Content Creation in Today’s World of Native Advertising


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With consumers connected online more than ever, brands have to publish original, high quality content to spread the word about their products and services. Brands also need a cost effective and efficient way to amplify the content they create, as well as measure the success.

In this one hour webinar, you’ll learn:

- How to use content ads to engage customers
- Types of content that perform best with native advertising
- How marketers can create and manage content ads at scales
- And much, much more!

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Content Creation in Today’s World of Native Advertising

  1. 1. Content Creation in Today’s World of Native Advertising Scripted
  2. 2. Who We Are Ryan Buckley, co-founder & Head of Partnerships Todd Sawicki, Zemanta CEO
  3. 3. The State of Content Distribution
  5. 5. Google is a shrinking Black Box -17%(via Shareaholic)
  6. 6. Facebook now admits that businesses will need to pay in order to get their companies posts and information in user newsfeeds. (via Ad Age) Only 1+% of Facebook Fans are now Reached Facebook Organic Reach is Dying
  7. 7. Advertising? Paid Distribution?
  8. 8. Today’s reality of online display ads
  9. 9. The nature of digital advertising today is fundamentally shifting as banner ads no longer deliver 99% of banner ads are ignored Banner ads have lost their luster
  10. 10. Let’s face it … people have never even wanted “ads” (especially online display ads) People spend time online to … connect with others (social networking) … get something done (work or shop) … be entertained or informed (view content) They are not online to look at intrusive advertising! Source: Pew & Nielsen
  11. 11. Consumers’ attention is on content… and quality, engaging content at that
  12. 12. Imagine being able to put your ad right here with the content where users will see & engage with it
  14. 14. Content Ads (n): An ad which delivers promoted content in a related environment • #1 Method for content publishers to drive paid traffic • Ads are served next to relevant, high-quality content on/across networks of websites • Delivers a pull strategy approach: non-interruptive and value-enhancing, driving greater engagement
  15. 15. Content Ads work across platforms … … and deliver results Source: “Benchmarking the effectiveness of native ads” study by IPG Media Lab May 2013 52% more views on Content vs. Banner Ads 18% Higher Purchase Intent with Content Ads
  16. 16. You may be buying content ads today ...
  17. 17. …but likely not at scale Missing on the opportunity to drive maximum reach, impact, and ROI of your content.
  18. 18. Why not? Because managing & scaling content ads takes experience, skill and effort …
  19. 19. Make sense of the chaos ORGANIZE FORMAT PROMOT E OPTIMIZE REPORT
  20. 20. Get MORE from your Content Ads
  21. 21. Aggregate and index your marketing content for ease in conducting and managing larger scale campaigns ORGANIZE Average Successful Campaign consists > 20 pieces content/month
  22. 22. Format and re-assemble your content into different ad types for all supply channels Examples of content ad formats • Promoted recommendations • Sponsored headlines (stream ads) • Sponsored content/articles/posts • In-text FORMAT
  23. 23. Distribute your content across our broad platform of partners to deliver maximum reach, programmatically PROMOTE
  24. 24. Optimize content strategy for maximum engagement and ROI: • Contextual placement • Audience selection • Performance of ad format(s) • Pricing and CPC OPTIMIZE
  25. 25. Aggregate reporting from all supply sources into a centralized report – measure ROI – Not just Page Views REPORT
  26. 26. Content Marketers Mastering Paid Distribution via Content Ads
  27. 27. Why Original Storytelling Matters
  28. 28. Brand Storytelling Goals Brand Awareness Lead Generation Customer Acquisition Thought Leadership B2B Brand Awareness Customer Acquisition Customer Retention Engagement B2C
  29. 29. How Do You Define Success? B2B B2C Web Traffic Sales Lead Quality Social Media Sharing Sales Lead Quantity SEO Ranking Time Spent on Site Web Traffic Social Media Sharing Time Spent on Website Direct Sales Qualitative Feedback from Customers SEO Ranking
  30. 30. Success for Scripted’s Content Qualified Leads Engagement
  31. 31. Scaling Content With Scripted
  32. 32. How It Works
  33. 33. Small Team, Big Content Team • Content Manager Volume • 50+ pieces of content published per month Content • Blog Posts • Guest Posts • White Papers • Slideshares • Webinars Content Creation 20% 80% In-House Scripted Writers
  34. 34. State of Content Teams 34 44% of B2B marketers say they have a documented content marketing strategy 73% of B2B organizations have someone in place to oversee content marketing strategy.
  35. 35. Efficiency of External Writing Teams 20% 80% Editorial Calendar Submit Guidelines Content Written Review Content Publish/Promote Measure Measure and optimize Plan content 4 weeks in advance 30+ pieces of content written in 5 to 10 days 3 – 5 days of review and editing Promote across relevant channels
  36. 36. What Type of Content is Easiest to Scale? 20% 80% Thought- leadership Long-form content Newsworthy/trend content Evergreen content
  37. 37. What is High-Quality Content? 37 Original Relevant to Audience Encourages Engagement
  38. 38. Checking Originality With iThenticate 38
  39. 39. Scaling Idea Generation 39
  40. 40. Topic Pitching 40
  41. 41. 41 Topic Pitching Know This First: Your Brand Your Audience Timing Content Creation
  42. 42. 42 Editorial Calendar Don’t Create Content Just To Create Content
  43. 43. Questions? Ryan Buckley, co-founder & Head of Partnerships Todd Sawicki, Zemanta CEO