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Creation lesson #3


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the creation and the fall
original sin, Concupiscence

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Creation lesson #3

  2. 2. STEWARDS OF CREATION  God entrusted us with the care of Creation  God blessed them; and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth.“(Genesis 1:28)  These words help us to understand that God invites all of us to join Him as partners in the work of all care for Creation  God asks us to be Stewards of Creation!  He wants we take care of our Planet  and make sure that all people and the future generations, share in the goodness of Creation.
  3. 3. STEWARDS OF CREATION  God Made the earth, the air, and the water for all his creatures to use.  As God’s Stewards is our responsibility to protect all the resources of the earth from:  Destruction, pollution, noise, or any source of waste.
  4. 4. ADMINISTRATORS OF CREATION  We have the responsibility to prepare a beautiful place for the next generations  God is calling us in many ways to assist him in his work of Creation  He has given us many talents, skills, abilities and much more gifts. We can use them for the benefit of our Planet and his creatures.  By carrying our daily acts of stewardship, we make the Glory of God’s name known throughout all Creation
  5. 5. THE FALL & THE PROMISE Evil and Suffering Enter the world through Human Choice
  6. 6. WHAT WENT WRONG?  We see all the beauty describe in the book of Genesis:  The order of the world,  The diversity of the living creatures, and plants  The glory of the human person, made in God images and likeness  God is good and all he has done is very good; Yet, we see around us great evil and suffering “We see that something has gone wrong”
  7. 7. WHY SO MUCH SUFFERING AND TRAGEDY?  Evil, wars, terrorism, droughts, climate changes, tornados, hurricanes, poverty, suffering, illness, even in children  Where all those things come from?  The answer can be trace back to what we call The Original Sin. Genesis shows that suffering and sin entered the world when man disobeyed God.  now all are born without the Grace of God (Holiness).  For the Original Sin, humans are tend to sin, and to do evil.  Humans are subject to ignorance, suffering, and death,  So, Our flesh is subject to our passions, and our knowledge to error.
  8. 8. THE FALL OF MAN  Our Human nature is Fall. It is fall from the High, which God has called it.  The world was invade by sin after the Fall  And Sin, It just kept multiplying and multiplying and get worst, and worst.  We see every kind of sin: Murder, abortion, lies, terrorism, prostitution,, corruption, discrimination, injustice, violence, indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources, etc.
  9. 9. CONCEQUENCES OF ORIGINAL SIN  Adam and Eve born with Grace (Original Holiness). They were in friendship with God, and harmony within themselves, and the world.  It was easier for them to reject sin. They always did what they knew was right. It was easy for them to control themselves; they never act lead by their wants and desires.  After they sin and rebel against God, human started suffering some consequences: Now, it becomes difficult for them to do what is good. 1. Physical and Spiritual death entered the world because of sin. 2. Original Sin affected human beings relationship with the World around them 3. Also this Sin affected Adam and Eve—and Humans—relationship with each other  Harmony turned into disorder: The things are not the way they suppose to be; The things are not the way God created them to Be.  This DESORDER consequence of sin, is call CONSCUPISCENCE
  10. 10. CONCUPISCENCE  CONCUPISCENCE is our tendency to Sin.  It is our tendency to do the wrong things.  It is easier to do the wrong things, and it is difficult to do the good things.  Instead of acting like directing our will, emotions, and desires, now we move more easily by our wants  Our tendency to sin or CONCUPISCENCE increments more, and more every time that we sin.  Every time we sin, we turn away from God, and it becomes easier to reject Him.
  11. 11. ORINGINAL SIN: DISOBEDIENCE & LOST OF GRACE  Original means FIRST—“The first Sin”  It is the Sin by which Adam and Eve, freely choose to disobey, and reject God.  By rejecting God, Adam and Eve lost the gift of GRACE.  They reject His friendship,Grace, and the harmony in which they were created.  The Original Sin hurt our human nature  Our human nature is hurt. We born in state of Sin:  We born with our tendency to sin  It is harder to do the good and easier to do the bad things.  Our Will is subdue by our passions and our intellect is subjected by all error.
  12. 12. THE LIE: You will be Like God
  13. 13. THE DEVIL: FATHER OF LIES  What did the Serpent say to EVE?  The serpent told Eve that if they disobey the commandment of God, they would be like God.  You will not die. For God know that when you eat of it your eyes will be open and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.  The serpent lied, she is very astute and canny.  The real True is that God, really wanted Adam and Eve to become like Him: “Holy”  Indeed that’s why He made them in His images and likeness.  He wanted them to LOVE and KNOW as He does, and thus to share in His Divine Live (holiness)  Wanting to be like God, it means wanting to be Holy.
  14. 14. YOU WILL BE LIKE GOD  God is our beloved Father who always wants the best for us  Satan wants that all humans think that is bad to depend on God and obey His commandments.  The Serpent deceived Adam and Eve  They did exactly the opposite to become like God.  Because to become like God: (able to love, and share his life of Grace) we have to obey our loving Father.  God wants us humans to be HOLY.
  15. 15. Is to show us his Love And Goodness, and to share his Divine Life with us. “GOD HAS A PLAN FOR US” THE REASON FOR CREATING THE WORLD:
  16. 16. NOW EACH OF US NEED A SAVIOR  And so what God envision for humanity, it was not what happen  Things were no longer very good.  Adam and Eve started of a change of events which cause each and everyone of us to need a Savior  Someone who rescue us, when we do the wrong thing
  17. 17. OUR STORY OF SALVATION  What follow Adam and Eve, is the Story of Humanity:  The waiting for that “someone to arrive”  It is our Salvation History!  And it is a pretty good Story.
  18. 18. NEXT LESSON #4 PLAN OF SALVATION God has a Plan for his creation, and He intend that human beings live in friendship with Him and each other and to work with Him and perfect the created world making it even more beautiful and perfect To reflect His goodness and Glory.