during the time, when all the gift of God are abundantly available to us trough the church.  God gave angels a choice, and He gave Adam and Eve a choice  God has gave every human being, whoever has lived, a choice.  And now is our turn to make a choice; ◦ Will we choose to respond to God’s love? ◦ Will we take advantage of all that Jesus has wan, and is now available by the Holy Spirit through the Church in the sacraments? ◦ Or we will choose to do our own will?
  11. 11. Holy Spirit give us Grace & makes us Holy