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Email Marketing - 7 Killer Tips To Get Your Emails Read and Acted Upon


Published on - Australia's Leading Email Marketing Strategist helps you get your business up and running & into email marketing with these 7 Killer Tips. Download his free email marketing book "7 Killer Tips To Get Your Emails Read" from

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Email Marketing - 7 Killer Tips To Get Your Emails Read and Acted Upon

  1. 1. The Art of Email Marketing Using the “7 Killer Tips To Get Your Emails Read” Download it free at: email profits Kurt Johansen MBA
  2. 2. Killer Tip Number One: “ The Secret to Creating Credibility and Why It’s A Must To Use An Email Address People Will Trust & Recognise.” Or “ Who Are You ?”
  3. 3. email profits First questions: Who are you? What do you want? Have an email address or name which is recognizable to the recipient.
  4. 4. email profits Use your name or your main address. From Armand Morin ( [email_address] ) From Frank Kern ( [email_address] ) √√√ From John Carlton ( [email_address] ) From Stephen Pierce ( [email_address] )
  5. 5. email profits AVOID using Hotmail or Gmail addresses in Email Marketing. It doesn’t ooze ‘professionalism’.
  6. 6. Killer Tip Number Two: “ Revealing The Closely Guarded Secret Used By Experts That’s Guaranteed To Get All Your Emails Opened.” Or “ What Do You Want?” email profits
  7. 7. email profits Ensure your intrusion in their life is pleasant. ALWAYS… Use their first name in the email address line. AND… Engage them with an alluring subject line.
  8. 8. email profits Create curiosity Step 2 of the “7 Killer Tips To Get Your Emails Read” serves only one purpose And that is… To get your email opened.
  9. 9. email profits General Rules to Obey for Subject Line. - Limit to 50 characters or 6-8 words. - Start words with a Capital Letter and test use “ ” Create curiosity to force them to open the email.
  10. 10. email profits Some Examples: Hi Pam, “Inside This Email We Have Included...” Hi Rob, “I know It’s Friday But…” Hi Mary, “I Must Apologise For…” Hi Tammy, “This Month’s VIP Club Offer Is…”
  11. 11. Killer Tip Number Three: “ How To Write Attention Grabbing Headlines Which Will Explode Off The Screen” Or “ The Email Headline” email profits
  12. 12. email profits Killer Tip 3: serves as the ENTRANCE or GATEWAY to your email message.
  13. 13. email profits Writing headlines is a “learned” skill Get help if you need I like to include images based around the headline, such as:
  14. 14. email profits “ With 11 letters of offers out there this well-positioned and much loved residence is bound to be sold this weekend…” So Paul, If you are considering owning … For those born on the 4th of July it means “ HAPPY BIRTHDAY.” For all others it means…
  15. 15. email profits “ Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘ Safe as the Bank of England’ ?” Well… "Announcing the Most Valuable Christmas Present You Will Receive This Year.”   Australia’s Highest Paid Copywriter & Sales Strategist Gives You $838.80 Worth of His Best Money Making Advice for... FREE! Bank of England
  16. 16. email profits Headlines depends on your list. “ Bulk” email marketers are ignoring headlines. Test with your list. I find headlines are a great segue into Killer Tip 4.
  17. 17. Killer Tip Number Four: “ Discover Million Dollar Techniques To Cause The Reader To Take Action” Or “ The Email Content” email profits
  18. 18. email profits Email Content Is King – Or is it? Depends on the message and who is receiving it. The email often will not relate to everyone on your list – it happens.
  19. 19. email profits Email Content Is King – Or is it? Segment your lists as much as possible and send them meaningful offers and information. Match the message to the right person. One email = one main message.
  20. 20. email profits Long Emails: Learn copywriting or as we know it Emotional Direct Response Advertising. Get help if needed.
  21. 21. email profits Short Emails: Becoming popular with some marketers. This strategy entices recipients to click on a link and be transported to a sales page or video.
  22. 22. email profits Short Emails: An example of one I recently received is: From: Frank Kern Date: Wednesday, 11:19 AM To: [email_address] Subject: beautiful!   This video does a beautiful job of showing you a detailed process map of what a killer launch look like. It'll play automatically. Enjoy :-) Frank
  23. 23. Killer Tip Number Five: : “How To Sneak Under The Spam Filter’s Radar - Invisible Stealth Attack Tactics Used By Gurus To Get Past The Toughest Security Defences” Or “ How To Send Your Email” email profits
  24. 24. email profits Emails are filtered Know which words to modify or avoid Use a reputable email sending program to do this. I recommend:
  25. 25. email profits Some words I have found to modify or change: Exciting, interview, opportunity, discover, overseas, free,
  26. 26. email profits Modify by: Old Word Modified Word Exciting, Ex*citing interview, inter-view opportunity, opp*ortunity discover, dis*cover overseas, over-seas free fr*ee
  27. 27. email profits Two formats: HTML and Text HTML – images Text – words Which one do I use to send? BOTH
  28. 28. Killer Tip Number Six: “ Magical Words That Will Get Your Prospects To Behave Like A Puppet On A String” Or “ Call To Action and Effective PS’s ?” email profits
  29. 29. email profits A call to action is VITAL in marketing. Eliminate generic ‘Click Here’ buttons. Instead try : or
  30. 30. email profits Include PS’s at the end of your email. Research tells us 76% of PS’s are read. Try to include at least two or three PS’s and Offer a PS ‘Special’ to test effectiveness.
  31. 31. email profits PS: The "BEST" Tip was not placed in my book as it is too valuable just to give away. PPS: Sign up and obtain your free copy, send me a testimonial and I’ll rush you the MOST valuable tip imaginable. **************************************************************************** PS: As a bonus Don is giving away a copy of his book Creating Customers for Life for the next few people who register, so register here NOW. PPS: Let me know you are going and I will find a special book from my bag of business products as well.  Something you can use to bring in cash splurges to your business immediately.
  32. 32. Killer Tip Number Seven: “ Unleash The Full Power Of Your Email Campaign By Knowing When To Send Out Your Emails For Best Effect” Or “ When To Send Emails” email profits
  33. 33. email profits Email Marketing needs to be consistent . Keep in regular contact – minimum fortnightly Tuesdays or Wednesdays best less cluttered Don’t discount other days - TEST.
  34. 34. email profits Record results: Open rates; Click-through link rates; Read rates. discover what is best for your list by testing. If you can’t measure it – you can’t improve it !
  35. 35. 12 Missile Marketing Must Do’s And How To Get An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competitors By Hitting The Target With These Nuclear Warhead Tips” Download my free 34 page book “7 Killer Tips To Get Your Emails Read” at 12 Bonus Tips Inside. email profits 12 Bonus Killer Tips:
  36. 36. email profits Contact me direct at: [email_address] AND