Sexto B part I


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Sexto B part I

  1. 1. Iván Marín
  2. 2. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTSSpongebob squarepants lives in Bikini Bottom, in a pineapple.His best friend is Star Patrick, but he is very stupid. His other friends are Squidward, Sandy and mr Krabs.
  3. 3. LikesIn her free time he sometimes practices karate andcaptures jellyfish. He likes working on theKrusty krab.His favourite food is the krabby patty.
  4. 4. wearsSpongebob Squarepants always wear a whiteshirt, a black belt, black shoes and brownsquare trousers.
  5. 5. OtherSpongebob squarepants drives very badly but helikes it. His best friend lives under a rock.
  7. 7. ¿WHO IS JOHNNY DEPP?  Johnny Depp is an actor. He’s the main character of Pirates of the Caribbean, and other very famous filmes. He’s from the U.S.A. Do you know? Before he start with the cinema he was a seller. His salary was 30$.
  8. 8. HE’S LIFE Johnny Deep was born the 9thof June of 1963. His realname is John Christopher Depp.He has got a girlfriend, adoughther and a sun.
  9. 9. HIS WORK He’sa very famous actor.He has won The Best Actor Awards.He’s got a record in the GuinessRecord 2012.He loves his work.
  10. 10. ¿WHAT HE DO? He usually reads books orplays cards. He loves artand rock music. He sometimeslistens rock.He doesn’t like telephones.
  11. 11. ¿WHAT HE USUALLY WEARS?  He usually wears shirts and jeans or trousers, but she likes tracksuits and T-shirts too. He sometimes wears hats.
  12. 12. FILMSJohnny Depp has got a lot of films. Here are some of them: 1990.Edward Scissorhands. 2003-2006-2007-2011.Pirates of the Caribbean. 2005.Charlie and the chocolate factory. 2010-Alice in the Wonderland.
  13. 13. THE END By Nekane
  14. 14. Lady Gaga is a singer. She’s from the USA. She likes singing and dancing. She’s got blonde hair.She usually wears fantastic clothes and glitter dresses.
  15. 15. By Laura Castillo
  16. 16. DEMI LOVATOAlways the bestDemi Lovato’s life.
  17. 17. BIOGRAPHY She’s from North American. Her birthday is the 20th of august. She’s seventeen years old.She is an actress and she usually sings.
  18. 18. OUT STAGEIn her free time she’s usually stays with her best friend Selena Gómez.
  19. 19. OUT STAGEIn her free time she’s usually stays with her best friend Selena Gómez.
  20. 20. WHERE SHE TRIUMPHS Demi Lovato starred the film ‘Camp Rock’with the famous singer Joe Jonas. In the film she never gives up.