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Scripted's Company Values Presentation

Scripted's co-founder Ryan Buckley shares his presentation on company values.

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Scripted's Company Values Presentation

  1. 1. Scripted Company Values Our values shape our culture
  2. 2. Scripted: The Business - We aspire to be the #1 marketplace in the world for original content. - We are a growth business. Our goal is continuous, profitable growth. - We play to win, but we do so with the highest standards of ethical conduct and respect for our community and those within it. - We strive to create a workplace that ensures the health, safety and happiness of our team. - We are a marketplace that serves both business customers (demand) and freelance professionals (supply), and we care deeply about the experience and success we provide to both. ,
  3. 3. At Scripted, we especially value the following seven behaviors and traits in our colleagues. . . . . .meaning we hire, recognize and promote people who demonstrate these attributes
  4. 4. Scrappiness Passion Intrinsic Motivation Selflessness Friendliness Openness Simplicity
  5. 5. Scrappiness You change your perspective to look for creative and practical solutions to hard problems. You have the courage to suggest new ideas and ways to improve processes whenever possible. You value a “low-frills” environment, one that focuses its resources on what will make the most meaningful impact on our team and product. You are willing to speak up and take a stand for your beliefs and opinions. You are aggressive yet respectful when doing so. You view Scripted as an underdog, and that is one of the things you love about it. You take pleasure in challenging “the big guys” and established enterprise ways of doing things.
  6. 6. Passion You have passions in life - things that motivate you and bring you joy, and about which you care deeply. You bring that passion with you to work. Scripted is something about which you care deeply, and you are excited to help make it stronger and more successful. You are tenacious and attack your work with the same intense energy that you would one of your other passion projects. You strive to be the best you can possibly be, and you inspire others with your thirst for excellence.
  7. 7. Intrinsic Motivation The work you do brings you great joy. You are constantly striving to learn more and improve your skills out of love for the job you do. You work hard, fulfill your obligations to your colleagues and are a consistently reliable member of the team. Your relationship with your colleagues is one of respect, and you trust that they are doing the same high level of work that you are. You behave responsibly in an environment that encourages freedom and are able to prioritize work needs and manage your time effectively. You proactively suggest your own developmental needs and pursue a path of growth.
  8. 8. Selflessness You are able to remove your ego when searching for the best ideas. You collaborate enthusiastically, regardless of whose idea it was originally. You take time to help your colleagues and enjoy the opportunity to help someone on a different team. Helping others matters greatly to you. You openly share information and proactively share knowledge that may help your colleagues do their work. You understand and believe that while individual success has value, it’s truly the team victories that are the sweetest.
  9. 9. Friendliness You celebrate victories and call others out for praise when you see commendable work. You value a warm and welcoming work environment and understand how much that can add to someone’s experience and overall morale. You make time to say hello and interact with your colleagues. You welcome and encourage social activities with co-workers while accepting those who choose not to engage.
  10. 10. Openness You take advantage of our communication to give feedback and foster dialogue about what matters most to you. You believe in operating transparently and love to openly share information and your work. You also understand and respect that there are limits to what can be reasonably shared within a company. You are quick to admit mistakes, as you know that everyone makes them on occasion and our interest is in correcting them, not placing blame. You display a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. You respect and welcome different types of people and viewpoints. You strive to help Scripted become more diverse.
  11. 11. Simplicity You are constantly challenging yourself and your colleagues to make things easier and to keep products, processes and interactions as simple as possible. You are passionate about making things as easy as possible for our customers. You believe that Scripted should be easy to do business with (easy to try, buy, implement and use). You are the type of person who regularly asks, “I wonder if there is an easier way to do this?”