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Why Use A Content Writing Service


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Marketers need to be creating and publishing original content across many different channels. Hiring writers can take a lot of time and growing your marketing team can be distracting. Hiring a content writing service like Scripted makes content creation easy by allowing brands to order content on demand.

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Why Use A Content Writing Service

  2. 2. SCRIPTED.COM CONTENT MARKETING 86% of B2B marketers use content marketing
  3. 3. SCRIPTED.COM CONTENT NEED B2B marketers need original content
  4. 4. SCRIPTED.COM MORE CONTENT 70% B2B marketers are creating more content
  5. 5. SCRIPTED.COM M A R K E T E R S ’ C H A L L E N G E Yet, the top two challenges that B2B marketers face are:
  6. 6. SCRIPTED.COM PRODUCING CONTENT 1. Producing Engaging Content
  7. 7. SCRIPTED.COM PRODUCING CONTENT 2. Producing Content Consistently
  8. 8. SCRIPTED.COM SCRIPTED SOLUTION Scripted makes it easy to create consistent and engaging content
  9. 9. Wednesday Topic: Buyer Personas SCRIPTED.COM SIMPLE CREATION Monday Topic: Instagram and Content Tuesday Topic: Content Ideas from Your Audience We turn your editorial calendar from ideas to original written content
  10. 10. SCRIPTED.COM HOW How?
  11. 11. SCRIPTED.COM SCRIPTED WORKFLOW Content delivered in 5 business days
  12. 12. SCRIPTED.COM FREELANCE NETWORK 7,000 US Freelance Writers On Demand
  13. 13. and apply to specific industry 2 Top writers in each industry SCRIPTED.COM WRITER APPLICATION Writer Application Process Business Applicants Healthcare Applicants Tech/Software Applicants Approved Writer Top Business Reviewers Top Healthcare Reviewers Top Tech Reviewers 18%eligible to receive Scripted jobs. 1 Pass English proficiency test review writing samples 3 Approved writers can begin writing limited pieces; more experienced writers get more jobs.
  14. 14. SCRIPTED.COM INDUSTRIES Writers With Backgrounds In Your Industry Art and Design Business Education Environment Food and Beverage Healthcare Internet/Software Law Lifestyle/Travel Publishing/Journalism Sports and Fitness Tech Hardware
  15. 15. SCRIPTED.COM BRANDS Writing Professional Content For Top Brands
  16. 16. SCRIPTED.COM CONTENT FORMATS Content Creation For Any Business Need
  17. 17. Let’s Create Original Content SCRIPTED.COM SALES@SCRIPTED.COM 800-797-4470