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AIDET C-2-C Flip


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This Genesis Cup 2012 runner-up presentation by Medical Director, Harry "Tripp" Wingate, MD and Shayne Middleton, RN, RDCS describes the process used at EMH ED to “flip” the complaint to compliment ratio – a crude measure of customer service performance in a rural ED. The presentation details steps from training on AIDET to the key issues in providing effective feedback to ED staff. Special emphasis is given to the tricky issue of email communication and compliance with HIPAA. New web-based tools ( and for safe email communication are introduced to the audience with comments on benefits and usage.

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AIDET C-2-C Flip

  1. 1. Genesis CupRecognizing Innovation in the ED
  2. 2. Hospital Statistics• 7000 Annual volume• 6 Bed ED• Single Physician Coverage• 2 Nurses per 12 hour shift
  3. 3. The Challenge“Flip the C-2-C Ratio” By Decreasing Complaints Increasing Compliments to Improve HCAHPS Scores
  4. 4. Communication Schema Hospital Collects Documents (Complaints, Surveys, Compliments) Feedback : - Prompt -Transparent - Complete - Fair EDNM & SMD ReviewStaff EP Receives Feedback & And Investigate Takes Corrective Action
  5. 5. Methods (October 2010)AIDET Training for Physicians & Staff Phase I - Training Period• Staff In-service on Studer tactics• Physician conference call on AIDET• AIDET “quick start” material distributed• Links to AIDET webinars on EmCare website• Integrate Prompts into Workflow
  6. 6. Methods (October 2010)Phase II – Performance Feedback Feedback regularly given to Staff (This was the key to success!!!!)
  7. 7. Giving effective FEEDBACK…. Prompt Fair Transparent Secure Sounds Simple but what about PHI and HIPAA?
  8. 8. “Low and Hi Tech” Approach“Old School”• Bulletin Boards in secure break areas• Secure mailboxes
  9. 9. Audience Email SurveyHow many of you routinely:• Send encrypted PHI to your Docs?• Unencrypted PHI to Docs?• Do not routinely send PHI?
  10. 10. Email, PHI and HIPAA• Know definition of PHI• Check Hospital policy on email and PHI• Prefer Hospital to send encrypted docs
  11. 11. “Best Practice” Principles:• Disclaimer signature claiming QA privilege• No PHI in subject line or body of email• Encrypt PHI containing attachments• Send passwords in separate emails• Do not use email for crucial or sensitive communication
  12. 12.• Personal Fax Number• Automatically coverts fax to PDF doc• Automatically securely sends PDF to email• Cannot encrypt sent docs
  13. 13. www.Winzip.com1. Download files to desk top2. Select file to Zip, then right click3. From menu select “Winzip” then “Add to Zip file”4. From Winzip menu choose “Encrypt”….done
  14. 14. Communication Schema Hospital Faxes DocumentsFeedback LoopPrompt, Transparent Faxand Complete Zip Staff EP Receives PDF SMD Reviews via Email – PDF – Forwards via (Admin/Med Staff CC’d) Email (Encrypt if PHI)
  15. 15. Great Success!!!! 14 Training Baseline Feedback 8 4 3Jul-Sep Oct-Dec Jan-Mar 2010 2010 2011
  16. 16. Flipping the C2C ratio will send your CEO to their “happy place”… What will they think of next??? Questions???? Email: