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Green Sustainable Mobile World

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Elisha Attia Logtel Green Sustainable Mobile World

  1. 1. 4G Mobile Broadband Internet Conference: Green, Sustainable, Mobile, World By Elisha Attia, Partner at ICT Consultants Tel Aviv, Israel May 9th , 2010
  2. 2. Topic - What's the deal with today's global “Green” Protocol… - Why moving towards a “Green” Mobile Industry… - How the Industry adapts to this new “Green” era…
  3. 3. Global Awareness - Global Warming Assessments: - Scientists - Media/PR - Consultations - Government - Industry - Individuals - Precaution/Prevention measures:
  4. 4. Global Carbon footprint “Undoubtedly, at the moment, the major cause of CO2 emission is what happens in developed countries.” Chris Patten.
  5. 5. MtCO2e (Metric Tone Carbon Dioxide Equivalent) Global Carbon telecoms footprint (devices and infrastructure) ICT represent 2% of Global Impact (Ref: Smart2020 Report) “With regard to climate change, ICT is part of the solution, and not the problem” Source: GeSI.org Progress Report.
  6. 6. Governments Measures 95 % -5 % Kyoto reductions target by 2012 - UNFCCC 1990 Kyoto Protocol - 160 Countries United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - Voluntary Emissions Reduction - Carbon Credit CAP System - Carbon Trading - CDM Projects - Saving the Rainforests - Helping Emerging Countries GHG Emissions “For ICT market players, helping to reduce the impact of climate change in a world where carbon is priced will be a major business opportunity.” Source: ictandclimatechange.com
  7. 7. Industry & Markets Growth By 2020* 1/3 of the global population will own a PC (currently 1 in 50) 50% will own a mobile phone 1 in 20 households will have a broadband connection Emerging Countries Growth – BRIC: 42% of the world population Going toward a multi-pole world economics; - USA: United States of America - BRIC: Brazil, Russia India and China - EMEA: Europe, Middle-East and Africa (NEW) (Ref:*Smart2020 Report)
  8. 8. Industry Active Measures - Companies Public Commitment to reduce CO2 emissions: - Nokia - Sun Microsystems - Telecom Italia - Telefonica - Verizon - Vodafone - Alcatel–Lucent - Bell Canada - British Telecom - Cisco Systems - Dell - Deutsche Telekom - Ericsson - France Telecom - Hewlett-Packard - Intel - Microsoft - Motorola “MySpace switched to solid state storage using therefore less than 1% of the power and cooling costs that their previous hard drive- based server infrastructure did.” Source: ComputerWorld Report.
  9. 9. Sustainable Energies
  10. 10. Individual trends - Transportation Vehicles - Responsible Driving - Urban travel compensation (flights) - Solar Panels – ‘Watech’ - “Energy Star” Appliances - Carbon footprint calculator - Light Bulbs - Activism (Recycle, Plant a tree…)
  11. 11. Towards a Green ICT Industry To pave the way to make an environmental impact: - Products Manufacturers (raw materials and chemicals) WEEE – RoHS – IECQ – eWaste ECCB.org – EIATRACK.org - Products Legislations and Regulations - Products Standardization “In order to fully utilize the positive impact of ICT, reliable and capable high-speed broadband networks are of the utmost importance” Source: GeSi
  12. 12. Ecoinvent Center Based in Switzerland Ecoinvent has 1500 users in more than 40 countries, it is the world's leading supplier for data, solutions and services in: - Life Cycle Inventory (LCI): data on energy supply, resource extraction, material supply, chemicals, metals, agriculture, waste management services and transport services. - Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) For various eco-design tools for building and construction, waste management or product design. - Life Cycle Management (LCM) - Integrated Product Policy (IPP) - Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) - Design for Environment (DfE). Ecoinvent Center Example: 81 Millions of desktop PCs produced in China in 2005 - Production: When these PCs are sold, they have already consumed 54‘000 GWh of energy - Use: When they are used under average conditions, they consume 18‘000 GWh/YR - End-of-Life: Material recycling can theoretically save 20-25% of the production energy, mainly by avoiding primary production of the metals recovered. Measuring Emissions (Ref:www.ecoinvent.ch)
  13. 13. eWaste
  14. 14. Final Thoughts… By 2020, financial analysts predict a carbon- trading market valued at US$1 trillion a year. Brahic 2008 Managing greenhouse gas certificate trading effectively avoids penalties and costs, but companies have the potential to do more. By effectively managing certificates and optimizing decisions around production, energy usage, and external investments, companies can capture potential revenues. Global IT Report 2010 ICT is a powerful enabler of green behavior through new business models aimed at reducing emissions in almost any sector, notably in smart buildings, smart grids, reduced travel, improved energy efficiency, and so on. This is the economic opportunity triangle. The best of such working models secures a win-win-win ecosystem among business-society-government. Global IT Report 2010
  15. 15. Thank You Elisha Attia elishaattia@yahoo.ca Israel Copyright ©2010 ICT Consultants - All rights reserved