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Surface well test field engineer C.V


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Surface well test field engineer C.V

  1. 1. I EMAD HAMDY MOHAMED MOSTAFA Surface Well Testing Field Engineer Objective: I’m seeking a career in a growing Multinational Organization where by my academic background, work experience, and managerial skills. Contactdetails: Personalinformation: Email:Eng_Emad20072002@yahoo.comName:EmadHamdy MohamedMostafa : Emad.mohamedmostafa@halliburton.comGender:male Mobile:00201009788688Birthdate:08/05/1985 : 00201270057574Marital status:married Home phone: 0020225173191Militarystatus:completed Address:229, ST 306 NEW MAADI, CAIRO EGYPTNationality:Egyptian Education summary: University: Modern Academy for Engineering and Technology in Maadi University Degree: B.SC in Engineering and Technology in Electrical Engineering Specialization (Electronics Engineering and Communication Technology) Graduation Grad: very good with honor degree (84 %) Year Awarded: MAY2007 Graduation Project: Direct sequence spread spectrum Project Grade: Excellent
  2. 2. II Courses:  Initial petroleum service courses(safety induction, ISO, well test,wire line, gauges, perforation, reservoirEngineering,completion, Drilling) at SAPESCO. Egypt  30 hour oil and gas safety and healthy in according to OSHA standard at international academy for safety professional ISAP certified  Surface well test course at SAPESCO. Egypt  Advanced surface well test course in 2012 at SAPESCO. Egypt  H2S trainingat international academy for safety professional ISAP certified  Firefighting trainingat international academy for safety professional ISAP certified  First aid in according at international academy for safety professional ISAP certified  CCNA,IT Essential ,GUNIPERBASICS in 2010  GSM advanced course (jelecom training) in 2005  Optical fiber system at telecommunication Egypt company in 2006 :Work Experience 1-First lieutenant in Egyptian armed forces ofthe period from 7/10/2008 to 1/4/2010 in the Maintenance and repair ofwireless devices(transmitters and receivers)as well as maintenance Station finder direction and jamming devices 2- Junior Field Engineer (production facilities and well test Engineer) at Sahara petroleum services (SAPESCO) from 1/05/2010 to01/01/2011 3-Field Engineer (Night shift supervisor) at Sahara petroleum service (SAPESCO) from 01/01/2011to 01/04/2013 4- -Field Engineer (Day shift supervisor) at Sahara petroleum service (SAPESCO) from 01/05/2013 to 01/11/2014,Iworked in (Khalda, South of Dabaa, GUPCO and WASTANYCO.) fields (Egypt) 5-Supervisore at Halliburton Egypt from 01/11/2014 until NOW, I worked in Qarun , petrobel, RWD , apache,petrodara and zeitco. Job description:  Good communication with clients & their representative on location.  Apply the safety procedure and instruction ofpersonal  Job mobilization (equipment & crew).  Yard jobs preparation  Carried out Rig up / Rig Down of well test equipment as per well testprogrammed  Operate various well test equipment such as surface testtree(STT) , emergency shutdown system , FRACchoke ,test separator , indirect heater ,transfer pump (electric and diesel)  Perform pressure test for all well test equipment  Work in many test package and DST
  3. 3. III  Testing using T.M.U (trailer mounted unit)  Production test,two phase &three phase  Unloading test  Early production facility  Perform surface samples and analysis  Work in many jobs at rig and rig less wells (Gas and Oil wells-high flowrates ,high pressure and temperature)  Maintenance/repair& calibration assigned tools.As gate ,ball valves and burton :Computer Skills -Windows (XP, vista, windows 7) -office programs - Internet :PersonalSkills -Good communication skills -Ability to work under pressure -Flexible to learn -Group working - Team leader :Language -Arabic: mother tong -English: very good (writing, reading, and spoken) :Hobbies -Browsing the internet looking for newtechnologies -Learning newlanguage -Team work -Swimming
  4. 4. IV Thankyouforgivingme the opportunity to work with you