What is seo and do i need it


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You may of heard of SEO but the question is, do you need it and

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What is seo and do i need it

  1. 1. Introduction to SEOWhy do You NeedSEO?Who Can I Turn tofor SEO?
  2. 2. Introduction to SEO  Do you wonder why other businesses flourish, while yours remains stagnant despite having the same quality of goods and customer service?  You also have a website that is at par with their websites in terms of looks and features, but it does not seem to help.  The secret is SEO.  Understanding what SEO is, and what an internet marketing expert can do for your business is the key to success.SEO
  3. 3. So What Is SEO?SEO is the acronym for SearchEngine Optimization, which is apopular technique used to improvea websites ranking in search engines.Google, Yahoo, and MSN displaycontent according to relevance andcredibility. Relevance is determined by the quality of content and use of keywords. If you will type in the phrase what is SEO in the search engine box, all pages related to it will be shown with the most relevant at number 1Introduction to SEO
  4. 4. What are Links to do with SEO On the other hand, credibility is measured by the number of links to your site. There are basically three types of links outbound, which redirects to a different website inbound, a link from a different website that redirects to your website and internal, which redirects to other pages in your website.Introduction to SEO
  5. 5. Why Do You Need SEOIf your content has high ranking in, lets say Google, the morechances it will be viewed by internet users. There is no use inhaving a website if you are not visible to your potentialcustomers.This is mainly what an online marketing company is for, tomake websites visible to their target audience and convert thesaid audience into buyers.If you own a business, however big or small it may be, youwill need SEO to promote your products and serviceseffectively, and get accessed by your customers withouttrouble.Why Do You Need SEO?
  6. 6. Who Can I Turn to for SEO? • SEO may sound too technical, especially to people who are not completely familiar with how the internet works. To know the basics can be just enough if there is an SEO company to assist you.Who Can I Turn to for SEO?
  7. 7. Who Can I Turn to for SEO? An SEO company not only works to better your visibility in the internet, but also design your website in ways that can facilitate online transactions with your customers, thus increasing conversion.Who Can I Turn to for SEO?
  8. 8. Who Can I Turn to for SEO? Conversion is the ratio of visitors who convert page views into desired actions buy, register, subscribe, etc. An SEO company also determines how to arrange the contents in a page, where to put the call to action button, where to display the coupons, etc.Who Can I Turn to for SEO?