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2nd coming

La Parousia, Second Coming, Jesus Second Coming, Resurrection, Last Judgement

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2nd coming

  1. 1. Episode #5
  2. 2. The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ  Our Catholic faith is a beautiful gift from God, and there is always so much to learn  In the last episode we talk about a great deal about “The Family of God” called: “The Communion of Saints”  We have learned that we are united to Jesus, to the saints in heaven, the souls in purgatory, and to all those who follow Jesus here on earth.  All of us are members of the body of Christ  Although the souls in heaven & on the purgatory are real, they are usually invisible to us; after all we don’t see the souls in purgatory, but it wouldn’t always be this way.  Something amazing is going to happen; at the End of the world Jesus Christ is going to come again.
  3. 3. Jesus will Come Again  Something amazing is going to happen at the End of the world Jesus Christ is going to come again.  All who are death will be rise to life again, and everyone will be judge.  That means that people, who have love God & neighbor will be with God forever in heaven  And those who had turned against God, and didn’t care for their neighbor will suffer for ever away from God.
  4. 4. Those who died in Love of God  Those who turn away from God and failed to love their neighbor will go to Hell  Hell is a stated in which someone is separated from God, and will never ever be with Him.  Hell is the saddest thing it is. It is not for we are made for!!!  God made us for Heaven!  God made us to be perfectly happy with Him in heaven  Those who died in the Love of God, and who loved their neighbor will rejoice in heaven for all eternity
  5. 5. God made us for Heaven!  Human beings, such a small part of creation and short-lived as they are, still find a “need” to praise God.  In spite of sin, each human being feels the longing to reach out to his Creator.  Why is this?  Saint Augustine realizes it is the doing of God: “You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in you.”  We are made to be perfectly happy with God in Heaven for all the ETERNITY.
  6. 6. Eternity with God  ETERNITY: we can not even imagine what eternity is,  but using our human terminology we can say that  Eternity is forever, it never ends  In eternity there is not any time  We with God in heaven for all the eternity: we’ll be joyful with Him in forever  We can hardly begin to imagine, how happy we’ll be, and our happiness will never end.  Right now there are times, when you are feel alone, but you are not!  At the end of the world you will see everyone who will be with you, in the communion of saints,  It will be like a great family reunion; God’s family will be all together!
  7. 7. When would that happen?  The most important, at the 2nd Coming of Jesus: we will see God; We will really see Jesus  People ask about the 2nd Coming of Jesus: When would that happen?  The answer: Only God, The Father, knows  Jesus said that no one else know the day, or the hour that He would come, neither the angles, or the Son, but only the Father.  Watchful! Be alert! You do not know when the time would come. Jesus says that we will be surprise.  He said: you must be prepare for the hour you won't expect, the Son of man would come.
  8. 8. How do we get ready?  How do we prepare for Jesus 2nd Coming?  Simply, by we loving Him, and always trying to act as He wants us to act.  Small acts of love  Smiling  Helping others  If we stay closer to Jesus we will be trill to see Him at His 2nd coming.  All the saints had their eye on Heaven; they wanted to live with Jesus forever
  9. 9. HE WILL COME AGAIN! 2nd Coming also called: LA PAROUSIA
  10. 10. 2nd Coming: La Parousia  We have learned that Jesus will come again;  La Parousia: it refers to the coming of the "Day of God"  We called this the 2nd Coming, because Jesus came the first time as a little baby in Bethlehem 1) He died on the cross 2) and 3 days later rose from death 3) and ascended in Heaven  That was his 1st Coming, but it is not his only coming, He will come again.
  11. 11. Our Bodies will Be Raised from Death  You may remember another thing that would happen at the end of the world:  On the CREED we say: “I believe in the resurrection of the body”  That means that if we have died,  our bodies will be raised from death  and reunited with our souls
  12. 12. Our Bodies will Be Raised from Death  Although our bodies died here on earth,  we will be not death forever, NO!  Our bodies will be rise  You will have a body forever: (a Perfect Glorify body)  and after it is risen, you will live body & soul forever.
  13. 13. Treat our Bodies with Respect  We treat our bodies with respect because God made them a) Because our bodies are part of us b) And because our bodies would rise again a the end of the world  Just remember the reason God made us:  The purpose He made you was that you can live with Him forever in Heaven  You were made for Heaven!
  14. 14. JESUS RESURRECTION  3 days after Jesus died on the Cross, He rose form the death;  we called this Resurrection  and we celebrated on Easter  Jesus is God,  and He give us sharing in his Resurrection;  Our bodies will also be rise from the death  In the CREED we also say that: “we believe that Jesus will come to judge the living and the death”
  15. 15. Our Resurrection  At our resurrection we will see everyone, in relationship with God  We will see, how the good that each person had done, had affected everyone.  And we’ll see, how the good that each person HAS FAILED TO DO, had affected everyone else, too.  We’ll see how really we are, and the things that we omitted to do  God not necessarily expect that we do amazing and extraordinary things  But God expect we do small things with love  And have empathy with those in need.  He expect love and a good relationship with everyone
  16. 16. Our Acts Affect Others  Everyone of us can do, or can fail to do things that affect others & the creation  For example: sometimes your mom may ask you to wash the dishes  You don't feel like washing the dishes, but you do it anyway  And even better, you do it without complaining. This is a good act!!!  You were obedient with your mom,  and this is just what Jesus wants you to be.  Maybe no one noticed how obedient you were.  Maybe your Mom not even noticed it.  But Jesus notice it, and that’s all that matters.
  17. 17. The Good We do Helps Everyone  Remember, whatever good we do, it helps the whole communion of saints.  We may not see, how being obedient, did any good to anyone else,  But at the 2nd Coming we will see and everyone else will see, too.  The Bible tells us:  Nothing is hidden that would not become visible,  and nothing secret that would not be know and come to light.  We will see how we are in relationship to God, and we’ll see how everyone else is, too.
  18. 18. Last Judgement  At this last judgment, those whose life ended in the love of God  & in love of neighbor will live with God in Heaven for all the eternity.  While those who rejected God, will suffer away from God for all the eternity,
  19. 19. Each moment preparing to see God  We should live each moment preparing to see God,  not only we want to see God,  But He wants us to be with Him forever in Heaven  He loves us, and he wants us to be happy forever.  God call everyone to Sanctity;  there are many saints who share the Glory of God,  and God made you to be a saint, too; so you may go to heaven.
  20. 20. Jesus will Judge Living & Death  What would Jesus do at the end of the world?  Jesus will come again, and will judge the living and the death  How long our bodies would lived?  For all the eternity  Death will be risen to life  and our bodies will live for ever, for all the eternity.
  21. 21. Waiting for the 2nd Coming  Isn't our Catholic Faith beautiful?  There is so much to learn and to look forward, too. a) we must look forward to see God face to face b) We can look forward to see Jesus when he comes again c) We can look forward to be happy with God for all the eternity.
  22. 22. Questions?