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Measuring social media without blowing the budget.v3


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Now that social media has gone mainstream, many companies are keen to get involved. But even larger brands will want to dip their toe in the water and see proven, quantifiable results before committing to a larger budget, which often means the funds won't stretch to relatively high investment monitoring tools such as Radian or Meltwater.

In the battle to integrate social media solidly into a brand's marketing strategy, it pays to focus initial spend on the essentials and seek out free or low cost monitoring and measurement solutions to draw the essential link between social media investment and return.

In this presentation given as part of the CIPR's social summer, Emily looks at the full range of online tools that do the job and don't cost the earth.

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Measuring social media without blowing the budget.v3

  1. 1. MEASURING SOCIAL MEDIA WITHOUT BLOWING THE BUDGET Emily Leary, @emlearyA copy of this PPT plus further thoughtson this topic will be available online CIPRsm
  2. 2. WHY IS MEASUREMENT A PROBLEM? “PR is an industry fuelled by hot air with an inherent fear of metrics and a need to obfuscate to survive” Harsh? CIPRsm
  3. 3. THE SITUATION In the digital age, we cannot afford to be fuzzy We must attempt to prove that PR / SM / time/money spent Marketing / Increased on marketing is Ads profit generating profit (directly or indirectly) for the business CIPRsm
  4. 4. MORE ACCURATELY Link between positive brand sentiment and Positive sales will never be a brand clear one sentiment Digital conversions Improved more straightforward sales / retention / Clear metrics must profit be in place at the outset to credibly Increased correlate activity and awareness outcome CIPRsm
  5. 5. THE SIMPLE TRUTH We must be clear about: what were setting out to do what we achieve Cannot run a SM campaign without measurement CIPRsm
  6. 6. THE CATCH 22 How do we fund social measurement tools when social media activity isn‟t yet proven? Cant have Cant prove budget value/need until value/need without is proven budget CIPRsm
  7. 7. SCENARIO 1 – THE DABBLER Director X has been dabbling in SM for 8 months Shes active on Twitter and several Facebook groups Shes seen referrals come in from people shes sure she met online But she doesnt know if the time shes putting in is justified by what shes getting out What next? CIPRsm
  8. 8. SCENARIO 2 – THE OPPORTUNITY Org A has long standing broadcast ad spend that they believe to be effective Already metrics in place to measure brand warmth e.g. Net Promoter Score measurement Web analytics in place to track conversions Online marketing team spot small peaks in social referrals (Twitter, Facebook) A quick search shows people talking about the brand What now? CIPRsm
  9. 9. SCENARIO 3 – THE CRISIS Brand X is facing a PR crisis – its flagship service has let a lot of people down Their PR team are all over it, the furore dies down Marketing Director X knows this all started with conversations in social media He wants to make a case to the board for ongoing social media listening and management He needs to build a post mortem of what happened How? CIPRsm
  10. 10. FREE CAN BE VALUABLE In these scenarios, the orgs need to:  tweak their web analytics to better track social  establish a way to measure ROI  do some sentiment analysis  design a strategy, agree deliverables  put some metrics in place  and so on. I can‟t cover the whole process, but lets look at the free tools that work hard in those scenarios… CIPRsm
  12. 12. WEB ANALYTICS - GOOGLE For correlating social media activity and ROI, web analytics is the single most important tool in your kit CIPRsm
  13. 13. GOOGLE – SOCIAL DRILL DOWN For correlating social media activity and ROI, web analytics is the single most important tool in your kit CIPRsm
  14. 14. WEB ANALYTICS - GOOGLE Old conversion analytics worked on „last click‟ ie the last traffic source before purchase got the credit GA now offers multi- channel funnel / attribution modelling We can see how SM contributes to sales We can estimate ROI CIPRsm
  16. 16. GOOGLE: GET TO GRIPS WITH BOOLEAN http://www.googl _search AND, OR, NOT – particularly useful for brand names that are also common phrases CIPRsm
  17. 17. GOOGLE: AUTOMATE WITH ALERTS http://www.googl Again, use intelligent phrasing to focus your searches CIPRsm
