Gluten free white bean chili salad recipe


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Spring break and Easter week means that my home here in Florida is packed to the rafters with people. So many people that we have had to break out the air mattresses and turn offices into bedrooms.

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Gluten free white bean chili salad recipe

  1. 1. Gluten Free White Bean Chili Salad RecipeSpring break and Easter week means that my home here in Florida is packed to therafters with people. So many people that we have had to break out the air mattressesand turn offices into bedrooms. With our lovely weather and beautiful beaches thesepeople are coming and going so much I feel like I need to install a revolving door andhire a doorman. And of course lots of people means I need to stock my fridge with lots of gluten freefood. Lots and lots of gluten free food – not to mention some dairy free food,vegetarian food, vegan food, nut free food…you get the idea.
  2. 2. As much as I would love to have my whole clan gathered around a communal diningtable for every meal this week, it just aint gonna happen. There are places to go,people to see, waves and fish to catch. I know I can wrangle them all up for Easterdinner but beyond that, they are much more interested in grab and go, alreadyprepared food.Since the males in my family can look into a fully packed refrigerator and tell methere is nothing to eat if it isn’t already prepared, I have baked dozens of gluten freemuffins, stocked the fridge with roasted chickens, pre-cut fruits and veggies,individual yogurts (both regular and dairy free) and simple one dish meals that canbe snagged on the way in or out as the case may be.This particular salad actually started out to become a big pot of white bean chili.The balmy weather and the lack of patience for reheating by some family membersmade me switch gears at the end and make instead a salad; all the spicySouthwestern flavors of chili without having to waste precious vacation secondsreheating.
  3. 3. I started with a bag of Hurst Family Harvest White Bean Chili mix (which I love fortheir high quality beans and all natural, gluten free seasoning packets) added insome red peppers, green onions, olives, cilantro and pickled jalapenos and tossedit all up with a honey lime vinaigrette. Easy peasy to prepare and, as with mostcomposed salads, the flavors just got better and better as it sat in the fridge. A little bit of advanced preparation has paid off with a delicious, flavor andnutrient packed, easy to eat salad that fits all of our combined food intolerances(except for maybe the hubby’s “intolerance” to red bell peppers as evidenced by alittle pile of discarded pepper pieces pushed to the side of his plate).This is a great vegetarian (for vegan use agave instead of honey in the dressing)main dish salad and for those so inclined, a bit of cooked chicken tossed in is anice addition. I like mine on a bed of lettuce with some chips on the side.
  4. 4. Gluten Free White Bean Chili Salad Recipe
  5. 5. If you have a house full of people, consider stocking your fridge with a fewdishes like this and make things a lot easier on yourself. Come to think of it,while I like the IDEA of three sit down meals a day all week, it is kind ofexhausting just to contemplate, so I am kind of happy everyone is running intheir own directions. And since my work is done, I think I will grab a book andenjoy the quiet while it lasts.White Bean Chili Salad RecipeIngredients1 bag Hurst Family Harvest Southwestern White Bean Chili1 red bell pepper, diced3 green onions, sliced1 – 4 ounce can sliced black olives¼ cup pickled jalapeno pepper rings¼ cup cilantro leaves1/8 cup fresh lime juice (juice of 1 lime)3/8 cup olive oil1 tablespoon honeyKosher or fine sea salt & freshly ground black pepper
  6. 6. DirectionsCover the beans by at least 2 inches of water and soak in the refrigeratorovernight or up to 24 hours (I soak mine for 24 hours to get softer beans) andreserve the flavor packet. Drain the beans, rinse and place in a large pot with 6cups of water and the reserved flavor packet. Bring to a boil, reduce heat andsimmer for 1 hour covered. Uncover the pot and continue to cook for anotherhour or until the beans are tender and most of the water has cooked off. Drainany remaining liquid and let the bean s cool. Put the beans in a large mixing bowl,add the red bell peppers, green onions, olives, jalapeno and cilantro leaves.Combine the lime juice, olive oil and honey with a large pinch of salt and pepperin a small covered jar and shake well to combine. Add to the bean mixture, tossto coat and taste – adjust seasoning with a little more salt and pepper if needed.Refrigerate salad until serving. Serve on a bed of greens with corn chips on theside if desired.
  7. 7. A gluten free recipe that serves 6 – 8 people.Ready for more dessert?Simply…Gluten-Free Desserts is now available, with over 135 recipes notfeatured in my blog.Available at bookstores including Barnes & Noble, Borders, Powells, Books-a-Million and Amazon. You can get it also HERE.Resource :