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My classroom


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Published in: Education
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My classroom

  1. 1. Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaCollege of Arts andAdministrativeEnglish Section1432- 1433 Title : My classroom Eman Ibrahim Al-Matrafi 43000312 Division NO : 7
  2. 2. Content Pre-testing Objectives
  3. 3. At the end of the unit The studentswill be able to ,,,* say all the letters correctly.* match the letters ‘ capital and small” correctly. * pronounce at least 6 words out of 8 correctly .* Identify at least 5 things at their class room .* make plural nouns from singular.* tell or say then write the number of eachobjects using (s) correctly.* write some words begin with the letters thatthey have.
  4. 4. * know new vocabulary and pronounce it.* use this, these, that, those.* pupils will be able to perform actions correctly.* write some words began with the letters that they have takencorrectly. * write the first letter for at least 3 out of 4* Identify the difference between singular and plural.* pupils will be able to name places at their school* give right answer correctly.
  5. 5. Unit 2 Introduction Vocabulary GrammarLetters & numbers Reading
  6. 6. Introduction:In My Classroom unit you are going to :Say letters and numbers.Name classroom objects.Follow classroom instructions.Read words and numbers.Write words and numbers.
  7. 7. Vocabulary:Nest : Is the shelter of birds
  8. 8. Complete :The nest is the shelter of ……. Fish Birds
  9. 9. Vocabulary:A sock :is an item of clothing worn onthe feet
  10. 10. Which one of the below pictures aresocks?
  11. 11. Vocabulary:Do not : is a perform action used toprevent something wrong
  12. 12. T) or (F)Do not used to allow something good √ x
  13. 13. Grammar Plural & singular Nouns Singular PluralBook BooksKey Keys
  14. 14. T) or (F)Pen is the singular formof pens ( ). √ x
  15. 15. Plural & singular Form Singular a brush an egg a lamp Plural brushes eggs lamps
  16. 16. Complete :Apples is a plural form of apples an apple
  17. 17. Grammar; (this, these, that, those)
  18. 18. Choose the right answer:( These - That )are chairs.( That - These ) is a pen
  19. 19. Letters… Capital letters Small letters A a D d M m S s F f
  20. 20. T) or (F)(B) is the capital letter of (m). ( ) √ x
  21. 21. NumbersThe numbers of boxes in thepicture are 5
  22. 22. How many oranges in the below picture ? •There are ……….oranges • 3 4
  23. 23. Reading…(My Classroom)My classroom is large , I sit in room No. 38. It hastwo doors, fowl ventilators and two windows.The windows have iron bars. The floor and ceilingof my classroom are cemented; there is ablackboard on the wall. The room iswhite-washed. There are thirty-five desks andchairs for the students. Every desk has a shelfwhere students keep their books and note-books.There is an armed chair and table for the teacher.Our class monitor keeps the teachers diary, chalksticks and duster . There are two dustbins in theclassroom. I like my classroom very much.
  24. 24. After reading My classroomChoose the right answer:There are in the classrooma - (boards , books and chairs)b- (T.V, kitchen and bed)