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Advert analysis


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Advert analysis

  1. 1. The responses for question one was that a majority of the audience like FuglyMcGill cuddys brand. Only 93.3% said they did not like the brand. On questiontwo one person said they wear the brands; clothing the 98 said they do not wearthe clothing.Question three showed me the audiences responses on their opinions of... ifthey think the brands affordable? 90% think they are affordable the rest thinkthey are too expensive.Question four informed me that a big majority of the audience would wear theFuglys brand snackback.66.7% voted yes and the rest voted for no.Question five informed me that a lot of votes from the audience would like thebrand to decrease in its price.Question six 66.7% voted that they would buy a Fugly snackback.Question 7,have you ever worn a Fugly brand snackback 93.3% voted no andthe rest voted maybe.