CyberSecurity: Intellectual Property dispute fuels Cyberwar


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deep links! Firetown run by Michael Dammann is an illegal operation registered in the United States of America by a known disinformation agent and FRAUD. The Firetown News Network is farce. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY 101. I want my shit back! Let the record show, you can delete a post but there is a always a trace. #InfoSec

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CyberSecurity: Intellectual Property dispute fuels Cyberwar

  1. 1. 17/05/2011 16:34 SmallRivers The CyberSecurity Bugle - Posted by Howard A. Schmidt on May 16, 2011 at 03:46 PM EDT Today, I am proud to OnCybersecurity announce the United States’ first, comprehensive International Strategy for Cyberspace (pdf). The - ArcSight, an HP Company, has been International Stra... positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the Leaders Quadrant of the 2011 Magic Quadrant for SIEM. The Magic Quadrant evaluates vendors based on their Com- pleteness of Vision... CyberAware - The Obama admi- ArcSight nistration, in a White House event Monday - May 16, 2011 By Woody Leonhard | that featured four ca- InfoWorld Last month I wrote about a small security binet secretaries, is- problem with ultra-popular cloud file storage and sued its international sharing service Dropbox. Because of a bit of lazy cybersecurity strategy with the goal to work with programming ... other nations to promote a... TriumphCISO GovInfoSecurity - President Obama’s govinfosecurity. administration pro- com - More than posed today tighte- just Facebook ning global defenses friends, today’sjoliprint against computer Chief Information attacks by creating Security Officer international cybersecurity standards and setting needs to connect consequences for countries and grou... and collaborate Printed with with key corporate Page 1
  2. 2. 17/05/2011 16:34 The CyberSecurity Bugle allies who can influence the enterprise risk and includes a provision directing the Department of security practices w... Homeland Security (DHS) “to exercise primary res- ponsibility within the execut... TriumphCISO goheit - During and after Twitter- gate, when a hacker broke into a few hosted email - Computerworld - Facebook accounts and obtained a number of internal docu- today denied that it may have accidentally exposed ments, I had an opportunity to spend hours speaking personal user data to advertisers and other third to the actual attacker a... parties for several years, as claimed this week by two security researc... lissnup IronKey - The White House unveiled a set of po- licy proposals Monday for international cooperation - Speaking at the Google Zeitgeist in ensuring an open and secure Internet.»Together, event in Hertfordshire, UK chancellor George Os- we can work together to build a future for cybers- borne highlighted the growing threat cyber crime is pace that... presenting the government in its attempts to make more public ser... infocyde jaredcarstensen - First, there was the Axis of Evil. Now there is the Index of Fear! - DHS rules in White House cyber plan The Research by Unisys published last week offers an federal government’s IT systems would be under insight into the things that Americans are most the watchful eye of the Homeland Security Depart- concerned about. The research l... ment under proposed legislation sent by the White House to Con...joliprint eIQnetworks DoDRecruiterDC - The White House proposal, Printed with which is a comprehensive cybersecurity plan, hace alrededor de 24 horas x Page 2
  3. 3. 17/05/2011 16:34 The CyberSecurity Bugle - WASHINGTON (CNN) - In reaction to ever increasing attacks of cyber crime ElyssaD across the country, the White House today laid out its plan to protect U.S. citizens and the country’s - Google has pulled another set critical infrastruc... of trojanized apps from the Android market which were silently subscribing users to premium rate services via SMS.According to security researchers from AegisLab who a... montelbaanbv hace alrededor de 19 horas x IronKey - (Adds comments from administration officials starting in fifth paragraph.) May 16 (Bloom- - Computerworld - Data re- berg) -- The Obama administration proposed today leased today by Microsoft showed that Windows tightening global defenses against computer attacks 7’s malware infection rate climbed by more than by creat... 30% during the second half of 2010, even as the infection rate of the 10-year-ol... netoptics IronKey - A while ago over on my regular blog, I wrote a post titled «SSA in a «One - If nothing else the recent Man Show». I received responses from many of deluge of information from Wikileaks has demons- you drowning in this very problem, so I’ve put ad- trated the value of keeping information safe and as ditional thought into it and... a CIO your neck is on the chopping block if sensitive organisational da... Think_Tech Virtual_Storage - FIRETOWN-- THIS IS YOU! I HOPE YOU ALL APPRECIATE THAT I WENT hace alrededor de 2 horas x OUT ON A FUCKING LIMB TO PROTECT THE IN-joliprint TEGRITY OF THIS FORUM, BUT I WOULD LIKE AN a newspaper APOLOGY FROM THE ADMINISTRATOR(S) OF THIS «CLOSED GRO... Wednesday, 23 - 第1第 Thursday, 24 - 第1第 Friday, 25 - 第 1第 Saturday, 26 - 第1第 Sunday, 27 - 第1第 Monday, 28 - 第 Printed with 1第 Tuesday, 29 - 第1第 Wednesday, 30 - 第1第 Thursday, Page 3
  4. 4. 17/05/2011 16:34 The CyberSecurity Bugle 31 - 第1第 Friday, 01 - 第1第 Saturday, 02 - 第1第 Sunday, 03 - 第1第 Monday, 04 - 第1第 Tuesday, 05 - 第1第 Wednesday, 06 - 第1第 Thursday, 07 - 第1第 Friday, 08 - 第1第 Saturday, 09 - 第1第 Sunday, 10 - 第1第 Monday, 11 - 第1第 Tues- day, 12 - 第1第 Wednesday, 13 - 第1第 Thursday, 14 - 第1 第 Friday, 15 - 第1第 Saturday, 16 - 第1第 Sunday, 17 - 第1第 Monday, 18 - 第1第 Tuesday, 19 - 第1第 Wednesday, 20 - 第 1第 Thursday, 21 - 第1第 Friday, 22 - 第1第 Saturday, 23 - 第 1第 Sunday, 24 - 第1第 Monday, 25 - 第1第 Tuesday, 26 - 第 1第 Wednesday, 27 - 第1第 Thursday, 28 - 第1第 Friday, 29 - 第1第 Saturday, 30 - 第1第 Sunday, 01 - 第1第 Mon- day, 02 - 第1第 Tuesday, 03 - 第1第 Wednesday, 04 - 第1第 Thursday, 05 - 第1第 Friday, 06 - 第1第 Saturday, 07 - 第1 第 Sunday, 08 - 第1第 Monday, 09 - 第1第 Tuesday, 10 - 第 1第 Wednesday, 11 - 第1第 Thursday, 12 - 第1第 Friday, 13 - 第1第 Saturday, 14 - 第1第 Sunday, 15 - 第1第 Monday, 16 - 第1第 Tuesday, 17 - 第1第joliprint Printed with Page 4