  19. 19. ON PLATFORM – YOUTUBE INSIGHT http://www.youtu ng_insight Drill into your views to view traffic sources, retention, demographics etc. Export to Excel CIPRsm
  21. 21. 3RD PARTY FORUMS – BOARDREADER http://www.boardr Forum search Basic trend data Subscribe to get searches by email alert Browse topics CIPRsm
  23. 23. ON PLATFORM – FACEBOOK INSIGHTS https://www.f /[yourpagena me]?sk=page _insights Get to know all the Insight metrics available to you CIPRsm
  24. 24. ON PLATFORM – FACEBOOK INSIGHTS https://www.face[your pagename]?sk= page_insights Export to Excel regularly – can form the basis of your reporting CIPRsm
  26. 26. ON PLATFORM – TWITTER SEARCH /search- advanced Again, great for filtering out irrelevant terms Bookmark search results URL so you can run specific searches again in future CIPRsm
  27. 27. 3RD PARTY TWITTER – TWITTER COUNTER http://www. m Track follower growth Run competitior comparisons Paid subscription for advanced tracking and export to Excel CIPRsm
  28. 28. 3RD PARTY TWITTER – TWITALYZER http://twitalyzer.c om Analyse by Twitter name Top line topic, hashtag, impact and influence data Paid subscription required for further drill down CIPRsm
  29. 29. 3RD PARTY TWITTER – TWEETSTATS http://www.tweets Graphs showing perfomance and interaction data for any Twitter handle Service currently offline CIPRsm
  30. 30. 3RD PARTY TWITTER – TWAZZUP http://www.twazz Useful for a snapshot of a breaking story See a live feed + highlights + who the influencers are CIPRsm
  31. 31. 3RD PARTY TWITTER – HASHTRACKING http://www.hashtr Generate a report for any hashtag Snapshot analytics for reach, key influencers Currently in closed beta CIPRsm
  32. 32. 3RD PARTY TWITTER – TOPSY http://www.topsy.c om Real-time, grouped search results Drill down by links, multimedia, contributors Set up email alerts Also works for Google+ CIPRsm
  34. 34. 3RD PARTY ALL – SOCIALMENTION http://www.socialm Search by platform, media type Basic sentiment analysis Top users, keywords Set email alerts CIPRsm
  35. 35. 3RD PARTY ALL – ADDICTOMATIC http://www. Multi-platform, dashboard style results Filter by platform CIPRsm
  36. 36. 3RD PARTY ALL – ICEROCKET http://www.icerocke Search blogs, Twitter, Facebook, images, video Handy all-in-one dashboard Auto-refresh, Save and RSS feed for results CIPRsm
  37. 37. 3RD PARTY ALL – TWENTY FEET https://www.twentyfe Collates data from Twitter, Facebook Analyses reputation, influence, conversations Requires sign up Paid subscription to access YouTube, MySpace, and GA dashboard CIPRsm
  38. 38. WEB ANALYTICS – OPEN SITE EXPLORER http://www. opensiteexplorer.o rg Enter any URL (root domain or specific campaign page) and find out who‟s linking to it Guest users limited to running 3 reports per day CIPRsm
  39. 39. LINK SHORTENERS Clicks go through a proxy, allowing analysis of traffic, demographic, virality etc CIPRsm
  40. 40. RANKING TOOLS AND CHARTS Useful (if flawed) algorithmic tools for tracking influence and identifying influencers Search by topic for top influencers / stories CIPRsm
  41. 41. RANKING TOOLS AND CHARTS And for blogs… CIPRsm
  42. 42. BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER The toughest part of a free-tool-only approach to social media monitoring/measurement is bringing it all together Most free tools offer no „save‟ option, so data is transient Excel (or any spreadsheet prog) is your new best friend! Set up your chosen metrics in a spreadsheet Regularly transfer raw data in a consistent manner Map data over time, spot trends, and correlate findings in ways not possible with any one free tool CIPRsm
  44. 44. THE PROBLEM WITH FREE? Need to manually sift data Rarely Accuracy fully issues comprehensive FREE Hard / Struggle with impossible to high volume customise dataCIPRsm
  45. 45. LOW(ER) COST PAID TOOLS If you have budget, but not £000s/month, you could consider From $49 pcm From $300 pcm From $499 pcm CIPRsm
  46. 46. REMEMBER…CIPRsm
  47. 47. THE SITUATION In the digital age, we cannot afford to be fuzzy We must attempt to prove that PR / SM / time/money spent Marketing / Increased on marketing is Ads profit generating profit (directly or indirectly) for the business CIPRsm
  48. 48. QuestionsCIPRsm
  49. 49. Next Social Summer Social Media and Politics 2012 Mark Pack, MHP Communications & IanKirby, Ex Political Editor at News of the WorldCIPRsm
  50. 50. Thank youCIPRsm