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Fugly McGuliddy


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Published in: Lifestyle, Business, Technology
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Fugly McGuliddy

  1. 1. I am going to focus on the new snackback with the print fugly on it.What is my advert about?The product I’m advertising is a snackbacks (hats). Fugly Mcgillicuddyis the brand’s name.
  2. 2. Target audience: Ideologies: The primary target audience is aimed at 1. Affordable males in adolescence, and adult-hood. 2. Has good quality 3. Free shipping My secondary target audience is aimed at 4. Unisex females, who like snackbacks. As the snackback could be classified as The needs referring to the target unisex.audience is…(Esteem) self esteem,confidence and (safety) security of thebody. Some people feel better andmore confident, with snackbacks on.
  3. 3. •Catchy slogan•A picture of a model wearing the snackback. What colours will be dominant•Colourful background. and why?•Emotive language Bright colours will make my•Opinions as facts advert look more appealing and•Rhetorical questions eye-catching to the target•Flattery audience. I will use colours that•Pronouns will be dominant for unisex•Bribe (males and females).•Triples•Comparison•Repetition•Pronoun•Text in Capital letters•Humour•Stereotype•Sex sells