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Elvis 1994

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Elvis 1994

  1. 1. 1994 DOUBLE FEATURES: FRANKIE AND JOHNNY - PARADISE HAWAIIAN STYLE (US) RCA 66360-2 (CD) Released: June 1994 From 1966 Film Frankie and Johnny Frankie And Johnny Come Along Petunia The Gardener's Daughter Chesay What Every Woman Lives For Look Out Broadway Beginner's Luck Down By The Riverside - When The Saints Go Marching In Shout It Out Hard Luck Please Don't Stop Loving Me Everybody Come Aboard From 1966 Film Paradise Hawaiian Style Paradise Hawaiian Style Queenie Wahine's Papaya Scratch My Back Drums Of The Islands Datin' A Dog's Life House Of Sand Stop Where You Are This Is My Heaven Sand Castles DOUBLE FEATURES: SPINOUT - DOUBLE TROUBLE (US) RCA 66361-2 (CD) Released: June 1994 From 1966 Film Spinout Stop Look And Listen Adam And Evil All That I Am Never Say Yes Am I Ready Beach Shack Spinout Smorgasbord I'll Be Back From 1967 Film Double Trouble Double Trouble Baby If You'll Give Me All Of Your Love Could I Fall In Love Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On) City By Night Old MacDonald I Love Only One Girl There Is So Much World To See It Won't Be Long (not in film)
  2. 2. DOUBLE FEATURES: KISSIN' COUSINS - CLAMBAKE - STAY AWAY JOE (US) RCA 66362-2 (CD) Released: June 1994 From 1964 Film Kissin' Cousins Kissin' Cousins (No 2) Smokey Mountain Boy There's Gold In The Mountains (not in film) One Boy Two Little Girls Catchin' On Fast Tender Feeling Anyone (Could Fall In Love With You) (not in film) Barefoot Ballad Once Is Enough Kissin' Cousins From 1967 Film Clambake Clambake Who Needs Money A House That Has Everything Confidence Hey Hey Hey You Don't Know Me (Film Version) *** Girl I Never Loved How Can You Lose What You Never Had (not in film) Clambake (Reprise) (not in film) ** From 1968 Film Stay Away Joe Stay Away Joe Dominic * All I Needed Was The Rain Goin' Home (not in film) Stay Away * Recorded: RCA Studio B, Nashville, October 1, 1967 ** Recorded: RCA Studio B, Nashville, February 23, 1967 *** Recorded: RCA Studio B, Nashville, February 21, 1967 AMAZING GRACE (US) RCA 66421-2 (CD) Released: October 1994 Disc 1 I Believe Peace In The Valley Take My Hand Precious Lord It Is No Secret (What God Can Do) Milky White Way His Hand In Mine I Believe In The Man In The Sky He Knows Just What I Need Mansion Over The Hilltop In My Fathers House Joshua Fit The Battle Swing Down Sweet Chariot I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs If We Never Met Again Known Only To Him Working On The Building Crying In The Chapel Run On
  3. 3. How Great Thou Art Stand By Me Where No One Stands Alone So High Farther Along By And By In The Garden Somebody Bigger Than You And I Without Him If The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side Where Could I Go But To The Lord Disc 2 We Call On Him You'll Never Walk Alone Only Believe Amazing Grace Miracle Of The Rosary Lead Me Guide Me He Touched Me I've Got Confidence An Evening Prayer Seeing Is Believing A Thing Called Love Put Your Hand In The Hand Reach Out To Jesus He Is My Everything There Is No God But God I John Bosom Of Abraham Help Me If That Isn't Love Why Me Lord (Live March 20, 1974) How Great Thou Art (Live March 20, 1974) I John * Bosom Of Abraham * You Better Run * Lead Me Guide Me * Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus - Nearer My God To Thee * * Recorded: Rehearsals for "Elvis On Tour", RCA Studio C, Hollywood, March 31, 1972 1993 BACK TO DISCOGRAPHY MENU 1995 Curitiba - Buenos Aires Professional Costumers Elvis Weddings in Vegas Desde $169 USD, Ida e Volta. custom made Elvis costumes for Book your Vegas Wedding With Compre O Seu Bilhete On-Line! professional performers Elvis. Check our Specials!

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