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1993 Elvis Presley Doubles Features Film Can Set


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1993 Elvis Presley Doubles Features Film Can Set

  1. 1. Elvis On CD │ RCA/BMG/Sony CDs Elvis Presley Doubles Features - Film Can Set Release: 1993 BMG 07863-61835-2 U.S.A. 70 € First sold at QVC TV-Shopping, Comes in a Metal Film Can with booklet, four Elvis glossy photos, Elvis Pin Certificate of Autenticity. The release for the american market was limited to 15.000 pieces. The relase for the international market was limited t 18.200 pieces. Disc 1: Kid Galahad/Girls! Girls! Girls! King Of The Whole Wide World This Is Living Riding The Rainbow Home Is Where The Heart Is I Got Lucky A Whistling Tune Girls!Girls!Girls!
  2. 2. I Don't Wanna Be Tied Where Do You Come From I Don't Want To We'll Be Together A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You Earth Boy Return To Sender Because Of Love Thanks To The Rolling Sea Song Of The Shrimp The Walls Have Ears We're Coming In Loaded Mama Plantation Rock Dainty Little Moonbeams Girls!Girls!Girls! (End Title Version) Disc 2: It Happened At The World's Fair/Fun In Acapulco Relax Take Me To The Fair They Remind Me Too Much Of You One Broken Heart For Sale I'm Falling In Love Tonight Cotton Candy Land A World Of Our Own How Would You Like To Be Happy Ending One Broken Heart For Sale Fun In Acapulco Vino, Dinero Y Amor Mexico El Toro Marguerita The Bullfighter Was A Lady No Room To Rumba In A Sports Car I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here Bossa Nova Baby You Can't Say No In Acapulco Guadalajara
  3. 3. Disc 3: Viva Las Vegas/Roustabout Viva Las Vegas If You Think I Don't Need You I Need Somebody To Lean On You're The Boss What'd I Say Do The Vega C'Mon Everybody The Lady Loves Me Night Life Today, Tomorrow And Forever The Yellow Rose Of Texas/The Eyes Of Texas Santa Lucia Roustabout Little Egypt Poison Ivy League Hard Knocks It's A Wonderful World Big Love, Big Heartache One Track Heart It's Carnival Time Carny Town There's A Brand New Day On The Horizon Wheels On My Heels Disc 4: Harum Scarum/Girl Happy Harum Scarum Harem Holiday My Desert Serenade
  4. 4. Go East - Young Man Mirage Kismet Shake That Tambourine Hey Little Girl Golden Coins So Close, Yet So Far Animal Instinct Girl Happy Spring Fever Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce Startin' Tonight Wolf Call Do Not Disturb Cross My Heart And Hope To Die The Meanest Girl In Town Do The Clam Puppet On A String I've Got To Find My Baby back Site Link: