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Nw technologies


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Nw technologies

  1. 1. NW Technologies
  2. 2. History of Social MediaSocial media has been around for several years from the 1950’s phone phreaking era, to the first BBS(Bulletin Board Systems) in 1979. Geocities is the first social networking that started in 1994 followed by AOL Instant messaging in 1997.Social media is anything but new. Social media is better known through Facebook or Twitter. Social media sites include shopping, dating, gaming, blogging and business networking are a few areas that have excelled in the last few years.
  3. 3. USA Online Population• 98% of the online population of the USA uses Social Media sites• Around the world every 6 out of 10 people use social networks and forums• USA has an estimated population of 308.7 million people with an estimated 240 million internet users
  4. 4. Daily Hits and Visits• Google has 2 billion hits daily• Google+ logs in 20 million daily• Facebook logs in 175 million daily• LinkedIn logs in 2.9 million daily• Twitter logs in 1 million daily• MySpace logs in 1 million daily
  5. 5. Advertising Costs• Magazine large ad, 10 words $10,000• Newspaper(Wall Street Journal) full page black/white national ed. $164,300• Radio Rotation -4 weeks $20,000• Television Commercials 30 sec. $350,000• Super Bowl Ads $2-3 Million• Online Ad Placements $1,000• Social Media $0
  6. 6. Social Networks Compared700,000,000600,000,000500,000,000 2002400,000,000 2003300,000,000 2004 2005200,000,000 2011100,000,000 0 Friendster My Space LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Google+
  7. 7. More Personal Attention
  8. 8. Consumer Generated Media (CGM)
  9. 9. Consumer Generated Media (CGM)• It can increase your sites link popularity• It can increase your companys brand awareness on the Web .• It can increase your search engine rankings• It gives you quick access to a lot of people
  10. 10. Conclusion• Social Media is key for keeping close personal relationships and building trust with the customers• Social Media is a great opportunity that is available to every internet user and is free• Social Media gives you quick access to a large amount of people• Social Media can increase your company’s brand awareness
  11. 11. SOURCES••••• 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report