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Using Pinterest for Pharma


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As the pharmaceutical industry begins to take steps towards engaging with consumers on pinterest, we decided we would list some of the major pharmaceutical companies already using the site, and a guide to how to use pinterest for pharma.

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Using Pinterest for Pharma

  1. 1. Using Pinterest for Pharma (0)118 959 4990
  2. 2. In April 2012, pinterest was found to be the third most-popular social network in theUS, behind Facebook and Twitter, according to Experian Hitwise, and has become thefastest growing social media platform of all time.More recently in September 2012, pinterest was ranked 50th in the top-ranked Webproperty by comScore Media Metrix, having surpassing 25 million unique visitors.As the pharmaceutical industry begins to take steps towards engaging withconsumers on pinterest, Clinical Professionals decided that we would list some of themajor pharmaceutical companies already using the social media site, and create aquick guide on how to use pinterest for pharmaceutical companies.So firstly, what is pinterest? Pinterest is a social media network that allows usersto share images that they find online, and link to the source where the image wasfound, allowing users to share a range of information such as links to useful articles,interesting infographics, and videos.As pinterest is an image sharing site, it allows pharmaceutical companies to visuallyconnect with users across the world, defying language barriers.So how can pharma take advantage of pinterest? Pinterest presents anadditional opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to broadcast their content andincrease brand awareness. Pinterest also allows users to easily re-pin posts, so ‘pins’can easily be shared between users.Similar to other social networks, pinterest allows users to comment and ‘like’ imagesposted onto the site, allowing for potential communication between pharmaceuticalorganisations and +44 (0)118 959 4990
  3. 3. What type of boards/posts should pharma create? Some pharmaceuticalcompanies have chosen to engage with users on themed boards, such as LGMPharma’s Asthma or Cancer boards. This allows consumersaffected by or interested in the condition to follow the individualboard, and also allows users searching for diabetes to find thecompany’s page.Pinterest also allows you to create boards that multiplecontributors can upload images to, allowing companies helpinvolve active and influential users, or fellow employees to poston their boards, creating a community.When you add a contributor to your board, the board willautomatically be shown on their profile as well as yours. This can help spread yourimages further, as people who follow the contributor’s profile, but not your own, willalso be notified of any pins you post onto your joint board. You will however, stillhave the main control over the board, allowing you the option to remove acontributor, or chose the main image for the board. As an image social networking site, pinterest presents the opportunity for companies to showcase some of their advertising campaigns, such as Cancer Research’s ‘CRUK Campaigns’ board, or Bayer’s ‘#Bayer Advertising’ board. Pinterest does not have to just be aimed at potential customers. Some pharmaceutical companies, like Roche, have chosen to use pinterest to advertise themselves as a place to work for. Roche uses pinterest this way to showcase some of their office locations, and highlight various awards that they have won in the past.How do I ensure images I pin are found? Similar to twitter, pinterest also has asearch facility where users can search specific keywords to find pinned images. Asimple way of ensuring that your pin appears in the appropriate search results is touse a relevant hashtag (#) in the description of the image you are pinning. But becareful not to include too many or they can make your posts appear like spam! +44 (0)118 959 4990
  4. 4. What else should I know when using pinterest? Make sure you comment, likeand re-pin any interesting or useful images that you find on pinterest! This helpsbring awareness to your profile, as it sends a message to the user saying that youcommented, liked or re-pinned their post, and shows an overall high level of activity.Pharmaceutical companies that currently use Pinterest:BayerCancer Research UKLGM PharmaNovo NordiskRocheSanofi PasteurStiefel, a GSK CompanyOur Pinterest Pages:Clinical ProfessionalsOnly +44 (0)118 959 4990
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